Stream Energy Empowers Female Associates

Stream, the company was formerly known as Stream Energy, is a company that does direct sales and provides connected life services. And recently it held its 4th yearly Women of Power Retreat in Dallas, Texas where their home office is. The group was founded back in 2010. It focuses on motivating and offering mentors for the female employees of Stream to help them build their own business.


The retreat features a special theme every year, and this year was “Shine.” The CFO of Stream, Renee Hornbaker said it allowed them to focus together on the importance of confidence and being yourself (DallasNews). Hopefully, the effort will inspire others so they will do the same in the future.


The weekend featured numerous well-known speakers. Included in the lineup were Nicole Lapin, a best selling author, and news correspondent. In addition, the business leader and influencer Karen Leland and corporate wellness entrepreneur Melissa Mark Garner were present.


The workshops all centered around building confidence and creating skills to help their guests achieve the goals they had in business. One of the sessions was titled “How to Be Your Own Boss.” Other presentations focused on everything from personal branding to visualizing and even mindfulness practices.


The associates who participate in Stream events often have their businesses improve due to the resources they can gather there, according to Chelsey Berend, the Director of Events for Stream. The attendees will walk away with skill sets that will suit them as they seek to become Women of Power.


Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a direct sales organization and they provide connected life services. The company was founded over a decade ago in 2005 in Dallas. They have brought new life to the energy industry, utilizing innovative direct selling techniques. The company has produced over $8 billion in revenue over 12 years, making them one of the biggest direct selling companies around.


Stream offers a number of services. They provide wireless services, energy services, protective services, and home services. These all work together seamlessly and accommodate the busy lifestyles of their customers. It helps them stay connected no matter where they are. These services are available in many states including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Illinois, and New York. In addition, Stream’s other services are available nation wide (


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