Sahm Adrangi’s Unique Tactics of Investments

Sahm Adrangi is a well-known entrepreneur who owns a leading company called Kerrisdale Capital Management. The company recently raised approximately $ 100 million from investors with the aim of betting against a single stock. This investment is a unique one because normally hedge fund managers raise money to concentrate on a particular investment deal such as residential mortgage-backed securities or recovering distressed energy companies among others. However, hedge fund managers at Kerrisdale decided to raise that enormous amount to short a stock of an anonymous public company.

Sahm stated that the company raised such a meaningful amount in a short time for that incredible investment. Sahm Adrangi  added that the management is taking a firm that is worth $ 10 billion miles ahead and will get everyone understand the insights about the investment they are engaging in. Shane Wilson, a Kerrisdale analyst, together with Sahm Adrangi are focusing on an upcoming campaign thus they are working on website, video, report among other platforms that will improve the understanding of people. Kerrisdale Capital Management has already been acquiring stocks to create a strong position in the company that will soon be unveiled.

Currently, Kerrisdale manages about $ 500 million including the $ 100 million raised and has a history of betting against and for companies and going public with it. Some of the companies Kerrisdale has short positions are satellite Company Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen which are drug makers. Over the last five years, Kerrisdale has equalized its annual return to about 28% increase.

Sahm Adrangi studied at Yale University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He served at Deutsche Bank in its subsidiary finance group which improved his expertise in the finance field. Sahm also worked at Longacre Fund Management which is a bankruptcy restructuring group at Chanin Capital Partners.

Mr. Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management which was established in 2009. Sahm has helped many investors and creditors. Moreover, Sahm represents bondholder committees, bank debt holders, creditors from companies that are bankrupt and certain equity committees. Sahm Adrangi helps them financially by providing the best strategies that will save their businesses.

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