What Exactly Is Beneful?

Beneful is a widely known dog food brand that has been a force in the world since launching in 2001. Beneful, in a nutshell, means “full of goodness.” The “bene” part of the name signifies the “good.” The latter part is self-explanatory. Beneful’s definition goal is to help dog owners provide their pets with diets that are both nutritious and well-rounded. The brand gives owners many diverse choices in canned foods, wet foods and, last but not least, dry foods. It also gives them options in healthy snacks for dog.

Beneful focuses on people who want optimal health and wellness for their pets. The brand puts its attention on individuals who want their dogs to have ample energy and vitality for their entire lives. It concentrates on people who want their dogs to have bright eyes and shiny coats as well. Beneful beneficial caters to the dietary needs of canines of all different age groups.

Your Small Dog Will Enjoy BenefulIncrediBites

Having a pet is both a responsibility and a lot of fun. You need to make sure that you take care of it properly at all times. One of the most important parts of caring for a pet is knowing what types of food to get them. A smaller dog or puppy needs a food that they can chew. Purina makes a special kind of food specifically for smaller dogs. It is called BenefulIncrediBites.

The BenefulIncrediBites are made to give your smaller dog the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, and a taste that will make them happy. The beef IncrediBites have the best flavor because there are real carrots and peas mixed in with it.

Imagine that in one cup of the IncrediBites your smaller dog will get 27 grams of the protein that it will need for its metabolism. Add to that the calcium benefits for their teeth and bones and 23 minerals and vitamins all in this wonderful dog food. It is important that when you plan to shop for the IncrediBites dog food that you do some research online to try and pick up a coupon. You will find the price is reasonable at $13.99 for a 15-pound bag of it, but it is always nice to save more money. Get your IncrediBites today so that your pet can taste it and become healthy and happy.

Beneful Dog Food Commercials: Too Cute to Resist!

It’s really hard not to smile when you watch a Beneful Dog Food commercial because they use the cutest dogs and the most entertaining scenarios. It’s such an great way to show pet owners how nutritious Beneful dog food is because they charm us so cleverly with their featured actors. Here are a couple of my favorites featuring Benny and Phil.

“Valentine’s Day”

Benny and Phil are at their food bowls, as usual. Phil, the smaller, shaggier of the two, is seeking some advice from super cool Benny. Benny tries to help Phil get up the courage to tell his doggie crush that he likes her. Donning a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, Bennie tells Phil to just “play it cool.” Unfortunately, Benny’s suave nature doesn’t seem to catch on for Phil. We are left wondering if Phil gets the girl, and certainly rooting for him. Watch the Beneful commercial here.


Over their yummy bowls of Beneful, Benny asks Phil what superpower he would choose if his options were limitless. Phil thinks for a while, then very cleverly decides he would have thumbs. Benny seems quite impressed with that answer, and decides he wants thumbs too. I love how these two buddies interact with each other and help us imagine what dogs really say to each other. There are lots of other Benny and Phil Beneful commercials to watch. I think what’s most important, though, is that Beneful seems to understand our love for our dogs. They not only give our pets the best quality nutrition, they help us imagine how interesting our pets’ thoughts really are. That’s unique!

Beneful: Top Quality Dog Food, Now Available At Walmart

Beneful is a company that believes in caring for dogs just as much as their owners try to care for them. With their line of dog treats and nutrition, the company aims always to provide what’s best for dogs, regarding taste and health. Beneful knows what is best food for dogs and what they need to be healthy and active. With that in mind, Beneful uses real veggies and meat to offer some of their best meals. The brand takes lots of effort into ensuring that the food that they are offering is not only nutritious for dogs, but also extremely delicious to them.

Beneful has an extensive range of products, from dry and wet dog food to treats for your furry one. The products that they offer range in ingredients and textures to give your dog the variety that he or she deserves. With their chopped blends starting at just under two dollars, the product line is sure to meet expectations of quality dog food. Beneful is also one of the few dog food companies that offer preparations in real salmon, with wet and dry options. For those who want to give their dogs an all protein meal, grain free options are also available with the brand.

When it comes to purchasing Beneful, Walmart at your needs covered. With the entire range of products that Beneful has to offer. With only the best to offer, Beneful has had numerous satisfied customers, and by that, we mean dogs and humans as well.

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