Big Downloads Show New Market for Securus

The greater public may have endless options when it comes to satisfying their technological needs. But when it comes to governing bodies, including those in law enforcement and corrections, they have to limit their options to specialized companies who can meet their needs, and the leading company in this market is Securus Technologies. Their service to correctional facilities and police doesn’t inhibit Securus from dealing with the general public, and it’s with the average consumer that they’ve seen a big increase in downloads which could shape the company’s business going forward.

Though relatively new to correctional facilities, Video Visit has been available to the general public for download for about the past six months. Though Apple’s App Store, the Video Visit app has been downloaded more than 5,000 times. App marketplaces for Android devices have surpassed those impressive numbers with more than 60,000 downloads since its release.

Russel Roberts, Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Video Visitation was designed with the adaptability of communication through the Internet in mind. With this app, civilian users are allowed to conference with inmates serving a sentence with ease, both bringing the company to the forefront of a larger consumer base and providing a service to their clients in the world of corrections. 

Through Video Visit, users can maintain regular inmate communication through several iOS powered devices or any number of platform running on Android’s operating system. Relying on mobile devices was a prudent decision that places convenience on the side of the user while doing away with the conventions of visitation with inmates, taking the conversation away from traditional computers and opening the possibility to communicate virtually anywhere. This app also allows users to determine just how and when they’ll communicate by syncing with other apps, choosing connection preferences between traditional connections or Wi-Fi.

By providing choice to the user, Securus has effectively removed the constraints of traditional visits while opening up their company to a more diverse marketplace than in the past.

Securus operates out of Dallas, Texas, where they provide technological solutions to more then 3,400 correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies in North America, making them a crucial factor in the housing and policing of 1.2 million inmates.

Partnering with Securus has allowed these facilities to engages in seamless communication with one another, bettering their emergency responses, conduct investigations using biometric solutions, and reach out to the public with safety information that ensures a secure environment near these correctional facilities.

Securus Techonologies is not affiliated with the Securus America site nor is it affiliated with the Securus health product.

Tipping is Becoming Easier on Handy

Handy is the go-to in the home cleaning industry. Any home cleaner strives to be listed on Handy and any customer will go to Handy if it is available by any means before they will visit a newspaper or a phone book. Executives at Handy recently declared that there is a new feature in the Handy mobile application that allows customers and home owners to tip the cleaner with the same form of payment used for the cleaning service, rather than having to use cash.

Many people do not carry cash, so they are not able to tip the cleaner easily. Also, when tipping is encouraged in any aspect of business more customers tip their server or other service professional. This equates to more money that cleaners can earn from Handy.

The only money that Handy takes from the transaction is part of the money that was paid to the cleaner, which is around twenty percent. The tips that have been added to Handy will not be taken away in any percentage from the cleaners. The cleaning professionals on Handy, often shortened to “Pros,” are now making more money than ever thanks to this implementation by Handy.

Many people that work on Handy are able to supplement their income when they do not have enough work or are not making enough money. The bulk of the people on Handy work part-time rather than full-time, but there are a number of Pros who use Handy exclusively for their line of work.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua is the pair of Harvard College dropouts that founded Handy in 2012. They knew that the world needed an app like this, or at least those involved in home cleaning would benefit from it, as well as line Mr. Dua’s and Mr. Hanrahan’s pocketbooks, so they decided to make Handy. Handy is known as the leader of any competing firms because it is one of the first companies to do this, and is currently the largest company of its fashion. Handy has bought several other companies involved in the same industry because they were so much better than competitors.

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Helping Maintian With Handy

Over the years many home cleaning services have had more then there fare issues of conducting business. That is why this year Handy has raised over 50 million dollars to keep the wheel going on their business without question. With thousands of consumers with experts to help them along the way the need to maintain this process is a must for the drive of this market to stay fully functioning. Don’t worry my friends, these guys are not alone with major partners helping them out hoping to reach half a billion dollar goal in the long run to keep everything going.

Now that we know why Handy is saving up the cash lets look at what they bring to the table with customer service. It was not too long ago that finding someone of expert status to fix or clean your home was a nightmare. For years the market allowed this form of service to be the standard with nearly all of its levels. This is where Handy would make its mark by helping regular consumers like you or me getting a pro to help on the spot without spending our lives savings.

With easy to contact methods such as your cell phone you can find an expert for any home tasks that may be a major issue if not fixed. For example lets say you have to work around the clock outside of the house and have no time to get it cleaned to the fullest. Well no problem my friend because Handy will have a certified expert at your house with a more then reasonable fee to keep your place in check. The same will be said for any major tech problems that may occur if your home is damaged with things like the ac unit even the electric system. In short both minor and major problems will be fixed by experts that have had their records comb through with a fine pick. Download Handy here!

Why Skout is Preferable By Many Individuals

One of the reasons relationships fail is finding the wrong partner. Most of the time it can be difficult to understand clearly what one wants in a relationship. Most importantly, it has become difficult to spot the perfect partner and this has been so because personal interests differ among different people. However, this is not to spell doom for relationships as there is a better alternative that helps to make it easy to locate the right partner. Online dating is a tool that most have admitted to have used successfully to search for love. There are many websites and applications that have been developed to offer space for individuals to search for the right partners. One such platform is Skout, which has been given a top rating for offering members numerous benefits as is seen below.

Skout is a platform that has been developed with the best technology and infrastructure. The system is well designed to ensure the load speeds that are provided are sufficient to help make it easy to access different information. The software that has been used has helped to make Skout compatible with all browsers and search engines, something that has helped to make the system faster and more responsive. This is not forgetting the fact that they have designed a mobile application according to huffingtonpost that is compatible with all phone models and operating systems. The Skout application allows members to gain access to details that are needed and there are no barriers to access while using the system. It is a small application that does not take up space.

Offering an impressive interface has enabled different individuals to have enjoyable moments on the Skout platform. It is designed with a perfect theme that reinstates the feeling of love that is meant to prevail on the system. All the graphics have been designed to suit the purpose of the website and app, and many people have liked the flexibility they have received while using the Skout system. It is also certain that Skout offers members the freedom to customize their accounts to look unique. This includes the freedom to choose and add photos that one likes, to the addition of personal details that are useful for others when they are searching for partners. One is also able to set their account from access by certain individuals, not forgetting it is easy to contact support from the same platform.

The enhancement of security has been viewed as a measure that has allowed members to connect more freely on Skout. More features have been installed to ensure no leakages can happen thereby putting members at risk of losing information that can later be used in malicious operations. Skout is encrypted using strong coding that is difficult for hackers to bypass. This guarantees members that their information will be kept safe while using the system. It is not easy for someone to access the private information of another unless the information is made public through consent of the owner. This makes Skout one of the most reliable platforms for dating.

Flipora Leverages Huge Growth For Mobile Marketplace

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years then the odds are good that you’ve heard of the social search engine Flipora. Flipora, once known as InfoAxe, is a browser add on that utilizes clever coding and something called the Discovery Engine in order to connect users with new and innovative content. The tech start up has been gaining traction for the past five years and it finally looks like the company is ready to go to the next level. With a surge of investment money to the tune of $1.5 million, it appears that Flipora is ready to branch out to the big time mobile market — but what exactly do they do to warrant such attention?

The idea of AI on the internet for something as mundane as searching the web seems a little bit laughable. Okay, it seems really laughable. But the reality is that in order to innovate you have to be willing to undertake some pretty odd ideas in order to make them great. The Flipora engine is backed by an AI system that helps link users with new content without making either work very hard to connect to one another. The Flipora engine operates in the background of your browser of choice and it quietly curates your searching history. Your search engine habits are then uploaded into the Flipora cloud where they are compiled, indexed, and then eventually sent back out to other users. The engine intelligently connects users with people that they would have similar likes and dislikes. This allows content to find its way to people who are interested in it.

Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan are the two founders of the Flipora engine and they have been working together since they were students at Stanford University. Siddharth and Krishnan claim that their dream and goal with Flipora is to create, refine, and deliver a Discovery Engine that is pinpoint focused on delivering “relevant content” to each and every user that accesses it. Right now Flipora is pulling in 7 million unique monthly visitors while indexing close to 20 million pages of data per day. To put that data into perspective, the entirety of Wikipedia amounts to around 4 million total pages of data. Obviously, the more that Flipora grows the more effective the engine will actually will be. This is why branching out to the mobile market is such an important step.

Reasons why you need the services of House Cleaner

The primary aim of Handy services is to clean-up by making sure that you are cleaned up. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded the services, and the services allow you to book a home cleaner, repairperson, or a plumber with the help of your Smartphone. Handybook is a market platform that deals with payments and planning on the demand and supply of home cleaning services industry.

Sometimes the money you have worked for hardly is not easy to go wasted. Especially if you have expenses on some things that may appear avoidable if you can do them yourself, services like finding a professional to clean your home. If you work hard in your job and dedicate efforts beyond measure in getting your money for your family, certainly, they will be no extra energy to make your home neat and look organized. On top of that, there are advantageous retunes in hiring such services.

If a home is not appropriately washed and preserved because they are no enough time or interest, this may pose an abstemious danger for you and family’s well-being. Not remembering to clean your house frequently enhances the chances of your house turning out to be suitable breeding ground for microbes and bacteria mostly in restroom and toilets regions. By letting germs increase within every part of your home, you as well divulging yourself to illness and contamination, that is why professional cleaners may assist you avoid such ill-fated events.

People do not clean their homes for health concerns only; a clean home is a potential reflection of your perfect qualities as an individual. If your house is preserved well, neat and organized as well, then individuals will have the notion that as the homeowner is as well neat and organized. In many occasions, some individuals decline to host guests because they have a feeling that the repute their house are not appealing to guests. If an expert home cleaner is hired, you do not have anything to worry about home cleaning. You are assured that no matter the number of individuals visits your home or take a look inside your home at any given time; you will have a neat house to host them.

Your house is one of the significant investments anyone can have. By upholding to its sanitation, you are as well safeguarding your property. Visualize if you have limited time for home cleaning, and at the same time you have worries that finding home cleaners is just wastage of resources. The house will finally turn out to a breeding zone for bacteria only, but as well an extra and avoidable expense for repairing and darning.

Employing a professional home cleaner is important. Particularly the moment your capability turns out to be short of washing your home might be expensive. However, in the end you will realize that the merits of all the process are worth. You may still dedicate all your free time in comforting or doing other important things.

Ensure that the service providers you find have insurance cover to cater for any likely damages that may result in the process of washing your home due to accidents. Look for references or customers that the professional has worked for early on and ensure that they have a good reputation for their services.

On the Road With FreedomPop Wireless

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed about being a trucker. Just the idea of hitting the open roads from coast to coast gave me a pure sense of freedom. I would listen to the old Red Sovine trucking ballads and could picture myself in a big rig. I knew a lot of the songs by heart, including Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”. That was the place I was destined to be.

When I was twelve years old, my Uncle Floyd let me take a short ride with him in his eighteen wheeler. It was a dream come true! I felt like I was as high as the clouds sitting in that massive cab. All the shiny chrome, blinking lights and gears just fascinated me. Uncle Floyd let me pull a chain that sounded the dragon-roar of a horn. I did not want this fun to end. All night that night, I dreamed of driving that beautiful rig across America.

Needless to say, Freedom Pop on googleplay. I went to a semi-truck training academy and earned my Class A CDL license. I went for all the endorsements I could earn. My instructor said that I was a fast learner and was probably one of the most enthusiastic driving students he had seen in quite a while. I told him about my dream of being a truck driver and how much this meant to me. He was an old retired Marine who did not say much; however, he was all smiles when I passed my driving tests to earn my CDL.

While we were driving back to the school, I felt like I was indeed “King of the Road”. My instructor took a little time to tell me about his experiences driving the big rigs. Like me, he had a fascination with large vehicles since childhood. He transported supplies and munitions in semis while he served in the Marines. He told me that there is a lot to see; however, the road can seem to stretch on forever and can be lonely at times. Breakdowns and traffic problems are common aggravations that truckers just have to get used to, he said. I shook my mentor’s hand and headed for the license bureau.

That was almost twenty years ago and I have never looked back. I still have the romance of the road in my blood. As I had dreamed, I have driven all across the United States many times and been in every state. America has some of the most beautiful sites that could ever be imagined! Five years ago, I married the love of my life and she goes on occasional runs with me.

When I am on the road, I like to be able to talk to her whenever I can. Recently, a fellow trucker told me about this free cell phone service called FreedomPop Wireless. I was pleased to find that I did not have to sign any contract and could use the phone I already have. The system works on WI-FI no matter where I am driving. They give me 200 minutes of free talk and up to 500 free texts. They even offer the Internet. Thanks to FreedomPop, I keep in touch with my wife while riding the big rigs!

AnastasiaDate Is The Best Dating Website For Those Who Want To Find Love

One of the biggest concerns that men have when they are looking to date a woman from another country is being scammed. No one likes to be scammed by anyone, especially when their heart is involved in the entire process. Some men go online looking for a woman to date, and they may find that they have a lot of interest in Russian women. There are many international dating websites out there, but not all of them protect a man from being scammed, but AnastasiaDate does. AnastasiaDate understands that not everyone will be completely honest, so they have put measures in place to protect their clients.

In the past, men have gone to other dating websites, and women who claim to be single will entice them into dating online. After they began getting to know each other, the woman may ask for money or things of that nature, and nothing ends up coming out of the entire thing. The man may end up spending a lot of money, and he ends up with a broken heart when he finds out that the lady was never really interested. Although there are a lot of horror stories of men being scammed on international dating websites, AnastasiaDate is here to help.

AnastasiaDate is based on Russian and American dating, and the women in Russia are interested in men that live in the United States. Since scams are a big concern for many men, the website has taken the time to put measures in place that will help to prevent against scams on the website. Although it’s unlikely that a man will be scammed on the AnastasiaDate website, if this can be proven, then the man can receive his money back. It makes it a lot easier to date someone from another country, especially when the man’s interest will be protected.

Not only does the AnastasiaDate website offer protection, but it offers some of the most beautiful women that Russia has. Many of the women are very enticing, and some of them are one-of-a-kind. All a man has to do is create a profile, and then he can go searching through the website to see if he can find a great woman. There’s a high probability that the man will find the woman he’s looking for, especially since there are many different search methods available. Join the AnastasiaDate website in order to start looking for love with a Russian woman.

Image Recognition: It’s Not Just For Faces Anymore

When most people hear the words, ‘Image Recognition’ the first thing they think of is police officers or government officials using facial recognition software to find a dangerous criminal. And while this is one facet of image recognition, it is not the only one and retailers are eager to jump on the bandwagon. Human beings are intensely visual creatures and will recognize an image or a logo long before they can read the name. Companies spend millions to design logos that are instantly recognizable for just that reason. The same goes for products, but sometimes the recognition factor will be lower and that’s when image recognition software comes in handy to help consumers find products they desire.

All of us have been there, we see a product we really like, such as a purse or a briefcase, but before we can approach the person holding our future acquisition, they’ve moved on and all you’re left with is the image. Well, if you thought to take a picture of this coveted item with your smart phone or tablet, image recognition could help you locate the manufacturer of the item or better yet a local retailer selling the item that you want. With image recognition, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words, if it helps you track down the item you want to buy.

One of the leading companies on the forefront of this new frontier is Slyce. Slyce is working with manufacturers and developers of mobile apps to make the above scenario come true for customers with smart phones and tablets. Slyce’s image recognition software is marketed under the name of Visual Search, which explains exactly what it can do for retailers. A customer takes a picture and with Visual Search image recognition integration, mobile apps are able to locate the product. Sylce is helping manufactures turn mobile devices into the ultimate concierge for finding desired products with pictures.

Image recognition might have inspired visions of police searching for criminals in the past, but with mobile application designers hard at work, this is only the beginning of the uses image recognition can achieve in the near future. Image recognition can help connect consumer with their desired products with nothing more than a picture. The same way the human eye can recognize a logo, image recognition will enable a mobile device to recognize a product.

Come Join In The Fun On The Skout Network

Anyone looking to have fun online, they may do well by going on the Skout network. Skout has conformed in many ways to its users, and many have chosen Skout as their main social media network. Although there are many social media networks out there today, it’s best to choose one that has a lot of fun things going on. The Skout network is available to adults who want to look for fun, they want to look for a relationship, or they may even want to look for a friend. Skout is available in over a dozen languages, and over 200 million users are on the network.

With so many users on the Skout network, it’s impossible not to find who one may be looking for if they check out the network. Many use the Skout network just so they can find someone to love, but there are some who are only looking for a good friend. Those who live in a certain area, they may have a hard time meeting someone, so the Skout network can be very helpful. Skout allows a person to do a specific search for a certain type of person, and they can search in a particular area.

Seeing that Skout gives a person the opportunity to look for someone in their nearby area, this means that a person can easily find someone close by to befriend, date, or to just hang out with. Another great thing about the Skout network is the fact that profile pictures are not required. Although profile pictures can help one to show themselves to others, some people may not be willing to advertise their pictures as yet, and Skout gives them that option. Skout is available in over 180 countries, and there are many different cultures on the Skout network.

Those who are looking to talk to someone from a different country, they can easily do so by doing a specific search, or by using the shake to chat feature. One of Skout’s most popular features is the “shake to chat” feature, which allows a user to shake their mobile device to get a new chat buddy on their screen. Some will spend hours in the day using the shake to chat feature because it’s so much fun.