Loan Programs Offered At Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Institutions come into being in order to address a certain gap within the society. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation commonly referred as Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, was founded in 2007. Seven years into its existence, it was reorganized and earned its current name. Previously, the corporation was known as Brick City Development Corporation.

The prime purpose of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is to act as an economic development catalyst for Newark City. This City is the largest in the state of New Jersey. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation provides entrepreneurs with different types of loans. The highest amount that is provided to the entrepreneurs is $20,000. The standard loan program is designed to promote start-ups and encourage expansion of business within Newark City. It is imperative for the entrepreneurs seeking for the loan to have adequate experience within the industry that they are requesting the funds. It is compulsory for the interested parties to the loans to have filed their current tax payments.

The Microloan program that was initiated by Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has been well thought out given that it is provided to candidates who lack credit scores but have ongoing business that are small in terms of operations. The microloans maximum amount to be loaned out to successful candidates is $2000 or less. Candidates are required to raise $50 from each of their ten associates in order to qualify for the microloan programs. If a candidate has ten family members, community members and friends who are willing to lend him or her money, then microloan program suits such candidates.

Kevin Seawright is a leader in accounting and project management. For 13 years, Kevin was engrossed in utilizing his financial expertise to enhance the lives of communities living in the East Coast. Over the years, he utilized his expertise to reformulate business strategies that created responsive finance and accounting divisions that delivered results through aligning technological developments and current organizational and economic objectives. His insights in the revenue planning process of corporations have been of fundamental help to general contractors and other contractors across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Currently, Kevin works as the Chief Finance Officer and Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He has served in the executive level finance, operation management and human resource for over 13 years. In his career, Kevin has been in charge of over $400m in bond financing and over $600M in capital construction of educational institutions. He is an active team player besides being recognized as an efficient director and business leader.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has been transforming the economic agenda of Newark City. The entity offers the public with different types of loans for purposes of expanding or starting up business in Newark City. Kevin Seawright is an accounting professional who currently serves as the vice president and chief finance officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.