Austin Beauty Surgeon Named In the List of 24 Best Surgeons in the United States

Austin is a beautiful place to live in. It is also the home to many professionals who are at the top of their careers in the United States. One of them is Dr Jennifer Walden, a beauty surgeon who has deep roots in Austin. Dr Walden recently appeared on Harper’s Bazaar’s list of top 24 beauty surgeons in the United States.

Her nomination for one of the most prestigious awards in medical profession came as a result of her efforts to make a difference in cosmetic surgery. Dr Jennifer  Walden handles her patients with utmost respect. She knows how to identify a problem and provide solutions when appropriate. She is skilled at what she does with many patients reporting positive results.

Dr Walden is a strong woman who does not cave in to pressure from others. Her temperament is accepted by everyone who has interacted with her. Despite the huge success in her career, Walden is never intimidating at all. She is warm, caring and understanding. She values hard work and vision, which have been the foundations on which she builds herself every day.

Walden was born in Austin, Texas. As a young girl, she always wanted to be a doctor. As a result, she enrolled for her bachelor’s degree in Medicine at the University of Texas. Through hard work and determination, Walden graduated as salutatorian in her class. Inspired by the love for artistry and creativity, she opted to join cosmetic surgery. She began her career at UT Galveston before qualifying for post-residency aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye and Throat Hospital.

Jennifer used the opportunities she had to sharpen her skills and build her experience. She also developed strong confidence in herself. Since she had experience and skills, Dr Walden decided to start her own cosmetic hospital known as Jennifer L. Walden. She uses the company as a platform on which she explores her love for cosmetic surgery and develops innovative ways to enhance people’s beauty. She has brought joy and peace to many women who thought they would never experience beauty. At the prime of her career, Jennifer still manages to find time for her two sons Houston and Rex.

D Magazine Lists Dr. Rod Rohrich As Top Plastic Surgeon In Dallas

The unique facial qualities that we each possess are what distinguish one person from another by sight. However, there are situations where perhaps a person needs a change or repair to their physical appearance. This type of procedure is a highly skilled and sensitive procedure that should be performed by the best. Whatever the reason is for needing plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich is the best in the Dallas area, and the nation, according to a report in D Magazine.

Dr. Rohrich’s view on his role as a plastic surgeon is much deeper than just that of a professional handing out new noses. He is quoted as saying, “Plastic surgery is really from the Greek for ‘to mold’ or ‘to make.’ Plastic surgery is really the best of both – Reconstructive surgery is to restore to normal and cosmetic surgery is to restore to the more natural.” These types of results are only possible when dealing with a skilled and highly educated professional like Dr. Rohrich.

Dr. Rod is now passing his skills on to the next generation of plastic surgeons through his teachings. The beginning of his career he was studying at Baylor College of Medicine where he graduated with honors.

After his schooling, Dr. Rod quickly became widely recognized as a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon, earning him many acclamations and awards. Some of these titles and achievements include:

  • Professor of Plastic Surgery
  • Founding Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at University of Texas SW Medical Center
  • Former holder of the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UT
  • Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery at the Crystal Charity Ball
  • Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation distinguished Service Award
  • Former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Recognized by Texas Monthly Super Docs, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and U.S. News & World Report

The support for Dr. Rohrich and his remarkable skill is continuing throughout the medical community. Most recently, Dr. Rod was voted as one of the top plastic surgeons in a confidential poll taken online by thousands of eligible medical professionals. His devotion to the needs of his patients has not wavered, making him the perfect candidate for one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area once again.