Magic Mike XXL Brings XXL Enjoyment

When I went to see Magic Mike XXL I had low expectations, but my friends and I really enjoyed ourselves. This movie isn’t supposed to shatter any glass ceilings or break any ground whatsoever. It was made to be a light and sexy. It was made to be fun, and it was made to be a comedic dance film hybrid.

I was grooving out in my seat almost the entire time, and I was also laughing like a hyena too. The cast was great, and a lot of my friends are already obsessed with Channing Tatum and Joe and for good reason. They are two handsome older men that are cut from granite, but the cast is comprised of mostly beautiful people anyways. The women in the film are just as hot as the men are. Amber Heard and Crystal Hunt should be enough to draw plenty of straight guys and lesbians to the movie if people just want some eye candy.

I was really excited to see Crystal Hunt all grown up from her Guiding Light days. I am old enough to remember that show, and it use to be one of the top soap operas on on daytime television which Crystal was a part of for several years as Lizzie Spaulding. The movie she was in before Magic Mike XXL was really good too! 23 Blast was a debut for Dylan Baker as a director, and Crystal played the role of Molly in this powerful film about a successful athlete that gets struck with blindness. Another fun fact about Crystal is she has an uncredited appearance in Problem Child 2 which was her first role in a movie back in 1991. She really added a lot to Magic Mike XXL with the variety of her resume and her obvious beauty.

I think everyone that likes mature humor should go see this movie, or they should buy it as soon as it is available for mass release. I know that I’m going to. I don’t think it will be nominated for an academy award, but there are a lot of Oscar winners that I can only watch one time. I can honestly see myself watching Magic Mike XXL time and time again. It really is that easy to laugh and enjoy.