Dr. Mark Holterman Is An Inspiration In Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman supports a number of health-related charities, one being the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or (IPSAC-VN). The charity helps to bring forth the latest technology and surgical advances to help sick children. Members of the organization work at hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam. During many of Holterman’s lectures, he talks about the dire need for volunteer support and medical staff training for the IPSAC-VN. To be approved as a volunteer, you must have a valid passport and medical license. The IPSAC-VN helps educate teachers, healthcare practitioners and surgeons. It also promotes healthcare activities, provides academic support and medical equipment. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

Charitable organizations such as the IPSAC-VN encourage donations of time, money and medical expertise to perform pediatric surgeries for children around the world. The most common surgeries facing children in need are:

* Organ transplants

* Brain surgery

* Tumor removal

* Spinal abnormality surgery

* Surgery for congenital heart disorders

* Corrective surgery

* Surgery associated with fetal development

Not only does Dr. Mark Holterman teach as a professor, he also performs surgeries, researches new therapies and is the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Mariam Global Health is an investment firm that collaborates with healthcare companies to develop and research new technologies. Since 2011, Dr. Mark Holterman has taught as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He then attended the prestigious Yale University graduating summa cum laude and majoring in Biology. He currently holds his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virginia and is the attending pediatric surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the St. Francis Medical Center. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at healthgrove.com.

As CEO of Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman researches stem cell regeneration therapy, obesity management and advanced cancer treatments. He is also an established author and has developed medical texts and created presentations on bariatric surgery.

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Oncotarget: Like it Says, Tageting Oncology

Oncotarget, the online news source for cancer researchers and doctors in the filed of oncology, has been instrumental in presenting the medical field with the latest positive news articles and research papers in this difficult field. Oncotarget presented articles endeavoring to explain new therapies for a particularly malignant form of thyroid cancer, with the result that a team of researchers and doctors were able to apply a new therapy and technique for this particular malignancy. By simply addressing the issues and the results of tests and procedures as described in this online journal, new pathways were discovered that rendered some of the other methods of information transmission entirely secondary. This was a momentous occasion for Oncotarget and for the World Wide Web as well. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

This information brings Oncotarget to the fore as one of the most effective forms of communication presentations among researchers today. No other online journal has ever replicated these types of results among subscribers. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

As an online journal of cancer research and news, Oncotarget is presented by Impact journals as a biweekly (twice per week) journal exploring the world of cancer research and medical techniques. From time to time, Oncotarget presents articles of interest in other medical fields as well. Led by two Russian doctors and researchers as editors-in-chief, Oncotarget has been successfully published since 2010, and is one of the most widely researched and read journals in ontological research today. Oncotarget is thus in the forefront of medical research today. Its place in the world of medical research and literature is assured.

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Glen Wakeman – Inspiring Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Many aspiring entrepreneurs as well as large corporations wish they had that magic formula to kick-start their organization. Glen Wakeman, an executive and business leader for the past 30 years, is changing lives and sculpting businesses into gold. Glen is helping entrepreneurs worldwide organize the specific formula he deems to be success. Glen had found residence in six countries. Glen knows the world markets especially because he has worked in 32 different countries gaining that critical knowledge that will be filtered to his students.

Glen has worked with very large corporations with over 17,000 employees to implement the strategies for massive growth. Glen co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which is a software as a service company. This service allows new entrepreneurs the tools and guidance necessary for the success that they seek. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

Glen’s success spans back to his 21 years of experience with General Electric Capital. There he was promoted continuously due to his performance. While there, Glen spear-headed an operation that operated in nine countries. Glen believes that leadership is the cornerstone of a company’s rise or fall.

Glen Wakeman’s formula relies on the following.

  • Growth
  • Executions
  • Controls
  • Leadership

Through frequent blogging, Glen Wakeman is transforming the landscape of entrepreneurs and of companies of all sizes, one step at a time. Wakeman holds valid qualifications. He obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Scranton. Visit dailyforexreport.com to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Glen’s company LaunchPad allows him to connect the money to the entrepreneur’s structured ideas. Glen believes in reviewing the company numbers daily. He believes that delegation is critical to the advancement of a company. Glen believes that we should trust the process of the plan and never ponder the past on a daily basis, no exceptions. Glen Wakeman believes in speaking your ideas out loud to others on your team to allow your brain to hear and process that information.

Glen understands the minds of every person in his chain of training as his lowest job was cleaning bathrooms at an automobile parts company. Glen Wakeman is a brilliant business man.

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BBB Torch Award To Aloha Construction A Landmark For Decades Old Company

The Better Business Bureau recently awarded them its coveted “Torch Award For Ethics” – not surprising since Aloha Construction if a family-owned business that has gained considerable popularity in Illinois and southern Wisconsin over past decades.

Aloha Construction has completed some 18,000 projects, establishing itself as a long-term community partner serving people who need roof repairs, siding work, gutter repair or other projects to fix or improve their homes. Aloha Construction has gained a reputation as the “go to” company after major storms damage large numbers of roofs – it’s a time when people just want to “get it fixed’ – and they want someone they trust to do the job right and without hassles.

Aloha Began as a small family-owned operation but has undergone considerable growth in recent years. It’s helmed by David Farbaky who serves as president and CEO. A husband, father, brother and homeowner, Farbaky understands what people need done on their homes for prices they can handle. He gets that “psychological factor” of how people just want to work with an outfit that will do the job without “nonsense” or “extra drama.”

The primary areas of operation for Aloha Construction are roofing, gutters, siding and window replacement. Again, Aloha is a terrific “go to” provider when storms wreak havoc on all of the above. But lots of customers have called upon Aloha Construction in those “ordinary times” when basic repair and maintenance is needed, or when people just want to upgrade the look and value of their homes.

So why the BBB Torch Award For Ethics? An independent panel of nine judges selected Aloha Construction because the company demonstrated the highest ethical standards of trust and behavior toward customers, employees and the community.”

Aloha President David Farbaky said his company does not set out to “win awards” or “seek to be recognized” but that it felt good to be honored by the BBB, the gold standard for identifying top-flight companies. He called receiving the Torch Award “humbling” and that it only shows how much they care about their customers. Farbaky said he gets most satisfaction from just helping people every day and putting minds at ease when it comes to fixing or upgrading homes.

The Brown Agency Launches Careers

The Brown Modeling Agency has been around for several decades and has provided some of the biggest talent in the fashion industry. They have provided faces for thousands of the biggest companies in the world. Their customers know that they only sign the best in the world. The Brown Agency has locations sprinkled all over the country, but the most recent location to open is in Austin,Texas.


The new location was chosen because Austin is one of the most fashion forward cities in the country today. There is a whole movement that integrates fashion and music. New styles are cropping up that can’t be found anywhere else. The fashion scouts for the company are genuinely excited about the potential in the area.


According to Market Wired, the Brown Agency not only represents models but the also sign actors and musicians. The agency recently unveiled their new troop of actors at an upscale party. Those individuals in the fashion industry as well as in the acting field attended the star-studded gala. This is an excellent opportunity for people in the area to get a boost to their career.


if you are interested and becoming a Brown model or signing up with the organization as an actor or a musician, then you can attend one of their many casting calls that they hold on a weekly basis at the Austin location. You need to bring your portfolio and you will be interviewed person-to-person by a representative of the agency. if you can’t attend a casting call you can submit your information to the company on their website.



See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/justin-brown-5#/entity



Adam Milstein: A Man Of Infinite Passion and Influence

For Jewish people, Adam Milstein is very influential. He has worked overtime in bringing forth resources that could help his people in various circumstances. He has set up The Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation which has plenty of resources to meet the important needs of the people. His foundation shows that he has thought a lot about the communities and found the real needs of the people. He did not just run on assumptions. He made sure that there is enough thought towards the individual. This is one of the most important ways to help someone.

Adam Milstein, as an Israeli, has lived most of his days in Israel and the United States. He has served in the military during the Yom Kippur War. Therefore, he has some experience in the battlefield. It is mandatory for Israelis to serve in the military. Adam Milstein has made sure that everything he is involved in is done to the best of his ability. He makes sure that he enjoys the work that he does. When asked about his worst job, his answer is that he has never had a job that he didn’t like. He has made sure that he learned something valuable from his work.

Adam Milstein is not only an active philanthropist for the Jewish people, but he is also a speaker. He often appears on stage to talk about many important topics. His advitube ce is very empowering to the community. He also offers advice on how one can improve his own life so that they can support themselves and help others. Adam is someone who wants others to succeed and leave a mark on society so that they can be an influence on the next generation. As a Jewish leader, Adam Milstein is a great example on how to be influential.

Adam youtube chanel: Youtube.com/user/AdamMilstein