Michael Lacey Uses Math for Good

Michael Lacey is good at math, and he knows what he can do to help people learn it the way that he has. He also knows that math can sometimes be complicated so he does his best to teach people the right way to do it.

Since he has been studying math, he has enjoyed it, and he knows what he can do to make it the best that it can be. He is committed to the idea of math and to the things that he can do with math so he is able to help others with the issues they are having.

Even when Michael Lacey first started learning about math, he was good at it. From a young age, he was great at math and remained committed to it as he got older. He wanted people to know what he could do, and what he was capable of so they would be able to follow along with everything he knew how to do.

Since Michael Lacey knew what he was going to do with math in the future, he knew he was going to have to make some big changes to the career that he originally had planned on.

As Michael Lacey got older, he realized that he had a very big talent. He knew that not many people were able to do math in the way that he did, and he wanted to use that for things that would be positive.

He chose to use it to help other people out, and he knew that things would get better as long as he was working toward a more positive math environment. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://angel.co/michael-lacey-3

He even created an algorithm that people could use in math and won an award for it. He used the award for good and it made sense that he would do that since he was so dedicated to the field.

After Michael Lacey had done all of this, he knew that he would have to make some changes. One of the first was the idea that he could show other people how to do the same things that he was doing.

This was beneficial for them because he had a wealth of knowledge he was willing to share with different people. All of this is what helped Michael Lacey when he started teaching math for college students who wanted to learn about the opportunities they had.

How George Soros Politics has Impacted the Society

George Soros is one of successful Hungarian-American investor, author, and a very active philanthropist. He was born in Hungary in 1930. Soros fled his country to London joining London School of Economics. He operated as a railway porter and a waiter during his studies before venturing into finance as a banker. Soros later moved to New York, and in 1969, he began his hedge fund which then changed to Quantum Fund. Soros in collaboration with Stan Druckenmiller was able to make an impressive on the Bank of England after shortening the British fund. Soros invests highly in the Soros Fund Management and 2017; he appointed Fitzpatrick as the new CIO due to her experience on Wall Street. In his education, Soros got the concept of the open society which has become his foundation on his career and philanthropic works. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros has politically supported those leaders who embrace his open society foundation concepts. He has shown great support for the Democratic Party to see Donald Trump defeated. According to him, Trump works have no difference to the actions of the ISIS group. Soros says Donald supports issues like the immigration reforms, religious tolerance and criminal justice reforms which are up to oppress the citizens. Soros highly supports Clinton because she embraces the open society concerns which include the advocate for social responsibility, democracy, the rule of law, social justice, and human rights. The Clintons also allow Soros to meet them and also hold policy meetings giving his views. He has also supported the election and reelection of Obama. Soros has flooded the party with millions of dollars.

Learn more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/14/george-soros-funds-ferguson-protests-hopes-to-spur/

Soros has been in the forefront in educating and mobilizing the citizens on their voting rights. He has worked with organizations devoted to fighting any restrictions to citizens on their right to vote. The Voting Right Trust has received$5 million from Soros to help them mobilize and conduct civic education to the citizens. He also donated $2 million top the American Votes which helps in mobilizing voters. The group also participates in civic education to ensure the voters vote wisely. In his writing, George Soros warns the United States Citizen to resist electing Trump if they want to fight terrorism effectively.

George is a prominent philanthropist supporting and donating over $13 million to an international organization and non-profit organizations which defend the society on their human rights, education, human right and health care. He also supports the democratic alliance which supports individuals out of the Democratic party financially in development duties. The association helps in fighting big money politicians, combating climate change and fighting inequalities in income. Through his philanthropic works, the society has to be able to get the necessary amenities and also helping the immigrants get justice. Read more on NYTimes.com.

The Advanced And Patient Friendly Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is a term referring to joint disease and joint pain. There are over fifty million adults in the United States who suffer from arthritis and there are in excess of 100 different forms . Arthritis is more common among women and as people age. It is also the nations top cause of disability. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and causes the cartilage to degenerate. This causes bones to rub together and is extremely painful. Arthritis does not have a cure but treatment options are available. Osteoarthritis has numerous risk factors including previous injuries, age, family history and excess weight. The scope and speed of the disease can be managed by the patient with medical treatments, exercise and the appropriate daily routine.


Individuals suffering from arthritis should gently stretch and exercise shortly before they go to bed. This will help to decrease morning stiffness. Positions must be adjusted on a frequent basis and walking around or standing approximately every thirty minutes is recommended (HealthGrades). Any movement that is repetitive can overuse the joints and increase pain. Extra weight will add to the damage and stress placed on the joints and smoking will damage the connective tissues. Physical activity is critical in the management of arthritis. Strength training must be on a gradual basis and gentle stretches also help with stiffness and pain. The best activities include cycling, low impact aerobics, walking and water exercise. Jumping, running and repetitive motions must be avoided.


The Osteo Relief Institute has numerous locations and are staffed with physical therapists and board certified physicians. The Osteo Relief Institute’s goals are to make sure their patients are treated just like family and to avoid surgery with treatments that are safe. Their treatments have almost no downtime and have been approved by the FDA.


The Osteo Relief Institute uses the latest in technology so they have an edge in relieving pain (Knee Pain Exercise Tips). The staff has been expertly trained to assist their patients any way they possibly can. Every Osteo Relief Institute location is owned independently and trained to provide care and communication centered on their patients. Their treatments are advanced and explained in such a way they are easily understood. The Osteo Relief Institute wants individuals to make well informed and educated decisions for their futures and their health.

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Thor Halvorssen Is Supporting The Lesser Of Two Evils

The current election is very strange. It’s got equal parts fear and excitement to it, but no one seems to be all that interested in who wins. While there is a lot of support for Bernie and Trump, beyond the closest supporters of any candidate, general citizens feel they’ve stumbled into a bit of a political miasma. This extends up the ladder even to the highest echelons of the country. Consider a recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, a prominent philanthropist and film producer based in Hollywood.

Thor started by stating socialism often breeds terrible human rights violations, and that the two were intertwined. He said that the one results in the other. His caveat was that socialistic practices not pushed by a dictatorial government could be successful, but in general what tends to happen is human rights violations. Later in the interview it was brought to light that Thor has lost family in the advances of dictatorial socialist regimes, so he doesn’t just speak theoretically, but from experience.

After saying all he had to say about socialism being a human rights violator, he went on to say he is funding Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The contribution he made was the largest one within the legal limits of the law during an election campaign. This stunning news makes more sense when one considers why Halvorssen did what he did. According to Thor, Hillary Clinton, whom he referred to as the democratic front-runner, is regularly given contributions by dictatorial regimes. In Thor’s eyes, Hillary is being manipulated by such forces, and should she attain the White House, that manipulation will continue. He said this was the same reason he couldn’t support Ted Cruz, as that candidate is likewise beholden to dictatorial funding.

Conservatives can agree with a vote against Hillary; but the socialistic leanings of Bernie Sanders are disturbing. Even in the interview between Thor and the reporter, the concept was discussed that most people who support Bernie don’t actually know what socialism means in a true sense. That isn’t the case with Thor Halvorssen, though: he’s just backing who he sees to be the lesser of two evils.

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Fighting for Human Rights

Pop stars occasionally receive criticism for their decision to perform for leaders and countries who abuse human rights. Nicki Minaj joins a long list of high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West, who earn money performing for known human rights violators. Activists strongly objected to Nicki’s concert in Angola because the organizers are linked to the country’s dictator, and the two million dollars she earned are a result of his human rights violations and government corruption.

Thor Halvorssen a film producer and human rights advocate began fighting and supporting human rights as a teenager in 1989, through organizing opposition to the South African apartheid. He became intimately involved in individual rights when his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela. Halvorssen participated in many activist movements including the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, patron for Prague-based children’s peace movement and also served as CEO of the Individuals Rights in Education from 1999 until 2004. Thor produces films, which focus on human rights issues to create awareness of the problem. He is described in the New York Times as the champion of the underdog and the powerless because of his involvement in human rights issues.

Founded in the spring of 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, the New York-based non-profit group, The Human Rights Foundation operates globally to promote and protect human rights. The group believes all individuals are entitled to freedom of speech, expression, association, religion, freedom from slavery and torture, and the right to equal treatment. The foundation incorporates a broad mix of people who believe in human rights, many of whom have risked their lives and careers to speak out about the issues. The Foundation has been involved in exposing dictators and participating individuals including celebrities. The organization has been a part of ending the violence against women in countries such as Pakistan and working with third-world countries to educate on the importance of human rights.