Is Organo Gold Premium Coffee Better Than We Thought?

Can the right cup of coffee be more beneficial to your health? Organo Gold appears to offer what most other brands fail to deliver — a health-enhanced coffee. So, the makers of Organo Gold coffee and teas enhance their beverage with a Chinese herb called Ganoderma Lucidum. It’s a medicinal mushroom (Reishi), used for centuries in Asia. In fact, the mushroom is widely popular, said to be more valuable than Ginseng, and there have been many international clinical tests to see how best to use Ganoderma Lucidum to treat disease. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Research confirms that coffee-lovers who enjoy three to five cups a day can protect their heart. Even better, the arteries of people who drink three to five cups of coffee a day are less calcified than those who drink little to no coffee at all. This was the conclusion reached by a review of physicians from Boston who evaluated 36 coffee varieties and heart studies. Organo Gold ventures a step further by blending their coffee, and teas with this nutraceutical element. Founder and CEO, Bernardo Chua manufacturers this drink and has always suspected his blend could make the body healthier. The Philippine native grew up with a well understood perspective of Chinese medicine, and the positive effects on the body.


The coffee connoisseur founded Organo Gold in 2008. Over the years, the company has won several prestigious awards including People’s Choice and the Gold Medal Award from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. The company started out selling premium coffee blends, and today they’ve added teas, cocoa, and a range of personal care products to the list. Headquartered in British Columbia, there are more than 30 locations around the world, and still growing.

One thing is for sure, Organo Gold is giving other coffee manufacturers a run for their money. Not only is coffee good for the heart, but Organo Gold’s version of a healthier drink is better for the entire body. Read the reviews at

Marc Sparks Enhances Success to Young Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a profoundly fruitful businessperson in the Dallas, Texas territory. He has begun many organizations throughout his profession and has discovered more accomplishment than disappointments in doing as such. In either case, he has adapted a considerable amount which is learning that he applies to his next wander. He is presently the originator and proprietor of Timber Creek Capital, LP where he enables different business visionaries to dispatch their own organizations. He is likewise the organization’s Chief Executive Officer.

Each organization of Mr. Sparks has a long hatching period where the new item or administration is refined and arranged to be propelled. Notwithstanding office space, his own ability in beginning an organization, and in addition different business administrations, Marc Sparks is likewise ready to offer financing with a specific end goal to give the cash expected to get an organization off the ground.


Marc Sparks causes individuals to fabricate organizations in different courses also. His book diagrams his theory and experience building up new organizations and incorporates the two his victories and disappointments. It gives perusers a rule how to effectively set up another organization as well as how to run it going ahead. He opens individuals to the substances of enterprise too which includes a ton of diligent work however above all taking care of different people groups’ issues in a way that is not effectively copied by others. Learn more:

Keeping in mind the end goal to get the financing to dispatch another item or administration, a man will probably need to persuade an investor to furnish them with the essential subsidizing. A significant introduction that gets over the key data is extremely basic. Marc Sparks has guidance for individuals assembling this introduction as he has sat through a considerable measure of them. He says the main thing is to not squander the potential funders time as their chance is profitable. Each visual utilized needs to fill an essential need or it should be cut. He additionally says to tell a real store utilizing genuine information. Utilizing demonstrated research unmistakably clarified will go far in getting financing. He additionally says to keep it straightforward in light of the fact that generally it’s anything but difficult to become mixed up in the subtle elements. At last, he says to be glad for your item which demonstrates the certainty to succeed.


Marc Sparks offers back to others in the group. He has upheld a wide assortment of non-benefit associations including Habitat for Humanity and a nearby destitute safe house. Another philanthropy he underpins enables understudies in Dallas to win their confirmations.

Copa Star Hospital Brings Comfort to Rio’s South Side

Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro recently celebrated its grand opening. The new 21-thousand-square-foot facility in the heart of Rio’s upscale south side is the brainchild of cardiologist and medical director Dr. Jorge Moll, who also heads up the D’or Sao Luiz hospital network. According to Dr. Moll, the goal of Copa Star is to bring five-star amenities to Rio de Janeiro. Before Copa Star, patients seeking this level of care would have to go to exclusive hospitals in Sao Paulo. Now Copa Star brings together the most advanced medical care with the highest standard of comfort possible.

Copa Star Hospital took three years to build at a cost of 400 million Brazilian reais. The hospital is located in the storied neighborhood of Copacabana on Figuereido Magalhaes Street. The centrally located and safe location make it easy to reach for local residents and visitors from other parts of the state and beyond. In addition to medical care, Copa Star and the D’Or Sao Luiz Network are committed to funding medical research which helps to maintain the high standard of care at the hospital and throughout the network.

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The D’or Sao Luiz Network (Rede D’or Sao Luiz) operates a non-profit Research and Teaching Institute with the aim of advancing scientific and technological progress in the health sciences as well as providing the highest quality training to medical professionals. The organization opened in 2010 on a new campus in Rio de Janeiro with modern facilities and cutting-edge equipment.

The institute also recruited a cadre of 17 experts with the knowledge to put the the young research center’s resources to good use. Known in Portuguese as IDOR, this organization brings together research and teaching at other network sites in other cities, such as Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Recife. IDOR conducts research into internal and intensive medicine, neurosciences, and pediatrics, and also operates a memory clinic.

IDOR and the D’or Sao Luiz Network also offer post-graduate medical training as well as medical residencies. What is more, IDOR also offers graduate degrees in basic medical research as well as continuing education for practitioners and clerkships for medical students.

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Mike Baur, a Man of Great Success

Mike Baur is a hard-working middle-aged man, an entrepreneur, who has been a part of tremendous growth in every business that he has been involved with, either as an employee or at the management level. His vast experience in the business world has made him famous across the world. His dedication and positive contributions have seen him achieve tremendous results in the business sector. Currently, Mike is the co-founder and Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland.

Mike developed a passion for banking and finance from an early age, and that passion drove him to make his dream a reality as it became his profession. He graduated with master’s degree from the University of Rochester in New York, and an executive MBA, from the University of Bern. After his education, Mike spent almost 20 years of his career life in Swiss private banking, where through his hard work, dedication, and passion for growth he managed to make his way up to a higher level of an executive Board of Large Swiss Private Bank.

In the year 1992, Mike Baur together with five other employees, founded a company called Scan Source Inc, an international distributor of specialty technology products for businesses. He served as the president of this company since it started. Through his contributions, this company has grown into a big empire with approximately 1200 employees, and 45 branches in North America, South America, and Europe. Mike served as the president of this company until the year 2007. He has also been a member of the board since 1995.

With the experience he had acquired while managing those companies, Mike developed strong entrepreneurial skills, and in the year 2014, together with two other partners, they founded Swiss Startup Company, a privately financed ICT company. Mike has been responsible for fundraising and financing rounds at the company. Swiss Start-up is the leading independent company whose mission is to create companies that interrupt the usual formalities, products, and business model. Mike spends most of his time in this company where he has been supporting Swiss youth entrepreneurship, Swiss startups, financially and by mentoring them.


Specialization of Equities First Holding Company

Equities First Holdings is a stock-based lending platform that provides businesses and high net-worth individuals with non-purpose capital. Based on the tight lending criteria by other banks in the offering of loans, Equities first is a better alternative and is gaining popularity at a high rate. It is guided by certain provisions in its offering of loans which make it a preference to many borrowers.

To start with, it specializes in the provision of loans with stocks as collateral. For instance, if someone has stock in a particular company and feels that it will appreciate in value over the years to come, the borrower may transfer the shares as collateral in the Equities First and receive loan proceeds. This is a convenient method to acquire a loan in an environment where banks have strict lending criteria as far as the loan collateral is concerned.

Equities First also specializes in the provision of non-purpose loans. This allows the borrower to invest any project. It can be either in the expansion of the business, payment of a more expensive debt or for personal reasons. This gives the borrower flexibility with the capital acquired with limitations on how to spend.

Equities First lends at a low and fixed interest rates. As compared to other banking institutions, which offer their loans at a high interest rate, Equities First allows borrowers to acquire loans which would not burden them in future. The rates might be as low as 3%, which is very hard to get from banks. Due to these provisions, Equities First Holdings is growing day by day and is now a global company with offices in nine countries, including wholly owned subsidiaries of Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Equities First also specializes in the provision of loans which are fast and efficient. The entire process can be completed in between five to seven business days from the date of application. This enables the borrower to acquire the capital quickly and carry out his or her intentions.

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The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Start Up Factory

Ever wondered what began the love for banking and finance for Mike Baur? Well, it all start when he was just a teenager in the town of Fribourg within Switzerland. That was why it came as no surprise to anyone when he ended up chasing after this passion of his and making it into a career. He was even able to get a MBA and also get a executive MBA out of the University of Rochester and also from the University of Bern.


Baur was able to spend 20 years of his life being successful within the Swiss banking industry. Through that time he was able to rise up in the ranks and turn into an executive board member for one of the large Swiss banks held privately. He has even been able to work for the Sallfort and Clariden banks.


The journey in the entrepreneurial world for Mike Baur started during the year of 2014 when he had reached the age of 39. Him and two of his partners were able to begin the Swiss Startup Factory(aka SSUF) and this enabled him to give hope to youth that were digital innovators. The SSUF is currently an independently financed and also privately owned business. This business actually happens to be the first of its kinds within Switzerland with the addition of regular accelerator programs that are run for techpreneurs.


Having very huge passion when it comes to the youth of today, Mike Baur spend the majority of his time helping out the youth entrepreneurship through coaching and also through financial assistance when it comes to startups that look to be promising. Being the CEO and co-founder of the SSUF it should come as no surprise that he was assigned the task of financing and fundraising with the business.


The SSUF is a business that has a main goal of finding and giving support to those that are digital entrepreneurs. Young companies that go with SSUF are able to go through an accelerator program that is targeted to coaching and mentoring in terms of office space, entrepreneurial network, finance and also investor network. Giving those that it need it a chance to gather the information that they need and also the resources that they need for future work and business. Which is why the job that Mike Baur does is so important? With people like him in this world it is no wonder that every day the world is becoming a better place and the future for today’s youth is looking so much brighter.

IAP Worldwide Services Hopes to Improve the World

IAP Worldwide Services is an international company that holds tradition as well as modernization close to the premise of the company as this company is known to have some of the most innovative solutions for multiple industries which include the communication industry as well as the engineering industry. IAP Worldwide is a dedicated company that believes in helping others for the future in even some of the most impoverished regions around the world. Even with some of the world’s most demanding challenges, IAP Worldwide Services is able to deliver every challenge on time with an innovative solution that was created by one of the top innovators in the world at IAP Worldwide Services.

IAP Worldwide is dedicated to solve any international problem that has never before been solved. IAP Worldwide was developed in 1953 and has since then been a leader of multiple different industries that have latched onto IAP’s dedication towards ingenuity as well as to services. Within the technological industry, IAP Worldwide Services supported over 2,500 launches into space which specifically has included the manned shuttle program as well as the early on air-breathing missile. The goal of the innovative solutions is to provide energy and efficiency in every field that they become involved in.

Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

In present day, IAP Worldwide Services is now dedicated to providing renewable energy in even some of the world’s most impoverished regions. With over 1,600 employees that are located in over 110 locations all over the world, IAP Worldwide works fast and efficiently. IAP Worldwide Services is especially excited to use renewable energy in order to protect the environment as well as create advance the healthcare of the system. Even during times of disaster, IAP Worldwide provides immediate as well as permanent relief to individuals as well as communities from all over the world.

In recent news, IAP Worldwide has teamed up with some of the world’s largest electrical company in order to begin work on using renewable energy in order to light up even the darkest regions. At IAP Worldwide, the leaders of this company firmly believe that access to drinking water as well as electricity should no longer be just a luxury, but should also be a standard of living. As IAP Worldwide has displayed numerous times, science as well as technology are the future of the world and IAP Worldwide continues to work hard to make sure that every individual benefits from innovation in technology.

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Brian Torchin Staffing Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Philadelphia-based Brian Torchin has built his career on providing healthcare consulting services. He currently serves as Health Care Recruitment Counselors’ president. Through HCRC, Torchin provides staffing solutions for the healthcare industry and over the years, he has built quite a reputation in the field. Clients describe Torchin as attentive and meticulous when it comes to providing employment solutions for both candidates and the different institutions he works with. He takes the time to understand client staffing needs and then tailors solutions to meet those requirements.

Satisfying Clients

Brian Torchin was a chiropractor himself and through his experiences, he learned the needs that physicians have and what is lacking in the industry. He started by managing offices in Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia and then slowly grew his clientele across the globe. At present, HCRC has over 200 clients spread across Europe, the US, Asia, and Canada. This clientele comprises of different organizations enterprises and groups. One way that Brian Torchin has been able to acquire a good client base is his positive outlook and dedication to structuring relationships that last and not just for a moment. He doesn’t just provide solutions to staffing problems, he finds out what the wishes of a client are and ensures they factor in his decisions.

Offering Advice

Through his blog posts, Brian Torchin gives guidance on various staffing issues that can help professionals in the healthcare industry do a better job when recruiting. For example, in one of his posts, he stressed the need for health systems to learn about the latest compensation trends so as to maximize resources and provide appropriate benefits that will attract workers. Torchin takes the time to give tips that physicians can use to avoid common staffing errors.

Dr. Mayer Green from Consultants of America, who has worked with Torchin praised him as having unmatched professionalism, integrity, and honesty. HCRC concentrates on the staffing needs of chiropractic practices specifically and helps with finding physical therapists, nurses, front desk assistants, office managers, chiropractors and more. Additionally, HCRC provides nationwide search services, consulting, and staff training, which is cost-effective for most clients.  Follow Brian on Twitter for more information.

Forefront Income Trust is Opening Up New Options

The investment industry is recovering quickly, and people are looking to diversify their number of investments. People are looking for smart investments to make in this new economy, and to make the largest gains they should follow the smartest investors. One of the most brilliant investors in the current marketplace is Brad Reifler. Brad has a long history of making brilliant investments, so investors are smart to look at his actions when they are planning their own.

Brad Reifler‘s firm, Forefront Capital have been extremely active in recent years. They know that investors everywhere want to turn their money into greater amounts. They are constantly working with their clients to increase people’s wealth. Forefront takes the techniques that firms that serve the 1% use and they take it to the masses. Their latest program is targeted at everyone that longs to invest, but simply does not have the time.

Forefront Income Trust is aimed at non-accredited investors. Brad is extremely enthusiastic about this new program. For years, Brad would only schedule meetings with accredited investors that make more than $200,000 a year. Now, Brad has a plan specifically aimed at everyone else.

The Income Trust plan is designed to help the middle class. A huge piece of the middle class have almost no savings, and Brad wants to increase the savings for these people.

The plan focuses on the fact that many investors do not have great investment options. If you are not accredited, then you are very limited in what you can invest in. Forefront Income Trust allows people to invest $2,500 or more to have access to every investment option. The Income Trust makes it extremely easy to diversify your portfolio. Reifler emphasizes that the investment is not risk-free, but being able to have a diverse portfolio gives you better options. The new program opens a huge new variety of options up for people around the world and they are so excited to offer this program.

Brad Reifler wants everyone to have the best possible investment options, so he is opening up new options for investors everywhere. He is extremely excited about Forefront Income Trust.  Check him out on his official website.

Solo Capital’s founder Sanjay Shah And His Charity Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a well known business man and philanthropist and is well known for the founding of brokerage firm Solo Capital as well as the charity organization known as Autism Rocks. The founding of the charity organization was due to the diagnosis of his son Nikhil. His son was diagnosed with autism. Autism Rocks raises money for autism research through the hosting of charity concerts. Sanjay Shah’s first business, Solo Capital is a brokerage firm based out of London. Through the brokerage firm he has made himself a wealthy man. It was through the charity organization that he founded where he was able to combine his business skills with the love of family and music. The Autism Rocks charity creates awareness for neurological disorders including autism.

Sanjay Shah started out studying medicine but soon realized his passion for business and accounting in general. After graduating from university with an accounting degree he began working for the major companies such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. When in 2009 the financial crisis hit, Sanjay Shah was made redundant and struggled to find a new job. This spurred him on to start his own business and this was the beginning of the brokerage firm we now know as Solo Capital.

The charity, Autism Rocks came about by accident during a cup of tea he was having with Snoop Dogg to come up with ways to raise money by staging concerts and various gigs. This led to the first concert in 2014 with Prince being the main act. This concert was by invitation only and was a great success. Many more concerts have been held since then allowing them to raise large sums of money to go towards neurological disorder research. Some of the acts include Michael Bublè, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

Before Autism Rocks, Sanjay was sponsoring children in India but had no idea what to do in charity before his son was diagnosed in 2011. Since then a lot of money has been raised.

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