For the love of your pet Purina

Purina knows how important your pet is to you and your family at purina they strive on providing the very best product for you and your pet. Purina is a Nestle company that prides itself on providing you with the very best products for you and your pet with holsom ingredients and a passion for pet care purina news is sure to have something for your pets needs from holsome dog foods that are made with the very best ingredients such as green vegetables like peas beans ,Spinach and, brown rice ,carrots, sweet potatoes and select meats such as chicken.

Their passion doesn’t stop there ,they also provide your cat with all the nutritional needs your cat needs as well not to mention Purinas line of treats for both your cat and dog . Purina also offer a line of active toys to put the treats in to keep your pet active and happy and entertained. Purinas line of dog and cat food extends to various formulas and is offered in a dry form ,in a can form, and in a delicacy form. With so many options to choose from Purina is sure to have an option that fits your family’s needs. At purina they know just how important your pet is to you that’s why Purina’s line of pet food and pet products strive to provide the very best for you and your pet family. You and your family can be sure that with the Purina line being a product of Nestle you are assure to be getting the very best in today’s animal care . Even with the most pickest of pets , Purina offers so many different feeding options that you are sure to find one your pet loves and you can feel trusted that no matter which blend you decide to go with, with Purina products you are offering your pet the very best.

Purina, Global PetCare For Healthy Pets

As the largest pet care company in the US and the second largest globally, the news on Purina is that good. With a fast growing brand and multiple choices of healthy and nutritious food for cats and dogs, the Nestle owned company provides the perfect treats and meals to jump start a happy, energized and fulfilled day. With your animal’s care in mind, the company continues to grow “helping pets and people who love them.”
Purina is also known for innovative programs such as “Pets for People” and even a pet care school in Italy. it is no wonder the company leads the way in innovation and passion for your pets. Purina has locations worldwide doing research to provide the best products for a happy you and happy best friend. But what really makes Purina products stand out from the rest?
The well-known and responsible brand, puts quality care and health on top. Having multiple varieties of food available to meet the various nutritional needs of dogs and cats, Purina has developed a variety of tastes to show just how much they care. From Purina’s Alpo, Baker’s Complete, Beneful, to Purina’s Cat Chow, Chef Michaels, Fancy Feast Friskies and more the options are almost limitless. Like people, animals have preferred tastes too.
To top it all off Purina brands are the number one trusted animal food brands. With a history beginning all the way back to 1894, Purina continues to flourish. The company began as a horse feed business and expanded to include cat and dog chow. Nestle then purchased Purina in 2001 and from there the rest is history. After Nestle’s acquisition of the Purina brand it expanded to include other pet food options and of course became one of the biggest competitors in markets worldwide. Purina supports the efforts of animal wellbeing from Asia to Europe, the USA and world beyond.

Giant Python Freed From Hole

A giant python in Phuket, Thailand had managed to get itself stuck inside of a drain cover on a busy road. Passing drivers on the road had alerted officials that the nine foot python had managed to get half its body into the drain before becoming stuck.

According to Mikal Watts, animal rescue workers arrived on the scene to help the python out of the sticky situation it was in. Rescue workers had to work carefully to free the snake. Some made sure that the back end was under control while others worked from the front to free it. Working together they managed to free the large reptile from its trap. They then brought it to a Wildlife Sanctuary where it would be able to slither around in peace. They were grateful that the public called in for the rescue instead of ignoring the snake or trying to free it themselves. Although pythons are not poisonous, their bite is still dangerous and can lead to infections.

Thailand is known for the large, native pythons that live on the land. Just last year an enormous python that measured 18 feet in length was found in Phuket. I think I’m just going to go ahead and scratch Thailand off of my places to eventually visit.

For the full story, along with pictures, check it out on The Daily Mail.

Zoo Animals Are Loose In Tbilisi Georgia

Devastating Floodwaters Inundated The City Of Tbilisi, Georgia Leading To A Mass Exodus Of Exotic Animals From The Local Zoo

Imagine walking down a flooded street with a hippopotamus next to you, and a bear standing on the flooded sidewalk looking st you. That was the scene in Tbilisi, Georgia recently when torrential overnight rains hammered the city. Tbilisi is home for more than a million people, and most of the city is on lockdown so the lions, tigers, wolves, jaguars, bears and other zoo animals can be recaptured. Some of the animals have already been captured, but others are roaming the streets.

Daniel Amen ( has learned that many of the animals will not make it back to the zoo according to local news reports. A prized white lion was one of the rare animals lost in the flood. The zoo will never be the same, according to some reports. One zoo official said many of the animals will have to be replaced, and that takes time. There is no word how long the zoo will be closed or how much damaged was done.

The pictures of local people encountering zoo animals on the streets makes some people wonder if they might experience a zoo breakout. Is that another consequence of climate change?