EOS: Truly the Evolution of Smooth

For more than 100 years, buying lip balm, like the classic brand of Chapstick, just consisted of the same hum-drum routine of going through the aisles of supermarkets or drug stores. And the only exciting thing about buying Chapstick is skipping over to their few flavored brands which include mint or cherry.

However, there has been amazing hype even from celebs, like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera, caught whipping out a lip balm called EOS. This lip balm that comes in pastel-colored orbs, has been around for seven years now. And they can be seen on the shelves of Lucky Vitamin, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. As a matter of fact, the beauty editors of Allure and Cosmo are all abuzz about their flavors, such as grapefruit and honey dew, and they can’t get enough of this popular lip balm.

EOS is an acronym for the name of their company, Evolution of Smooth. The success of this company is so astronomical that they have grown to being a $250 million company in just seven years. And as it stands, EOS lip balm is now the second highest selling, lip balm right after Burt’s Bees in the US.

Different factors contributed to the astounding success of EOS, according to some experts. For one, the realization and changes in lip balm being treated as a unisex commodity were issued. Secondly, this company made this lip balm to appeal to all the senses. This company also focused on creating emotional connection with the customer. They also focused on utilizing effective ways to market to millennials.

This company’s founders are continually working and focusing on more innovations. They know the details associated with big business, and they also know and have the entrepreneurial mindset associated with startup culture and big company discipline. For more information on this story, click here.

Read the brand review: http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos

11 Beauty Hack by Wengie

Wengie is an Chinese Australian blogger that has one of the largest Asian beauty channels on the Internet. She is obsessed with makeup, beauty products, diet and and style. She has an avid following on YouTube and her own special channels that feature her many well made videos for young women seeking make tips and lifestyle hacks. Visit her website at http://www.wengie.com/ to learn more about her.


11 Beauty Hack by Wengie is a YouTube video that she produced that offers some quick and easy makeup tips for young women. The tips are for those that like simple easy tips for make applying makeup to the face easy and quick.Overall with her many years of experience Wengie offers tips that are simple and that work.


In the video 11 Beauty Hacks she discusses that making green tea using tea bags and boiling water is a great way to treat tired skin. Simply boil water for two cups of green tea or more and put mixture into a small spray bottle. Put the spray bottle in the refrigerator and let the mixture cool for an hour or more. When you need a refresher for your face simply spray on and wipe with soft cloth or towel. Green tea bags that have been used and are cool can be applied to your eyes for a few minutes.


Using toner on the skin often results in waste. Toner runs through the fingers and falls into the sink. Wengie suggests pouring skin tone into small bottles and sprinkling it on your hands reducing the amount of waste that results when using large bottles.


When you want to add a wiff of scent to your hair using perfume or cologne she suggests simply spraying or sprinkling a few drops on your natural hair brush. When you brush i your hair this adds the right amount of scent.

Learn more about Wengie:


Wengie’s Life in Pictures, Summarized

The video opens with a quick reflection on the difficulty of draw my life challenges then fires right into the meat of the video. No unnecessarily long introductions here! The idea behind this video is that Wengie narrates the whole story of her life and illustrates scenes as she goes.


As a baby and young infant, Wengie was difficult to feed. She would, for example, keep a spoonful of rice in her mouth for hours at a time without swallowing it. She was however, more amenable to ice cream and would use very mature negotiating tactics on her grandfather to get him to buy her ice cream.


Her grandfather would become one of her caretakers when her parents moved to Australia. She remained in their care until she was four years old, at which point she flew to Australia to live with them.


She describes herself growing up as a “massive tomboy.” She was in to many typically male interests such as robots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers.


Her family moved to a nicer place in Sydney when she was seven. When she started going to school here, her teachers and parents noticed that she had an extreme problem with shyness which Wengie eventually realized was a result of extreme introversion. Her parents started making great efforts to get her to make friends and be more social. This eventually paid off in high school when she started making many friends and had a vibrant social life.


This is also when the internet became popular, back in the days of hour+ downloads for songs. She started using it to chat with strangers and other early internet time-wasters like geocities. It wasn’t until she was 25 years old that she leveraged this experience for a job as a social media consultant.


After getting clients in this job and having some success, she started her own YouTube channel, mostly as a way to imbed videos into her blog. Eventually though, she started spending more and more time doing YouTube videos until she quit her job to focus solely on making more videos.