Schneider’s strength was advising alternative managers on the best investment vehicle structures

Jeffry Schneider has a core belief on where the markets stand today: the smartest pools of money are in alternative investments, not RIAs. He believes that a great way to diversify one’s holdings is to investigate alternative investments. Why? It reduces volatility. It produces greater growth, and helps growth to accelerate even more in coming years.


Schneider, founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, has been able to raise close to one billion, making his company 30 employees large. He lives and works in Austin, Texas. In the alternative investments area, he has detailed experience. His previous firms included Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. In Schneider’s opinion, client portfolios are under allocated to alternative investments.


Additionally, Schneider is a philanthropist who likes to help those less fortunate. He works closely with some charitable organizations including Cherokee Home for Children, the Gazelle Foundation and Wonders and Worries. But it is his boutique investment firm Ascendant Capital that has guaranteed Schneider’s name in great investors.


Schneider was brought up in Manhattan, and was a graduate of University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He got involved in the financial services industry, and while working at a number of firms a deep understanding of the value of alternative investments. In 2002, Schneider was a member of Axiom Capital. At this firm, he established relationships with some of the top hedge fund managers in the business, performed his duties to make them a proper fit for his clients. His strength was advising alternative managers on the best investment vehicle structures.


In 2009, Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital. He worked heavily in real estate, where he was able to generate six different funds, which purchased over$ 1.5 billion.


Ascendant Capital figures out which hedge, private-equity and real estate funds that investors don’t know about. When this is accomplished, the team at Ascendant works on a range of value added offerings. The team is supported by extensive services in educational, marketing, operational and sales groups.


Ascendant, under the leadership of Schneider, has grown to robust success. Schneider and his team continue to work to continue the company’s upward trajectory.