Securus Technologies Acquires JPay Inc. To Operate More Efficient And Modern Jails

In a recent attempt to aid the efforts of prison authorities around the USA, Securus Technologies had created Wireless Containment Units that could bar calls made by inmates through contraband devices with the prison’s compounds. This project has costed Securus Technologies well over $40 million and 8 prisons nationwide had implemented the use of these containment units.



Once again, in an attempt to better jails around the country, Securus Technologies has acquired JPay Inc. One of the crucial reasons for this acquisition was to facilitate the process of giving correction facilities the latest high-tech software needed to operate a modern imprisonment facility. Better and more reliable security systems in correction facilities were one of the critical aims of this acquisition.



Right from the ease of payments by correction facilities to a myriad of education-related apps designed for the correction space, JPay can act as an innovative solution and required force in this segment. Modern prisons that run on the latest technologies is a task that can be achieved while combing products through various teams and institutions. Post the acquisition, JPay will continue its operations as usual as well while being run as a wholly owned subsidiary of the mother company, Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies had also recently received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau as they have worked hard to establish trust, earn a reputation, deliver their commitments honestly, advertise truthfully all while being transparent as well as responsible. One of the other achievements of this firm has been to establish an efficient call center that is responsible solely for over answering questions and addressing concerns of over 25 million people in the USA. The call center run by Securus Technologies addresses approximately 2.5 million concerns every month and has an astonishing first call resolution rate of 99% as well as a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of a total of 5.



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