If You Are a Fan of Harry Potter You Will Want to Hear this Fan Theory!


Just like most fandoms, fans of Harry Potter spend a great deal of time thinking and talking about their favorite films, and often come up with solutions for ideas that the authors and filmmakers never came up with.


Have you ever wondered why Harry’s class size is so small? Some fans have, and they even came up with a theory for it. J.K Rowling has said that there are about 1000, students in Hogwarts, which mans that there should be about 35 in each House in each class year. But we only ever see or hear from about 10 students in Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s Gryffindor class. Rather than simply dismissing it out of hand as irrelevant, tumblr user Mauraders4Evr came up with a pretty clever theory.


Mauraders4evr believes that the class of 1998 is small because they were all born around the same time when Voldemort’s power was at its peak. Not only were many of the adults killed in Death Eater raids, but other adults were either too busy or too disillusioned with what was going on the world to start having children. There are booms and droughts of children being born in the real world, so it makes sense that there could have been such a drought in the Wizarding world.  A Harry Potter fan theory that really makes a lot of sense.


Fans of Harry Potter might be interested in The Secret of NIMH, one of the best movies of all time for kids. This magic movie is an adaptation of the dark fantasy children’s novel Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. It explores the lives of mice who were parts of experiments at NIMH, otherwise known the National Institute of Mental Health.  Also if you’re an adult, there are tons of books like Game of Thrones that might fill the fantasy void, but with a more mature slant.

Sergio Cortes Impresses Everyone With His Impersonation Of MJ

Impersonating someone else and taking on all of the things that they did and making it look flawless as one does the impersonation is not an easy thing. It’s not easy to try to put on the look of someone else and act like one is them, but the fact that it is complicated makes it all the more rewarding to those who gets things done right. Sergio Cortes worked hard to become a Michael Jackson impersonator, and the look that he has put on is very impression. He appears just like the man, and the look combined with the moves that he makes have everyone in awe.

People have come to see Sergio Cortes as the best Michael Jackson impersonator, and they love him for how much work he has put into things. They can see that he is fully dedicated to all that he is doing, and they appreciate that. Anyone who wants to get far in their career of any kind is going to have to be fully dedicated to it, but especially so when it comes to something as complicated as being an impersonator. Sergio Cortes did well in taking on the life and look of Michael Jackson, and he can feel proud of himself for not giving up no matter how complicated things had to be at times.
There are many jobs that are not easy to do, and there are many jobs that require a special talent to do them, and being an impersonator is one of those jobs. Sergio Cortes had to work hard to make things come to be. He had to put his all into getting Michael Jackson’s moves down in the best way, but now that he has been called the best impersonator, he can feel great. He can know that all of the hard work is paying off.
Sergio Cortes wanted to become a great Michael Jackson impersonator, and that is just what has happened for him. And he will continue his work as an impersonator, and he will continue to impress everyone with the things that he can do, as time goes on.

Sergio Captures Michael Jackson’s Stage Presence And Gains A Following

The magic of Sergio Cortes is something to behold. He has made it his business to become one of the most prolific impersonators around. He has made sure that he has researched Michael Jackson in his fullness because he delivers like no one else when he is on the stage. That is why many people are raving about the new King of Pop impersonator from Barcelona.

Sergio Cortes is doing some amazing things, and people all over the world are slowing tapping into what may be the one of the best MJ impersonators that anyone has ever seen. It is easy to see how one could mistake Cortes for Jackson. He has the hair and makeup that makes him look like a clone of Jackson. There are signature garments that Sergio Cortes has been photographed in that also make it look like Cortes is Michael Jackson reincarnated. There are pictures on the web with Cortes in the “Thriller” leather red jacket. There are photos with Cortes as Jackson from the “Way You Make Me Feel” video with the blue long sleeved shirt and the white t-shirt underneath. There is also the “Smooth Criminal” attire that Sergio Cortes performs in while he is on stage. All of this makes one think that they are looking at the closest living being on earth that captures Michael Jackson. Jackson’s own family members could probably be fooled by the impression that Sergio gives.

There is one thing that is different though. Cortes is not American. His native tongue is not English, but he picking up an American crowd because he impersonates an American icon. Sergio has practiced relentlessly to become the entertainer that people know as the dominate Michael Jackson impersonator. He has the skills. He has the looks. Regardless of the language that Cortes speaks this translates into a gold mine for the entertainment industry. For many years people have been trying to find a good Michael Jackson impersonator when Jackson was alive. There have been a lot of impersonators all over the world on a local level, but Sergio Cortes represents something else. He may be the first person that has ever appeared to be a global sensation in terms of impersonations. Sergio is going on tour. This may be unheard of when it comes to impersonators, but it is a testament of how good Sergio is. He has his own fans.