Coffee Pairs With The King of Herbs

In recent years, there’s been some hype about a new kind of coffee that blows our normal cup of morning brew out of the water. What’s the difference? Organo Gold’s not just a caffeinated wake up call, it is actually beneficial to your health.

Dr. Bob Rakowski is a leading clinical nutritionist and he sung nothing but praises.

“It alkalizes the body, increases oxygen delivery, facilitates detoxification, controls inflammation and enhances immune function. If you consider those five major factors, there’s really no-one walking around who can’t benefit from it in some way,” he says.

Organo Gold’s not magic, of course. It’s not the coffee or tea leaves that are doing anything special, rather it’s what the grounds are infused with that makes this brand stand out. All of their products contain ganoderma lucidum, a 4200-year-old herb (made from specific mushrooms) that hails from East Asia.

These mushrooms grow on wood, grow out of large trees, both dead and alive, in forests in the more tropical regions of Asia. Some companies have taken to harvesting their ganoderma using plastic bags, which means the spores cannot effectively propagate, in turn it much less potent. This gives Organo Gold a rare quality, because they harvest only the best mushrooms grown high in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou region. It gives them a richness some competitors can’t hope to compare to.

This king among herbs has had extensive use in traditional Asian medicine. The herb itself has been, for thousands of years, recognized by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine as the highest ranked of all herbs. The herb is called Lingzhi, meaning “spiritual potency,” and the Japanese name, Reishi, is where it gets the “King of Herbs” title.

The company’s founder, Bernardo Chua, continues to fund research related to this wonder herb.

In addition to his ever building Facebook following, Chua is one of the first to successfully market ganoderma lucidum outside of the region it originates from, East Asia. In the last decade, he has spent his time marketing coffee, tea, and other domestic products in order to announce to the western market the arrival of the herb. As one of the top names in the direct sales industry and most notable businessmen in The Pacific Rim, it has gone well thus far. Both companies that he’s had a hand in, Gano Excel and this one, Organo Gold, have been successful in their pursuit to tell the world about this King of Herbs.

Though he grew up in the Philippines, Wikipedia shows Chua’s Chinese background let him in on the secret early on, and that’s where his efforts to introduce ganoderma gained its momentum. Coupled with his expertise in direct sales, it’s been enough to make the news of ganoderma global.  Check out Bernardo’s YouTube speech to his company, or recommended reading on GoLifePro that details Organo Gold’s strategy for conquering the global coffee market.