Igor Cornelsen Reveals Investment Success Secrets

Igor Cornelsen is an investor, financial adviser, and retired banker. He is the owner of Bainbridge group, which offers investment advice and professional acumen on maximizing returns by exploiting damaged stocks. The firm also works in the stock market, dealing with commodity and forex investments.

He built his reputation in his native Brazil, where he led one of the nation’s greatest banks. Under his leadership, the bank registered outstanding profit margins on angel.co, holding off the adverse effects of financial crises. Moreover, he assisted in management of the country’s gross economy.

Tips for investing in Brazil

1. Interact with the locals

Research on the internet may shed some light on the target market on yolasite.com, but intermingling with actual people on the ground shows the whole picture. One quarter of Brazilian adults are entrepreneurs, so it is relatively easy to connect with a prospective business partner. Receiving information from the natives is invaluable as compared to reading statistics on a web page, according to Igor Cornelsen. Most of the data online is outdated, while networking with real people gives you access to up to date info. Brazilians are generally welcoming to foreigners, and will be pleased to add prospective entrepreneurs into their circles.

2. Acquaint with the rules and be prepared to face strict governance

The Brazilian market is regulated by stern rules, but this depends on what you are investing on prnewswire.com. There is a set of rules to be adhered to when hiring natives, and non-nationals are levied with higher tax rates. Despite the rapid growth that the economy has undergone, the local government still imposes stringent laws for its protection. It is, therefore, paramount for prospective investors to familiarize themselves with the rules at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/igor-cornelsen. Even though they can be a nuisance at the beginning, with endurance and determination, entrepreneurs can overcome the barriers imposed by the tough laws.

3. Learn foreign-currency restrictions

Forex transactions are highly monitored in Brazil and can only be done in authorized institutions. The exchange rates are not consistent and vary with the type of transaction.

Social media
On his Tumblr page, Igor Cornelsen shares investment tips with his followers. He also does that on his Facebook timeline. Additionally, he has a dedicated WordPress blog for offering his advice.

Mike Baur, a Man of Great Success

Mike Baur is a hard-working middle-aged man, an entrepreneur, who has been a part of tremendous growth in every business that he has been involved with, either as an employee or at the management level. His vast experience in the business world has made him famous across the world. His dedication and positive contributions have seen him achieve tremendous results in the business sector. Currently, Mike is the co-founder and Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland.

Mike developed a passion for banking and finance from an early age, and that passion drove him to make his dream a reality as it became his profession. He graduated with master’s degree from the University of Rochester in New York, and an executive MBA, from the University of Bern. After his education, Mike spent almost 20 years of his career life in Swiss private banking, where through his hard work, dedication, and passion for growth he managed to make his way up to a higher level of an executive Board of Large Swiss Private Bank.

In the year 1992, Mike Baur together with five other employees, founded a company called Scan Source Inc, an international distributor of specialty technology products for businesses. He served as the president of this company since it started. Through his contributions, this company has grown into a big empire with approximately 1200 employees, and 45 branches in North America, South America, and Europe. Mike served as the president of this company until the year 2007. He has also been a member of the board since 1995.

With the experience he had acquired while managing those companies, Mike developed strong entrepreneurial skills, and in the year 2014, together with two other partners, they founded Swiss Startup Company, a privately financed ICT company. Mike has been responsible for fundraising and financing rounds at the company. Swiss Start-up is the leading independent company whose mission is to create companies that interrupt the usual formalities, products, and business model. Mike spends most of his time in this company where he has been supporting Swiss youth entrepreneurship, Swiss startups, financially and by mentoring them.


The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Start Up Factory

Ever wondered what began the love for banking and finance for Mike Baur? Well, it all start when he was just a teenager in the town of Fribourg within Switzerland. That was why it came as no surprise to anyone when he ended up chasing after this passion of his and making it into a career. He was even able to get a MBA and also get a executive MBA out of the University of Rochester and also from the University of Bern.


Baur was able to spend 20 years of his life being successful within the Swiss banking industry. Through that time he was able to rise up in the ranks and turn into an executive board member for one of the large Swiss banks held privately. He has even been able to work for the Sallfort and Clariden banks.


The journey in the entrepreneurial world for Mike Baur started during the year of 2014 when he had reached the age of 39. Him and two of his partners were able to begin the Swiss Startup Factory(aka SSUF) and this enabled him to give hope to youth that were digital innovators. The SSUF is currently an independently financed and also privately owned business. This business actually happens to be the first of its kinds within Switzerland with the addition of regular accelerator programs that are run for techpreneurs.


Having very huge passion when it comes to the youth of today, Mike Baur spend the majority of his time helping out the youth entrepreneurship through coaching and also through financial assistance when it comes to startups that look to be promising. Being the CEO and co-founder of the SSUF it should come as no surprise that he was assigned the task of financing and fundraising with the business.


The SSUF is a business that has a main goal of finding and giving support to those that are digital entrepreneurs. Young companies that go with SSUF are able to go through an accelerator program that is targeted to coaching and mentoring in terms of office space, entrepreneurial network, finance and also investor network. Giving those that it need it a chance to gather the information that they need and also the resources that they need for future work and business. Which is why the job that Mike Baur does is so important? With people like him in this world it is no wonder that every day the world is becoming a better place and the future for today’s youth is looking so much brighter.

James Dondero’s Appointment to the Executive Board of SMU Cox School of Business

Mr. Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management, was appointed to the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business Executive Board in November 2016. According to James Dondero, the school contributes greatly to the business community in Dallas of which Highland is part. He is therefore very committed to helping the school in whatever way he can and that is why he agreed to join the board.

James Dondero was very excited about his appointment and looks forward to taking the school to greater heights together with the other board members. The executive board mainly comprises non-academics who help in the formulation of strategies for the business school to ensure it performs well. Mr. Dondero is well suited for the appointment to the executive board of SMU and will add a lot of value to the school.

James Dondero’s career in the investment industry

Mr. Dorendo is a successful entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. He has worked in the investment industry for more than 3 decades. His career as a financial analyst began with his selection to join the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984. At the time, he had just graduated from University of Virginia with an honors degree in Accounting and Finance. Between 1985 and 1993, he worked at American Express and Protective Life as an analyst, portfolio manager and investment officer.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero decided to start his own company, Highland Capital Management, LP. Highland is an investment company and deals with both retail and institutional clients. It has grown exponentially over the years and has developed a numberservices and products, many of which have won various awards, under the leadership of Mr. Dondero. James Dondero was one of the brilliant minds behind the design of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), which is now used by many financial institutions worldwide.


James Dondero’s appointment to the SMU Cox School of Business board will strengthen the relationship between Highland and the school.He serves on the boards of quite a number of high-profile organizations besides just the SMU Cox School of Business. He even chairs some of these boards. Dondero’s success in the investment market is mainly attributed to his discipline and resilience.

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How True Value Has Revamped Its Management to Instigate Profitability

True Value has upped its marketing strategy in the wake of undesirable losses in recent months. Such an insightful move is aimed at reshuffling its logistics, supply chain and global distribution network courtesy of three new appointees to its leadership team. Such appointments come in the wake of widespread concern for profitability for both existing and new retail operators intended to thrive in the new stores.

True Value has deemed it necessary to hire Tim Mills as senior vice president to manage the growth department. His extensive background in strategic development, operations and hardware sales is expected to rejuvenate the department. On the other hand, Abhinav Shukla has been named as the new senior vice president and chief operating officer. His appointment is aimed at improving the operational and financial performance and the global supply chain management.

Last but not least, Ken Goodgame has been named as vice president and chief marketing officer of the enterprise. The former Ace Hardware employee takes over from Mike Clark, who is expected to retire in the next few days. None of the appointees has gained much attention as Kenneth Goodgame. His highly anticipated appointment has raised hopes of better days in the coming months.

True Value’s destination model has been at the core of the company’s strategic goals. Achieving such an immense feat requires the collaborative effort of its 4,000 independent retailers worldwide. The company has also pledged funding to aid in the expansion of the model. True Value’s CEO, John Hartmann, has emphasized the value of community hardware traders in ensuring viability for the future.

Ken Goodgame’s Background

Before his latest appointment, Goodgame served as the General Merchandising Manager of Ace Hardware Corporation, IL from 2010 to 2013. As manager, he successfully supervised numerous company undertakings. For starters, he revamped the planning and strategy that was geared for downfall. Such a revamp resulted in 4.5% yearly growth in top-line sales, which culminated into a $ 50 M increment in wholesale sales.

While at True Value, Mr. Goodgame has been hailed for creating and implementing a 5-year strategic plan to promote long term growth. Through the plan, True Value has witnessed remarkable improvement in category management and marketing.

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How Diversant LLC has specialized in Provision of Services

Diversant Limited Liability Company is the largest business that is held by African-Americans in the United States. The firm has been registered to serve as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. Its primary service is IT staffing, and it has divided them into various subsections, which are the augmentation of IT experts, direct hiring, and a broad array of innovative solutions. The services of the company are guided by a set of well-organized strategies that are focused on making sure that all the clients, allies, and the community are satisfied. Diversant has been trusted by its customers, and this has enabled it to have robust and long-lasting relationships with them. It ensures that clients feel like actual associates by consulting them in all transactions.

The United States’ information and technology sector is constantly developing, and therefore, professionals are highly needed to solve different issues. Diversant LLC has been trusted by many companies in offering highly qualified professionals that have the skills that are required in solving the clients’ problems. All experts that the firm has been offering are knowledgeable in the creation of computer programs that can fulfill the exact needs of the customers. The company has ensured this by using its unique methods for recruiting IT specialists. Its interviews consider the academic achievements, talent, and experience of an individual.

Diversant is currently headed by John Goullet who is its chairperson. He joined the firm in 2010 after merging his company, Info Technologies, with Diversant Inc. John started Info Technologies in 1994 after he discovered a potential opportunity in the IT staffing business. He kicked off his career by offering IT constancy services. Info Technologies was keen on studying the staffing issues that are in the staffing sector, and it dedicated itself to solving them. The Fortune 500 companies were the main clients who depended on its services. Goullet was the chief executive officer of the business, and his efforts assisted it to be renowned as a top IT staffing firm. The growth rate of the enterprise was rapid, and it managed to increase its worth to 30 million dollars within five years. The Inc. Magazine recognized it as a top business.

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John Goullet’s Life and Career Achievements

The Much-Anticipated StyleWatch Exclusively for JustFab Fashion Collection

Millennials can’t help themselves to high-end fashion. Huge portions of their incomes go into buying the latest footwear and handbags. JustFab is an e-commerce company that has capitalized on this notion. The firm is now ranked as one of the premier fashion shops out there. Recently, this company announced that they would be joining forces with People StyleWatch on Forbes. Together they would work towards the release and launch of the People StyleWatch Exclusively for JustFab collection.

The collection of Don Ressler they are about to drop will feature well over 25 different footwear. This will encompass embellished flats, flirty sandals, and even sexy heels. These will be available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. According to insiders, the collection will also comprise of perforated bucket style handbags and colored envelope clutches.

According to Lisa Arbeter, the Editor of People StyleWatch, this is the ultimate 24/7 shoe and bag wardrobe. The collection contains something for all occasions. Don Ressler, the co-CEO of JustFab on the other hand, was quick to chip in and add that their customers would most certainly fall in love with their elevated personal style.

Here are some of the notable pieces expected to be dropped on the launch date:-
• A faux snakeskin gladiator sandal known as Aramis
• An embellished espadrille flat in navy stripes called the Chauncy
• A bold colored fringe heeled sandal; the Sosha
• A gorgeous perforated bucket bag called the Jimmy
• An envelope clutch available in two prints, the leopard, and the snakeskin; the Viktor

$100 for a Pair of Yoga Pants

Fabletics has managed to penetrate the health and wellness market. Fabletics is a sub-subsidiary of Justfab by Don Ressler. The firm is now rated as one of the leading makers of yoga pants in the world. Their iconic athletic wear and apparel start at $49.95. An unusual aspect of the company is the way it produces active wear for official purposes. Their average revenue is currently placed at upwards of $500 million per annum.

Don Ressler’s Professional Profile

Over the course of his life, Don Ressler has overseen the creation of numerous successful start-ups. They include Intelligent Beauty, FitnessHeaven.com. Frustrated by the inactivity of their investment partners, he and Adam Goldenberg decided to pair up and look for new opportunities elsewhere.

DERMSTORE was one of their earliest brainchild projects. It was a direct-to-customer brand specializing in selling skincare and cosmetics to the online consumer. Soon after, that company launched SENSA which was a weight loss remedy program. Their business has received close to $100 million in funding from various hedge funds. Kimora Lee Simmons is the companies’ President and Creative Director. Don Ressler is active on the social media scene. He loves to exercise and work out together with the wife.

Sanjay Shah Recap

Looking for a fun way to support Autism Awareness Month? The Autism Rocks Festival might be just what you’re looking for. Rich in activity, the fun-filled festival is something the whole family can enjoy. Famous musicians perform live to help raise awareness about autism. All the proceeds go towards autism research. The musicians also do their part, donating generously for research into the special needs condition. Autism Rocks is a creation of Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark, out to change the way those with autism are perceived and dealt with in society. The Dubai based couple were inspired to create Autism Rocks when their son was diagnosed with the condition 2011. By 2014 their dream had been realized fully.


Facts about Autism


Autism is a serious developmental disorder that affects a person’s communication skills and how they experience the world around them. Autism occurs due to unknown causes and can not be cured. Autism may present in people in a host of many different ways. People may present inappropriate social interaction, poor eye contact, self harm, very short attention span, lack of empathy or sympathy, learning disability or speech delay in children, etc. Recognizing the condition early on may reduce symptoms and support development and learning. Today Autism affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. Boys are nearly 5 times more likely than girls to have autism. No one knows why this is exactly. Autism has become a very prevalent developmental disorder. One of the fastest growing in the U.S.


Sanjay Shah


Sanjay Shah is a retired trader and British Millionaire, who’s devoted a lot of his time toward raising funds for autism research, since his son was diagnosed with the condition in 2011. Before his son’s diagnosis Shah had little to do with any form of charities or non-profit organizations.


As a matter of fact, Shah worked as a trader at several different investment banks years before he became active in the philanthropic business. Shah’s first job was for investment bank Merrill Lynch, followed by stints at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank, where he worked as head of trading before retiring in 2009. That same year Shah started his own brokerage compant called Solo Capital. Once he amassed enough money and felt comfortable with where Solo Capital was heading Shah retired so he could focus more on his projects in philanthropy.

Why do people invest in gold?

Gold, despite being considered to be one of the classic investments, is also an unusual one. Unlike investments in stocks and bonds, there are no regular payments to an investor in gold, as dividends and interest payments are for equity and debt holders. Still gold has retained a long history as an attractive investment class for individuals. There must be a notable reason. This article will explain the role that gold has for investors.
Gold is mined and not printed. The cost of mining gold has been increasingly more costly as time goes on and there is therefore a limited supply that is available for those who are interested in holding gold.

This provides a real level of price stability behind the investment and it fares well in comparison to the various paper currencies that can be printed at the whim of central bankers. Gold is very inflation resistant and a great option for investors who have a long term outlook on the market or are looking to save money for retirement.

Many people think that by holding a variety of different stocks and bonds they are diversified. They believe that, until of course, a black swan event swoops in and all of their investments decline simultaneously. All of them but gold which is a truly diversified investment class that does not fluctuate in accordance with the others – http://members.austinchamber.com/Financial-Services/US-Money-Reserve-17559.

US Money Reserve has an inverse relationship with stocks (a fact gathered by Ispot.tv) and bonds and is considered to be a bastion of safety for investors. It often goes up in tough times as a tangible asset that has real value and demand. As such, many flock to it during recessionary times for the diversity that it provides to their portfolio.

While gold is an attractive investment for the reasons that were noted above. However it is also one of the more confusing investments out there as there are many different investment options for gold and each have their distinct pros and cons. It is important for an person to obtain assistance when investing in gold and reaching out to an investment advisers who is experienced with gold investments.

US Money Reserve has experience with all types of gold investments but are particularly astute with gold coins. Their professionals can provide explanations regarding gold markets and the options available to investors.

CBS19 says that US Money Reserve inc and visit their LinkedIn page for more information about the firm and their professionals.

Fore Front Capital Advisors CEO Conjuncts Business With Philanthropy

Brad Reifler, the chief executive officer of Fore Front Capital Advisors, has embarked on philanthropy; the factor he says will also help in boosting business. Reifler donated $3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center and has also established a partnership to participate in creating life changing opportunities for retired veterans and militants. Reifler thinks that partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Centre creates sense financially and business wise. The charitable organization has been working selflessly to connect organizations and individuals who need the assistance of experienced militants and veterans. In return, they give the veterans an opportunity to change their life through giving them financial stability. The veterans and militants are also able to participate in community activities and to provide for their families.

Most of the retired militants and veterans end up in absolute poverty after retirement despite committing themselves fully to serving the United States. With the $3 million Reifler has changed the financial future of Easter Seals Dixon Center. The organization will also have the ability to continue with its regular [programs like caregiver training services, health, education and advocacy and also job training. From his Twitter Reifler thinks this is a great opportunity for his firm employees and his clients to participate in the noble cause. Easter Seals Dixon Center, on the other hand, thinks it’s a great privilege to have the support and partnership of Brad Reifler and his Fore Front Capital Advisors firm. In this way, militants and veterans will have more chances of becoming financially stable and obtaining great opportunities.

Reifler has over time been determined to help people in the community plan their future financially; he also finds unique strategies through his firm to help them get true financial freedom. He is currently the chief executive officer of Fore Front capital advisors and has been in the field of business in more than 30 years. His major focus on the firm is to give advises to companies about commodity and forex exchange market. Reifler’s career started with his corporation in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, which majored on global derivatives and niche products. He later founded Pali Capital after selling Reifler Trading to Refco.

Pali Capital was his company for 13 years which he earned great success and huge profits amounting to $200 million. He expanded the company to United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College as Wikipedia would show, and some of his financial solution were targeting the university students through loans but did not go very well. Over time, his great products are in support of middle-income earners who are limited to investment by sanctions written to protect the wealthy who are 1% of the whole economy contributors. Reifler continues to conduct classes to help middle-income investors invest in their future despite how little they start.  About.me has further information about Brad Reifler.