The Mighty Fortress Church and its role in Minnesota

The most impressive and astounding churches always have an intense history and incredible architecture. Minnesota is a state with many churches, some old and memorable and others simplistic and contemporary. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Assumption Catholic Church is one of these churches. It is located at the far end of Northwestern Minnesota. This radiant Catholic Church is at the intersection of two county roads in Florian. This church got erected in early nineteen hundreds on the foundation of a previous church that had suffered a terrible fire. The Polish immigrants that settled in Florin were the main congregants. Its edifice is a Renaissance-style of architecture, making it unique.

Lakewood Memorial Chapel is another Minnesota church built in 1910. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic places since it looks like the Hagia Sophia church in Turkey. The chapel has 65ft high chapel doom, with stained-glass windows. The internal features are fashioned with marble, gold, silver and colored stones.

The most beautiful of all is the Cathedral of St. Paul, located at the top of Summit Hill. The Cathedral of St. Paul is furthermore, the third largest church in the United States of America. It displays the Renaissance and ancient theme of French churches with a doom of 186 feet at the center. Visit to know more.

Might Fortress Church, is a Minnesota based church. Its vision is instituting a dynamic multi-dimensional ministry that centers on worship and victorious Christian living. Most people want to know what is uncommon about the church, what the environment is like, what to expect from the service and God’s word, and whether it’s possible to come as they are.

Indeed, the church has acquired an accepting atmosphere. Their requisite is coming together to receive from God’s word and worship. They have a band, a choir and a worship team that spearheads this and everyone is free to express their devotion to God.

Bishop Thomas R. Williams is the senior pastor Mighty Fortress. He is a renowned scholar and a holder of bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. He has seen the Mighty Fortress church stand as a powerful, authentic, and integrated church.