Having It All: Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr, Mark McKenna is a person who has always had a penchant for helping people. He is a doctor that is certified in the states of Florida and Georgia. He is the founder and CEO of a company called OVME. It is a company that focuses on elective health care for patients. He is a very busy man with an active life.

Dr. Mark McKenna was born in the city of New Orleans and it has a special place in his heart. When Hurricane Katrina struck the city in 2005, he offered his help to the people who needed low-income housing after the storm had passed. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School and tells readers about his life and he gives them practical advice for the future.

The daily life of Dr. Mark McKenna is a very busy one. He wakes up early to have breakfast with his daughter each morning. After breakfast he gets ready for work and heads into the office at 8 AM He then works for ten hours and leaves the office at 6 PM. He returns home to have dinner with his family. After dinner, he goes to training for a couple of hours in Jujitsu. Finally, he comes back home to unwind and then goes to sleep to get ready for the next busy day.

When it comes to new ideas, Dr. Mark McKenna makes sure to set short-term goals each day in order to achieve them. A second thing that his does is meditation in a quiet place so his mind can totally focus on the job at hand. He makes sure to do these things every day in order to succeed in business. He is taking his career and his life one step at a time.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man who proves that a person can have it all. He is a successful entrepreneur and family man and knows how to balance the two together. He is a person to emulate on how to get things done. Helping people is the main reason Dr. Mark McKenna does what he does.

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