Copa Star Hospital Brings Comfort to Rio’s South Side

Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro recently celebrated its grand opening. The new 21-thousand-square-foot facility in the heart of Rio’s upscale south side is the brainchild of cardiologist and medical director Dr. Jorge Moll, who also heads up the D’or Sao Luiz hospital network. According to Dr. Moll, the goal of Copa Star is to bring five-star amenities to Rio de Janeiro. Before Copa Star, patients seeking this level of care would have to go to exclusive hospitals in Sao Paulo. Now Copa Star brings together the most advanced medical care with the highest standard of comfort possible.

Copa Star Hospital took three years to build at a cost of 400 million Brazilian reais. The hospital is located in the storied neighborhood of Copacabana on Figuereido Magalhaes Street. The centrally located and safe location make it easy to reach for local residents and visitors from other parts of the state and beyond. In addition to medical care, Copa Star and the D’Or Sao Luiz Network are committed to funding medical research which helps to maintain the high standard of care at the hospital and throughout the network.

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The D’or Sao Luiz Network (Rede D’or Sao Luiz) operates a non-profit Research and Teaching Institute with the aim of advancing scientific and technological progress in the health sciences as well as providing the highest quality training to medical professionals. The organization opened in 2010 on a new campus in Rio de Janeiro with modern facilities and cutting-edge equipment.

The institute also recruited a cadre of 17 experts with the knowledge to put the the young research center’s resources to good use. Known in Portuguese as IDOR, this organization brings together research and teaching at other network sites in other cities, such as Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Recife. IDOR conducts research into internal and intensive medicine, neurosciences, and pediatrics, and also operates a memory clinic.

IDOR and the D’or Sao Luiz Network also offer post-graduate medical training as well as medical residencies. What is more, IDOR also offers graduate degrees in basic medical research as well as continuing education for practitioners and clerkships for medical students.

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It is a bank whose management has been awarded honorable degrees and whose vice president has had a street, food court and a plate named after him. It is a bank whose CEO is a household name all over Brazil, and whose biggest achievement is growing 17 fold in a decade. It is a bank that continues to be a market leader in consigned credit and which has achieved all this thanks to its CEO and president Mr. Ricardo Guimares.This bank is Banco BMG, and it has staggering facts to back up its bragging rights.
Banco BMG under Guimares has become the Messi of Brazilians Banking. It has grown from $ 300 million in capitalization to $ 3.1 billion in a decade. It is a perfect example of growth and sustainability in a country whose economy has been on a downhill trend since 2011.
Its market share has grown from 20% to 80%. These numbers are only possible thanks to the genius brains in Guimares.This man is just unstoppable. He has broken every record the bank has and today has already joined the halls of fame of Brazilian banking. He is so good that the country’s president has had to name him one of the best.
Town hall university recently gave Guimares an honorary degree. It was an event attended by all the local leaders and in which his ego was thoroughly massaged. The deputy governor described him as the epitome of patriotism. He noted real patriots grow their homes, and he has significantly contributed to the growth of Bero Horizonte and his home state of Minas. He joins Marcio Alour has other BMG titans who have been honored.
Banco BMG is probably the biggest success story in Minas.It has led the bank to be a household name in all of Brazil. Its founding father, Ricardo’s grandfather, is a Sensei in the Brazilian banking hall of fame. Ricardo has continued this proud tradition with a bank that delivers the best using cutting edge technology. It has pioneered the use of USSD banking in Brazil. It is a form of mobile banking gaining traction in the country.
It recently announced a partnership with Banco Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL.The new bank will take advantage of BMG’s extensive distribution network and history. It with ITAU’s financial muscle going to create a giant.It will give both banks a competitive edge in a crowded field.
Ricardo Guimares has also started a sports hedge fund targeting successful sportsmen in Brazil and the diaspora. It already has $ 20 million in the capital and growing fast. He is a talented businessman and technocrat. We wish him all the best.
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Strategic Analysis of Motor Industry Made By Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is one of the Executive Officers in Banco BMG bank that undertakes its operations in Brazil. Marcio Alaor is also part of the staff of BMG Group that sponsors the Brazilian football leagues. Alaor supervised of featuring Banco BMG logo in the uniforms and training kits of both the football league and the volleyball team.
Marcio serves as the Vice President of Banco BMG bank. Marcio Alaor has largely contributed to the success of BMG bank. He undertakes special operations like the hiring of professionals and skilled personnel in the banking sector. He has made greater contributions to the agriculture industry. Alaor has been providing soft loans to farmers across all Brazil regions to attain sustainable developments. Director Alaor made great investments in the meat industry by taking advantage of higher risks assumptions to generate interest.
Marcio Alaor released an outline of the automotive industry and how they performed in the stock market. He depicted that these industries were attracting more investors in the exchange market. Alaor also explained how scandals were affecting some of these automotive industries were bringing down the companies.
Alaor talked about the General Motors Company, which has managed to survive for 100 years in the industry. The Company had also made enormous achievements by attaining an approximate of more than 53.52 billion U.S Dollars worthiness.
Ford was the next Company. Ford made a history in 1956 when it made an initiative and offered its first initial public offering as one of the dominating Company in that time by a value of 600 million.
In these days, investors focus mostly on the initial public offering. Alaor further explained how the initial public offering works. He depicted that the first private company changes into a corporation. The initial public offering works to generate funds and capital investments for firms.
Alaor gave a brief example of the Ferrari Company. This company managed a stock increment of 5%.This increase led the Ferrari company to acquire ten billion U.S Dollars in its market value. The performance values of the initial public offering received publications by the Exame Magazine.
The General Motors managed a 4% increment and acquired 13.95 U.S Dollars market value in the stock exchange.
In conclusion, Marcio Alaor has contributed so much to the achievements of Banco BMG bank. Alaor has displayed professionalism in his work and skills to deal with trends arising in the Capital market.

Why Brazil Proves To Be Best Place To Invest In The Next Half Of 2015

Investing is an intelligent way to create more value to current wealth, but it takes a big heart of patience and devotion to wait for years for stable returns. Getting reliable investments is another daunting task as it takes much time and effort to get the best one worth your endeavors. Brazil, the sixth largest country in terms of economy has proved to be the best for investors who want enormous returns in the long run. It is among the largest countries in the Southern Hemisphere and has a lot to be proud of. The county has it all, from natural resources, education, technology, finances to infrastructure.

Despite the recent compelling economic unrest and the military dictatorship, Brazil has survived and flourished. It is now among the world’s largest economies. In 1960 to 2011, the country’s GDP rose from $15 billion to more than $2 trillion and has striven to improve its economic stability, reduce foreign debt and increase foreign reserve. The country is prominent for its diverse natural resources: from its vast agricultural products that make it the largest exporter and importer to being the leading producer of ethanol and iron ore, not leaving behind its self-sufficiency in oil. The workforce is also impressive with an economically active population that represents 36% of Latin America rising to 92 million people as at 2007. The rapid change in innovation and technology is fascinating since it is a vital part of investment and the economy as a whole. Brazil is acknowledged as one of the biggest and most diversified technology, science and innovation system in Latin America. Infrastructure is also booming with ports, airports, railways and communications structures being under management of the Growth Acceleration Program of the Brazilian Government.

Apart from the natural resources and other factors that favor investment, one of the most appealing sectors is the Brazilian stock market. Outstanding investors are flocking the Brazilian stock market to purchase low-priced assets since the stock market hit the wall at 25% less its highs in 2011.

Among the vehement investors who have been taking keen interest is Zeca Oliveira whose full name goes as José Francisco dos Santos Oliveira, the president of the company Bridge Trust Administration. Mr. Zeca Oliveira expounded his interest in Brazil as an investment target due to the decollete asset prices. The investment fund manager understands the stock market well and has eyed the returns making him more interested in Brazil. Mr. Oliveira has incomparable years of experience in the investment sector, and he comprehensively understands what various types of investment will prosper.

Zeca Oliveira’s prowess dates back in May 2014 when he commenced activities with Bridge Trust Administration as its Manager. At that time, he was responsible for overseeing approximately R $ 900 million in funds under management but due to his competent dexterity in the field Zeca Oliveira as president is currently responsible for over R $ 2.5 billion in assets. Excellent investment experts like Zeca are the ones to rely on when investing in Brazil; he has the proficiency and knowledge to see through your growing investments.

How is The Brazilian Legal System Set Up?

Brazilian Legal System Based On European Civil Law

Brazilian law is based on European law, more specifically civil law. This is in contrast with the legal system of the rest of the world, which is based in common law. Thus, there are some differences between Brazilian law and the legal system which you may be most familiar with. Here is a brief exploration of some of those differences so that you can be better-equipped to work with a Brazilian lawyer when legal issues need to be resolved. Similar to the legal system of the United States, the country has both federal and state laws.

Basic Constitutional Rights Are In Place

The legal system only allows the supreme court to approve legislation, and lower courts have no such authority to do so. The Brazilian government has 3 branches, in common with the United States. The Brazilian constitution protects all rights of individuals, including those whom are accused of crimes. Habeas Corpus also protects individuals from being accused of crimes unfairly.

Protections Exist For Workers In The National Constitution

For those expanding businesses in Brazil, there are also protections which are guaranteed to workers in the constitution. Minimum wage, the right of individuals to form unions, paid vacation leave, and maternity leave are also guaranteed to workers. Employers also must ensure that their workplaces are safe, and purchase occupational accident insurance for their employees. The constitution also protects union membership, but also stipulates that union membership must only occur under the means of free association. Large companies (of over 200 employees) must also elect an employee whom will represent them in negotiation with the managers of that company.

Brazilian Land Considered The National Territory

Brazil is considered to be the “national territory” with respect to the law. This also includes the exclusive economic zone of the nation. By law, companies whom are exploring for oil and natural gas must also compensate the state where the petroleum exploration operations occur. This is something which companies whom are exploring for Petroleum in Brazil must keep in mind.

Ricardo Tosto Is A Top Corporate Lawyer in Brazil

For companies seeking to expand in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent lawyers for doing so. He is an entrepreneur whom started out in his small legal office, joined larger firms, and eventually created his own corporate law firm. He has even worked to create appropriate economic legislation to move Brazil forward economically. He frequently provides his legal services pro-bono for the Brazilian government. The most important cases are most often Ricardo’s responsibility because of his experience in working with large legal firms. His own law firm became the largest law firm in Brazil.

Investing in Brazil Can be a Safe Bet

Just about a few years ago, the economy in Brazil suffered badly. The country indeed required strong foreign investment to fund some of its major construction projects such as railroad, seaport and airports. The country, in the end, managed to attract many investors with the possible business venture plans and lucrative investment options. After all, almost 20 percent of the total expenditure for the projects’ targeted funds was received from foreign investors. Brazil’s flourishing and diverse investment options now offer a multitude of investment plans for foreign and avid investors. Although the country still has a slow economic growth, President Dilma Rousseff has new plans in place to combat corruption and push Brazil to the acme of success.

Brazil is undoubtedly a culturally rich country. Every year, thousands of visitors come here to explore the country’s scenic coastline, historic landmarks and the most loved carnivals. Looking at the growth in the hospitality industry, it is true that Brazil is a worthy investment spot for foreign investors. After hosting the 2014 Soccer World Cup, the country is now gearing up to host another huge international sports event. In 2016, Brazil is hosting the Summer Olympics Game. Considering the net gain and profit primarily from the hospitality industry during the event, it is true that Brazil can be a great investment spot for potential investors. If property is what you want, then check out the low-pricey vacation rentals or lands in Brazil for your investment.

Brazil is also known for its natural resources. Compared to other Latin American countries, Brazil is blessed with a diverse array of natural resources. As consumer spending, retail sales, and consumer credits are most likely to increase in the upcoming years, the country will open up new opportunities for many potential investors. Amid slow economic growth, Brazil is still flourishing because of its ample potential. With the new rules in place and President Rousseff’s newest infrastructure development projects, the country will be friendlier for investors.

Leading Brazilian investors also support these speculations about future investment options here. Brazilian Investor Zeca Oliveira also states that the changes in infrastructure and future projects will make the investment options diverse and profitable for many international investors. The message is clear that when the country will have a better tangible infrastructure, the investment opportunities will grow with new viable investment projects managed by top private sector capital. As an investor, Zeca Oliveira also sees a brighter future for Brazilian investment with possible opulent revenues.