The Rise Of Brazilian Authors

Brazil is mostly known for its football fanatics and outstanding players. The country is full of diverse culture and so much that most people know little about. One of these is books. Brazilian authors have done a tremendous job in the literature world, and one should consider reading some of their literature. For centuries now, authors have maintained a high profile as part of the most notable people in the world, assisting chronicle history and keeping their audience entertained with their creative adventures. Among their writing include poetry, novels, fiction, non-fiction and technical writing; remarkable Brazilian authors make part of the list. They have maintained the culture by writing exemplary works that have been hailed at around the world.

Their history in literature is long and vivid especially centuries after attaining independence in 1822. The diverse cultural mixture is exuded in the structure of experiences and effects that go deep into storytelling. The earliest writing that was perceived to be Brazilian literature is the Pero Vaz de Caminha’s letter to Manuel I of Portugal that had a description of how Brazil was in 1500. Later in time, Brazilian literature experienced an array of social transformation from romanticism to realism where authors focused on the rural life to pre-modernism to modernism and currently the contemporary literature.

The contemporary Brazilian literature is mainly focused on the city life and everything it entails. In the 1970s, some authors wrote outstanding books that touched on the city life making it a unique transformation in Brazilian literature. Other similar works reigned in the 1980s that comprised of writings by authors such as João Almino, Cristovão Tezza, Bernardo Carvalho, João Gilberto Noll and Milton Hatoum. Contemporary authors have been on the rise with poets and others making appearances in notable events.

Among the authors that have risen to prominence in the Brazilian contemporary literature is Jamie Garcia Dias. At 45, Mr. Dias has published a trove of 20 books already and at 30 he had already published ten books. So far, his remarkable work: Tiny, Clouds, Two Ways, Fell from Heaven and Canal has earned Mr. Dias five literary awards. He came to spotlight due to the famous awards he has received since 2001. Another contributing factor to his prominence is the White Crane that accepted him. The White Crane is a corporation that acknowledges authors in South America and around the world.

Jamie Garcia Dias’s love for literature started when he was fifteen years. His admiration for writing has grown over the years, and he is now a die hard fan of ink and a script. His father was a writer, Arnaldo Dias where he gives honor to his love for writing at a tender age. His mother is the well-known architect Garcia Dulce Dias.

John Textor, Master of Illusion

John Textor, native of Palm Beach, was always thinking outside the proverbial box. He knew as a young computer whiz attending Wesleyan University that he wanted to accomplish feats that had never even been dreamed of. While learning to program computers, he developed an interest in the internet and its amazing possibilities. This obsession was rivaled only by his passion for competitive skateboarding. He became co-founder and manager of Wyndcrest Holdings, a venture capitalist company, in 1997. By 2003, Wyndcrest was worth almost $700 million dollars, up from $40 million.

Mr. Textor and his associates felt that Wyndcrest needed to diversify, leaving technology investment behind and entering the world of entertainment. Merging with and becoming Digital Domain Productions, they were able to breathe new life into the studio. Visual effects were the specialty of this company and they took special effects to a new and exciting level. In the process of providing fantastic visual effects for close to one hundred movies, Digital Domain managed to win Clio advertising awards as well as a collection of Academy Awards.They broke new ground by developing the very first truly lifelike digital actor to play in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

In 2012, John Textor left Digital Domain but decided to continue working in the business side of entertainment. He wanted to improve and expand upon the idea of developing digital humans for use in movies as well as games, medical applications,etc. Eventually, Mr. Textor collaborated with some of the most brilliant people in the special effects industry to create an entirely digital version of Michael Jackson that made his new company, Pulse Evolution Corporation, the topic of conversations all around the globe. It took a little over nine months for Frank Patterson, John Textor and an effects team headed by Jim Berney to feel confident that every detail of the King of Pop’s ‘image’ was realistic, with each and every feature accounted for. After all, this man was not only well known but also well loved by many. Millions of people around the world were watching the performance of their creation on the stage of the 2014 Billboard Awards and it was an instant hit. John Textor was most concerned, however, about the folks who knew Michael best, those closest to him, what would their reaction be? When those people started crying at the sight of their creation, they knew it was a success.