The Brown Agency Launches Careers

The Brown Modeling Agency has been around for several decades and has provided some of the biggest talent in the fashion industry. They have provided faces for thousands of the biggest companies in the world. Their customers know that they only sign the best in the world. The Brown Agency has locations sprinkled all over the country, but the most recent location to open is in Austin,Texas.


The new location was chosen because Austin is one of the most fashion forward cities in the country today. There is a whole movement that integrates fashion and music. New styles are cropping up that can’t be found anywhere else. The fashion scouts for the company are genuinely excited about the potential in the area.


According to Market Wired, the Brown Agency not only represents models but the also sign actors and musicians. The agency recently unveiled their new troop of actors at an upscale party. Those individuals in the fashion industry as well as in the acting field attended the star-studded gala. This is an excellent opportunity for people in the area to get a boost to their career.


if you are interested and becoming a Brown model or signing up with the organization as an actor or a musician, then you can attend one of their many casting calls that they hold on a weekly basis at the Austin location. You need to bring your portfolio and you will be interviewed person-to-person by a representative of the agency. if you can’t attend a casting call you can submit your information to the company on their website.



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