Barbara Stokes is Prepared for any Disaster

Barbara Stokes’ Huntsville, Alabama based Green Structure Housing was recently awarded a FEMA contract worth $28.5 million USD. This contract is to assist with the damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey. This contract provides for high quality homes to be built with safety measures put in place to ensure that the people in Texas that were effected will not be in the same situation again. Each home will have a fire suppression system included. The homes being provided will have multiple bedrooms and will be able to withstand hurricane level winds and ware environmentally friendly. The homes can be customized to meet the preferences of the new residents as well as being resistant to pests, mold, and mildew. The project is predicted to be completed by March of this year. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Housing. Stokes and her team at GSH are considered leaders in the disaster relief industry. She received her Bachelors of Biomedical Engineering and Physics 2001 from Mercer University, but her other studies of structures, manufacturing, and materials are more relevant to her current career.


Barbara Stokes has previously worked for both Boeing and the Pisces Corporation where she began to hone her skills in government contracting. She is gifted when it comes to obtaining and managing fleets as well as logistics. She herself is very hands on with many aspects of GSH including electronic upkeep of fleet records, assessments, facilities management and dispatch services.

Disaster relief work aside, Barbara Stokes also serves her community of Huntsville by consistently volunteering. This contract will bring several jobs to the area as well as the other manufacturing and construction sites in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. She also raises three children in the community she takes so much pride in. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

LimeCrime’s Innovative China Expansion

LimeCrime, a digitally native cosmetics company that brands itself as “Makeup for Unicorns,” has proven to be just as innovative with business as they are with their products. Their expansion into the Chinese market was faced with several challenges, each of which they overcame with creativity.

Global General Manager Kim Walls spoke about the expansion strategy in Los Angeles, at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Conference. “Looking at China, one of the things I knew based on prior experience is that we couldn’t sell in any of the ways that I knew how to sell,” she revealed. Instead, the company had to be creative.

The first issue they ran up against was China’s mandate that cosmetics sold wholesale must be tested on animals first. However, they are a vegan and cruelty-free brand who opposes any animal testing.

In order to avoid this regulation, they would have had to ship from the United States. However, complicated logistics, duties and taxes, international returns, and customer concerns made this option unviable.

The second issue facing the expansion was counterfeits. The Chinese market was already saturated with them.

The solution was to partner with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform that carries over 500 brands. The two companies have a similar audience and perspective, and Revolve was looking to expand its beauty selection. The partnership was therefore mutually beneficial.

Through social media efforts and a burgeoning Chinese audience, the cosmetics brand has established Revolve as the only legitimate source of its cosmetics in China, reducing the power of the counterfeits.

Additionally, they focused on strengthening the fan base by allowing existing fans to access their e-commerce site two hours before the official launch. This helped word-of-mouth to spread, while also partnering with influencers to bring new fans in. To build a passionate fan base, they avoided well-known influencers, who often are focused on their own brand. Instead, the company chose less well-known individuals capable of creating unique content and enhancing the brand.

By using several innovative strategies, LimeCrime has seen a successful rollout in China and is focused on building a strong audience in the country.