The Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler or brad as he is fondly known is a highly regarded financial expert as well as Founder and Chief Executive of Forefront Capital, known so well for that it’s his first credit on Wikipedia. He is also the founding partner and chairman of a financial services company called Pali Capital. Reifler entered the world of business in 1982 through the Reifler Trading Company (RTC) that he later sold to Refco Inc, in 2000. The company initially managed several derivative accounts holding millions of dollars. RTC soon evolved into a research and information dissemination entity before becoming a respectable independent futures operation. Reifler currently holds the position of director in several companies including Foresight Research Solutions, Sino Mercury Company, Root Markets Inc, European American Bank and Genesis Securities.

Reifler founded Pali Capital in 1995, as a brokerage outfit in the equity markets. During his tenure at the company as chairman and CEO, Reifler made good use of all the ideas advanced by his partners and combined them with the company’s research and credit analysis to teach sales traders how to package and execute well-informed strategies. During that time, the company employed over 300 employees in 4 continents and was able to attain commission incomes in excess of $1 billion. Reifler current focus is on Forefront Management Group LLC, where he holds the designation of founder and CEO. The company operates 4 subsidiaries, namely; Forefront Income Trust, Forefront Capital Markets, Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory LLC.

Forefront Income trust focuses on taking advantage of financial opportunities that require structuring of yields to mitigate risks associated with higher yielding investments. An accredited investor of Forefront in Forefront Income Trust according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must be a corporation or an individual with a joint net-worth with a spouse exceeding $1 million. Secondly, the person’s income must be more than $200,000 annually or $300,000 jointly with a spouse in the last two recent years. Non-investors only need an investment capital of $2500 to participate in the company’s ventures. Brad’s work as an adviser and CEO of Forefront Advisory often sees him proving expert advice to a number of forex and commodity traders.

Since it was founded in 2009, Forefront Management Group, LLC has brought in many businesses and respected personalities into its fast growing platform. Key personalities include board members of a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Outside the corporate circles, Reifler is a trustee and chairman of the finance committee of Millbrook School. He also continues to be an outspoken member of the community, even as he strives to find unique ways to help people plan their future. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics. He also gives back to the community through the articles he provides for Reuters. Many of them outlining investing tips, and other important financial tidbits.

Anthony Marsala; Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer appears in the list of 40 Under Forty Business executives


The skilled and versatile Anthony Marsala, who happens to be a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Madison Street Capital, made it to the list of 40 Under Forty acknowledgment programs for 2015. The program is run by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst (NACVA) and involves selection of top 40 of the many nominees who had made exemplary achievements in buyouts, business growth, financial forensics, real estate investments, professional consultation and other entrepreneurial skills.

The judges noted all of the nominees were highly competent individuals to the extent of complicating the decision-making process. NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) have management has an operation Excellency, and they are dedicated to creating a population of forward thinking leaders in the various financial sector despite their relationship with the two bodies.

According to Brien K. Jones, the NACVA and the CTI Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, the program aims to acknowledge efforts of individuals in their profession and community at large. There was stiff competition since the top 40 were picked out from 125 nominees with vast experience and expertise. The honorees will have the advantage of featuring in top press releases, in blogs such as the QuickReadBuzzBlog, NACVA Association trending new and profile appearances in top magazines and journals.

The brain behind the Madison Street Capital, LLC, and Anthony Marsala has been an asset in overseeing the global influence of the company in Asia, Africa, and Europe. He manages a highly qualified team of professionals, who specializes in the valuation of business for the firm’s broad client base made of Corporate Financial institution and Government.

He is an expert in corporate finance, business valuation, and M&A. He has an excellent track of record running for 13 years giving reviews and evaluating of various businesses. Some of them specializing in; energy, medical devices, pharmaceutical, food and so forth. Marsala graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago with Finance and Information Systems degree major. He joined Said Business School at the University of Oxford and graduated with a Master’s Diploma in Strategy.

Madison Street Capital, LLC specializes in the provision of consultancy services, financial advice, business valuation, merger, and buyouts skill. The firm enjoys a world-class reputation, provides personalized, and result- oriented services to its clients. It has channeled resources into market research, and produces a detailed report on the emerging trends; hence, its clients are always one-step ahead. Their Website is well designed and informative. It provides a platform to interact with professionals.