Beneful Helped My Lazy Dog To Get Going Again

My dog was very lazy and sluggish and I didn’t know why. I kind of figured that feeding the dog some of the foods that I ate for dinner was not a good idea, but I don’t think that’s the only reason why the dog seemed so lazy. I definitely knew I would have to get some advice from my veterinarian to see what I could do to make the dog have more energy. I told my vet everything that I would feed the dog, and everything that the dog would do throughout the day.

The conversation about the dog’s activity was a short one because the dog pretty much laid around the house all day. I might walk the dog once or twice a week if I get the time, but I learned that this was not enough. My vet told me that I needed to find a good dog food like Beneful and stick with it, and no more table scraps. The vet said the dog should exercise more, and once he became more active he would stop being so lazy.

What the vet was saying seems very reasonable to me. I did some research and found that a lot of people would recommend Beneful as a good dog food, and since I only wanted one type of dog food to feed my pet, I went ahead and bought it. I was on a trial run with Beneful, but I didn’t have to wait long to see if my dog liked it because he couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I fed my dog generously when it came time to eat, and mostly because I knew that I would start exercising him more.

After I fed my dog Beneful, I would wait half an hour before taking him out for a walk. Not only has walking helped to make my dog more energetic, it also helped me to gain more energy as well. In fact, I lost a few pounds in the first month after I was taking my dog out for walks on a daily basis. I also noticed a big change in my dog when it came to his energy levels, and I know it’s because of the fact that he’s exercising, and he’s also eating very good food. I read the ingredients in Beneful myself, and I know that it’s a good food that my dog enjoys.

Beneful has been proven to give dogs energy, and that’s exactly what I needed for my dog as well as good nutrition. It’s been a couple months since I started feeding my dog Beneful, and it’s as if I don’t even have the same dog anymore. As soon as I walk through the door in the evening, he has a ball in his mouth ready to play, and after he eats his meals, he can barely wait to go for a walk. I think Beneful has made all the difference in my dog’s life, and he’s now healthier than he’s ever been.

My Dogs And I Both Love Beneful Brand Dog Food

I’m not embarrassed to say that my dogs mean a lot to me. I’ve had them for years and they bring me great amounts of joy every day. I feel a great responsibility to keep them as healthy and happy as I can. That’s the main reason I’ve decided to go with Beneful Brand Dog Food on Twitter.

There are only a few things that any pet owner needs to do to keep their dog’s healthy. They have to take them to the vet every now and again. They need to make sure they eat the best dog food. They also have to make sure the dog goes on walks and gets some great exercise. I make sure to do all of these things and I haven’t been having any trouble with my four dogs. They look great. Their fur is very healthy looking and their eyes are clear.

I always pay attention the moods of my dogs for any signs they’re not healthy. As you probably know, any time an animal is barely eating or drinking you may have a problem on your hands. With a brand like Beneful, my dogs tend to really go to town eating it. They love this food and always eat it right away. If they didn’t, I’d know something was wrong. So far that hasn’t been an issue.

I mix up the flavors every now and again. They eat the lamb once a week and the beef, chicken, and pork on other days. The food also has accents that taste like barley rice, carrots, and green beans. How could a dog not love food like that? It’s no wonder their tails start wagging so quickly when I pour a bowl.

My dogs seem to be maintaining an ideal weight. This is important because dogs can get overweight just like humans. That’s one of the reasons I’m sure this is a great source of protein. I’ve fed them different brands in the past and saw them add a bit of bulk. That’s not good and I didn’t let that go on for long. It’s important to monitor their weight. The vet will weigh them on their annual visit if you miss for some reason. I know that they need to keep slim and that’s the reason I usually walk them until they get a bit tired. That takes quite a while since this dogs are really playful.

Having four dogs allows all of them to play a lot. They really don’t stay idle for too long. They’re usually doing something active. I attribute some of that energy to Beneful dog food. I don’t plan on changing brands. I’m happy about the way my dogs are feeling and how they look. Plus they really seem to enjoy eating this food. I think they would probably not like having to switch. I bought a different brand one time just because I couldn’t stop by my normal store and they didn’t seem to like it at all. I won’t be doing that again.

Support ALF Activist Keith Mann

Keith Mann has cared about animals and has been an animal activist ever since he was a little boy. He grew up on a dairy farm, and his experiences there particularly the pain and suffering that he witnessed the cows go through, made him question the way humans treat animals and want to protect them. His concern for animals grew as he got older, and by 1972, he had started liberating animals. The first animal he liberating was a bunny rabbit that was being neglected by its owners. 

Before long Mann was making waves and had become involved in the animal liberation front, even going so far as to be arrested several times in his efforts to help animals. He was arrested in 1991 for conspiring to set chicken crates on fire in an attempt to help chickens and gain attention to their plight. He ended up spending 11 years in jail and stayed true to his convictions the entire time refusing to eat anything made from animal products. In 2008, he ran for Parliment in Britain as a member of the Animal Welfare Protection ticket, further gaining support for his cause. 

But in 2013, Mann was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, which is a serious cancer that has no known cure. Because of his convictions he has refused conventional treatment because these treatments pose potential harm to animals. Instead, he is using Gerson Therapy, a more difficult and costly treatment that is not covered by conventional insurance because of it’s experimental nature.

You can read more about this story on Buzzfeed where it was first reported. You can also follow him on Twitter or buy something from his auction page.