Incredible Success Journey of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a global businessman who through proper business has enjoyed business success. He is also an investor, mentor, writer, and entrepreneur who desires to see new entrepreneurs succeed in their career.

He pursued his university education from the University of Chicago. As a global business executive, he has worked in over thirty-two countries in his over twenty year’s career journey and stayed in six of them.

Glen Wakeman has worked with over seventeen thousand workers and transformed businesses with over $15b value in assets. In business, his principal activities have been downsizing, merger and acquisitions, new market entry, exponential growth, start-ups, and divestitures.

LaunchPad Holdings Company Pivotal role in Business Start-ups

Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC ( The company plays a central role in start-up businesses through offering online support to new entrepreneurs. The online platform allows the company to reach many entrepreneurs and provide them business planning services and strategies.

Additionally, the online platform allows Glen Wakeman to blog on various important issues that relate to businesses like global business affairs, business transformation, leadership and emerging markets. He also provides professional advice on angel financing, capital raising, and business strategy.


Glen Wakeman’s mentorship mostly is to the C-level executives with great passion in executive development and growth of these professionals. He also provides advisory services to business start-ups like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. His passion, desire, and motivation are to see businesses grow, the development of executives and innovation inculcated in business operations.


Glen Wakeman believes that for a company to make significant financial progress, the owner should be able to think and reason outside the box and look beyond the norm (Business Wire). He asserts that such a mindset is not an easy thing, but it is an indispensable part of the business. Thus, critical thinking beyond the superficial is imperative in the global business markets. He is, therefore, a great role model, to be emulated by many in the business world.


How Diversant LLC has specialized in Provision of Services

Diversant Limited Liability Company is the largest business that is held by African-Americans in the United States. The firm has been registered to serve as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. Its primary service is IT staffing, and it has divided them into various subsections, which are the augmentation of IT experts, direct hiring, and a broad array of innovative solutions. The services of the company are guided by a set of well-organized strategies that are focused on making sure that all the clients, allies, and the community are satisfied. Diversant has been trusted by its customers, and this has enabled it to have robust and long-lasting relationships with them. It ensures that clients feel like actual associates by consulting them in all transactions.

The United States’ information and technology sector is constantly developing, and therefore, professionals are highly needed to solve different issues. Diversant LLC has been trusted by many companies in offering highly qualified professionals that have the skills that are required in solving the clients’ problems. All experts that the firm has been offering are knowledgeable in the creation of computer programs that can fulfill the exact needs of the customers. The company has ensured this by using its unique methods for recruiting IT specialists. Its interviews consider the academic achievements, talent, and experience of an individual.

Diversant is currently headed by John Goullet who is its chairperson. He joined the firm in 2010 after merging his company, Info Technologies, with Diversant Inc. John started Info Technologies in 1994 after he discovered a potential opportunity in the IT staffing business. He kicked off his career by offering IT constancy services. Info Technologies was keen on studying the staffing issues that are in the staffing sector, and it dedicated itself to solving them. The Fortune 500 companies were the main clients who depended on its services. Goullet was the chief executive officer of the business, and his efforts assisted it to be renowned as a top IT staffing firm. The growth rate of the enterprise was rapid, and it managed to increase its worth to 30 million dollars within five years. The Inc. Magazine recognized it as a top business.

Check out John’s website here.

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John Goullet’s Life and Career Achievements

Sam Tabar Joins FullCycle Energy Fund


In December 2015, Sam Tabar was appointed as FullCycle Energy Fund’s chief operating officer. In his new role, Tabar will oversee the company management strategy. Upon receiving the good news, he could not hide his excitement. He is looking forward to cooperating with the company’s talented team of leaders in order to deliver FullCycle’s goal of producing environmentally friendly fuels. Sam Tabar has spent a considerable time in managing financial strategies for different institutions. He has a solid experience in developing strategies, a factor that qualifies him to serve as the COO.
Previously, Sam Tabar worked for various organizations in different capacities. At Merrill Lynch, he was in charge of capital strategy. He played a pivotal role in introducing fund managers to potential investors like pensions, foundations, endowments, family offices and fund of funds. In addition, Sam Tabar co-headed the marketing department for the Asian Pacific largest independent fund, Sparx Group. His boundless career saw him work as an attorney for Arps, Meagher, Skadden, Slate & Flom, and Roth & Zabel. Tabar is a successful venture capitalist. In the past, he has invested in Thinx and Tribute. Thinx has been giving back to women in Africa by donating sanitary towels.
As an attorney, Sam Tabar taught clients on how to structure hedge funds, investment management agreements and private placement memoranda. He also dealt with employment issues and regulatory management concerns. Sam is a proud alumnus of the renowned Columbia Law School and the esteemed Oxford University where he earned a Masters’ Degree in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts respectively. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as provide in this link:
About FullCycle
FullCycle Energy Fund commenced operations in 2013. Its objective was to turn waste materials into cheap fuels. The entity believes that the solution to environmental pollution lies in producing valuable fuel that can power communities around the world. The company is driven by the commitment to put resources into traditional plants that generate electricity to avoid high costs of power and pollution. To this end, FullCycle has partnered with Synova Inc, a leading energy production company. Synova helps FullCycle in selecting projects that meet the company’s objectives and criteria of implementing its core strategy of equity investment.


Antique Weapons Collector, Writer and Filmmaker Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is one of the leading historians of antique arms. He has studied a number of weapons such as guns and swords. For approximately four decades, Michael has gathered a number of weapons from the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. Over the past four decades he has studied them and learned more about their history as well as their effectiveness in combat. As a result of this knowledge Michael has spoken on television about these weapons and has therefore enlightened the masses about them. Therefore Michael Zomber has clearly established himself as among the most credible individuals when it comes to knowledge of antique arms. With this credibility Michael is one of the most trusted individuals when it comes to learning more about weapons from the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai era.

One of the most notable accomplishments of Michael Zomber is his works as an author. During his career, Michael has written numerous screenplays and novels about the Japanese samurai era. With these novels and screenplays, Michael has been able to make a number of stories that tell about the various armed conflicts during this historical time period. They also highlight the use of the samurai swords and just how effective they were. As a result, readers who are interested in getting an in depth perspective of the samurai era and the armed conflicts that took place will very much enjoy these works.

Zomber has participated in some other activities during his career that have made him one of the more distinguished individuals you will know of. Michael made a documentary film about the samurai era. He attended college and attained both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of California Los Angeles. While Zomber is a weapons historian and enthusiast he is also a peace activist. He is very much aware of how devastating armed conflict can be so he has been involved in a number of peace activism organizations. In these organizations he has supported diplomacy along with providing better quality education and healthcare. Therefore Michael has helped make a very positive contribution to his community. Michael lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

Solo Capital’s founder Sanjay Shah And His Charity Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a well known business man and philanthropist and is well known for the founding of brokerage firm Solo Capital as well as the charity organization known as Autism Rocks. The founding of the charity organization was due to the diagnosis of his son Nikhil. His son was diagnosed with autism. Autism Rocks raises money for autism research through the hosting of charity concerts. Sanjay Shah’s first business, Solo Capital is a brokerage firm based out of London. Through the brokerage firm he has made himself a wealthy man. It was through the charity organization that he founded where he was able to combine his business skills with the love of family and music. The Autism Rocks charity creates awareness for neurological disorders including autism.

Sanjay Shah started out studying medicine but soon realized his passion for business and accounting in general. After graduating from university with an accounting degree he began working for the major companies such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. When in 2009 the financial crisis hit, Sanjay Shah was made redundant and struggled to find a new job. This spurred him on to start his own business and this was the beginning of the brokerage firm we now know as Solo Capital.

The charity, Autism Rocks came about by accident during a cup of tea he was having with Snoop Dogg to come up with ways to raise money by staging concerts and various gigs. This led to the first concert in 2014 with Prince being the main act. This concert was by invitation only and was a great success. Many more concerts have been held since then allowing them to raise large sums of money to go towards neurological disorder research. Some of the acts include Michael Bublè, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

Before Autism Rocks, Sanjay was sponsoring children in India but had no idea what to do in charity before his son was diagnosed in 2011. Since then a lot of money has been raised.

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Autism Rocks Foundation New Additions to the Board of Governors

The autism rocks charity foundation has acquired two minds in Will and Pete Best. The two brothers will join the organization as members of the board of trustees. Sanjay Shah the man behind the organization has known the brothers for a long time and is convinced that there experience will proof invaluable to the organization.

Autism rocks is a charity foundation that aims to create awareness and raise funds for autism research. The foundation is one of a kind as it invites musicians to perform in order to raise funds. The other distinction is that it is an invite only concert. Will and Pete will have various responsibilities at the organization such as managing the music concerts. Pete has vast experience in the financial sector spinning for over 20 years. Before joining the organization he was Chief Operating Officer at Icap a brokerage firm that is located in London. Will on the other hand is well versed with the entertainment sector and has a particular interest in music. Mr Shah stated the combined experience of the two brothers will propel the organization to greater heights. The original unrecaped article was run through PR Newswire.

What if you lost your job during the financial crisis and had no idea what to do? That’s what happened to Solo’s capital founder and CEO Sanjay Shah. A trained doctor and an accountant by profession went on to launch one of the biggest financial firms in Britain. The firm known as Solo Capital deals with hedge funds and brokerage. It is a trusted institution that values its client’s welfare and sky has rocketed over the years to become one of the most sought out after financial firm in Europe. The firm has acquired and merged with other firms over the years in order to expand its boundaries.

Most people are not aware about autism and its adverse effects on children. Autism Rocks foundation has devoted resources so as to root out the disease. Sanjay Shah is directly affected by the disease since one of his children was diagnosed with autism. The foundation has reached out to various players in the music industry to raise funds through music.

IFunding Investment Deals Attract More Investors in the Competitive Real Estate Sector

Crowdfunding has gained a lot of popularity among investors, and it has been received well in the real estate industry. Despite being at an infant stage, crowdfunding is reshaped how individuals are investing in properties. This development is advantageous for investors, real estate firms, as well as the real estate market. iFunding is an established real estate company headquartered in New York. The company has managed to cement a remarkable position in the industry since inception.

The firm utilizes modern technology to connect real estate investors to sponsors such as property developers and owners and provide investment solutions that can benefit them mutually. They are provided with a platform for raising money that can be used in property development. Investors are offered investment opportunities that revolve around equity and debt deals with $5000 being the minimum value.

Twitter makes it clear the company has a team of professionals that conduct intensive research on the property, real estate market, and developers. Investors are advised on how to make quality investment decisions. The platform provides an opportunity for investors and sponsors to negotiate the terms of investment. iFunding generates funds to finance multi-projects and help both investors and sponsor accrue maximum profits. The company has an amazing social media activity with many followers for both Facebook and Twitter accounts. The customer care responds to calls from clients in a fast and a friendly manner.

On February 03, 2016, iFunding announced it had appointed Daniel Drew as its Vice President and Real Estate Head. Mr. Drew has an extensive experience in underwriting securities, debt, and financial transactions amounting to more than $2B. His responsibilities will include developing business opportunities for the company and providing a broad platform for both private investors and institutions.

About William Skelley

William Skelley is the iFunding Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He has worked for corporations such as Bain Capital, General Electric, Rose Park, as well as Olympus. He has used his extensive experience in the real estate industry to help new startups succeed in the competitive industry. His responsibilities at iFunding entail advising customers on transactions valued at $2B in the field of the capital structure. He focuses on fundraising from registered investors and family offices. He speaks at industry events and handles topics such as crowdfunding and finance.

Skelley operates from both Boston and New York. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He also pursued a business related course at Hobart College. Skelley has developed iFunding since inception to a reliable platform with an incredible presence in the United States and Asia.

Fore Front Capital Advisors CEO Conjuncts Business With Philanthropy

Brad Reifler, the chief executive officer of Fore Front Capital Advisors, has embarked on philanthropy; the factor he says will also help in boosting business. Reifler donated $3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center and has also established a partnership to participate in creating life changing opportunities for retired veterans and militants. Reifler thinks that partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Centre creates sense financially and business wise. The charitable organization has been working selflessly to connect organizations and individuals who need the assistance of experienced militants and veterans. In return, they give the veterans an opportunity to change their life through giving them financial stability. The veterans and militants are also able to participate in community activities and to provide for their families.

Most of the retired militants and veterans end up in absolute poverty after retirement despite committing themselves fully to serving the United States. With the $3 million Reifler has changed the financial future of Easter Seals Dixon Center. The organization will also have the ability to continue with its regular [programs like caregiver training services, health, education and advocacy and also job training. From his Twitter Reifler thinks this is a great opportunity for his firm employees and his clients to participate in the noble cause. Easter Seals Dixon Center, on the other hand, thinks it’s a great privilege to have the support and partnership of Brad Reifler and his Fore Front Capital Advisors firm. In this way, militants and veterans will have more chances of becoming financially stable and obtaining great opportunities.

Reifler has over time been determined to help people in the community plan their future financially; he also finds unique strategies through his firm to help them get true financial freedom. He is currently the chief executive officer of Fore Front capital advisors and has been in the field of business in more than 30 years. His major focus on the firm is to give advises to companies about commodity and forex exchange market. Reifler’s career started with his corporation in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, which majored on global derivatives and niche products. He later founded Pali Capital after selling Reifler Trading to Refco.

Pali Capital was his company for 13 years which he earned great success and huge profits amounting to $200 million. He expanded the company to United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College as Wikipedia would show, and some of his financial solution were targeting the university students through loans but did not go very well. Over time, his great products are in support of middle-income earners who are limited to investment by sanctions written to protect the wealthy who are 1% of the whole economy contributors. Reifler continues to conduct classes to help middle-income investors invest in their future despite how little they start. has further information about Brad Reifler.

The Ninth Richest Man In America Is Trying To Work With The Obama Administration To Curb Domestic, Foreign And Budgetary Problems

Despite Charles Koch being the ninth richest man in the US, he still wants to make it a better place for the average American citizen. He is striving for less government and for better policies that offer protection from foreign and domestic attacks, and he wants to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly. This may not be a surprise for most Americans who share his universal values of civility, peace and tolerance; however, it may surprise some to learn that he is willing to work with the current white house administration to advance his ideas.

This is because Koch has always aligned himself with politically conservative views and with the libertarian party; but, many people do not know that he labels himself as a liberal, and that he believes that the only way for societies to continue to make progress is by people with opposing political views to come together and to find common ground. Koch believes that he can form an alliance with the Obama administration to tackle very serious issues like prison reform, equality in the workplace, responsible government spending and foreign policy.

In a recent Yahoo Finance article, Koch referenced problems like wasteful budgetary practices, such as the $100-trillion debt that has been created by the federal government. Koch is also opposed to corporate welfare programs and to industry bailouts. Koch believes that many years of bad decision making by both Democratic and Republican administrations have led to the current fear that many Americans have of an impending socialist state. Koch is also an advocate of a multi-party system opposed to a two-tiered system that he believes hinders progress of the nation.

Koch is confident that he can work with the Obama administration without comprising his views and beliefs. When he was asked about the 2016 presidential candidates, Charles Koch keeps his cards close to his chest. He chooses to avoid the nauseating drama that is associated with the hectic presidential fiasco; for, he associates the divisive presidential race as confrontational, and he is wary of making public statements to avoid being misrepresented by the media . However, he does lend his opinion about the overwhelming support that unconventional presidential candidates are receiving, like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Koch thinks that these candidates are leading the polls because Americans are fed up with the level of production from political veterans who have been implementing policies that make many Americans very uncomfortable.

The Man Behind the Vision: George Soros

The world is a much better place with people like George Soros in it. Soros is known for his generous nature and is a major philanthropist to many of the less fortunate. He fights for human rights and defends a democracy for all.

Soros was born in Budapest in the year 1930 and as a small child was able to survive Hitler’s occupancy of Hungary. At 17 years of age, he escaped to England and attended the London School of Economics. Upon graduating, Soros left England for the United States where he held investment and management positions with several different firms.

In 1973, Soros decided to start his own business and established Soros Fund Manangement on which did turn into the Quantum Fund. George Soros’ intelligence and forethought led him to become one of the richest men in the world.

1979, George Soros on wsj started issuing scholarships to black South Africans who were being discriminated against. This was the beginning of his Open Society Foundations and he stands behind what he believes in. The Foundations mission is to build block by block a democracy where the government is held accountable for their people.

Soros left the day-to-day running of the Quantum Fund in the late 80’s to become a full time philanthropist. He also became very prominent on the political front. He has become an author and also a lecturer with a focus on the United States’ involvement in worldwide situations where the United States’ fights for peoples liberties, rights to an education, and freedom to make their own political views.

Soros is also known as the “man who broke the Bank of England,” when he put up $10 billion on a single currency theory and shorted the British pound. His risk was proved and he profited immensely in one day of trading.

Soros retired in 2000, but he will always be remembered as one of the most successful men in history not only for his wealth, but his kindness and his fight for human rights. He continues to write books and lecture. He is a very prominent writer of articles and essays on the society and political stance in which we live in today for several major newspapers and magazines. He believes that his personal wealth and fortitude has been given to him so that he can help others that cannot fight for themselves.

George Soros is the man behind the vision.