Neurocore Brain Training Technology

The brain consists of various nerves which convey information through electrical impulses. Sometimes, there are imbalances in the brain which may interfere with the movement of information to and from the brain. The imbalance leads to memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression or ADHD. Neurocore has come up with cutting-edge technology with neurofeedback protocols that help the brain to function healthier. The technology used identifies the problems from the analysis of the brain activity and from there they proceed to create a personal profile for one’s treatment.

Neurocore establishes a comprehensive analysis based on, qEEG technology, heart rate and breathing patterns. The test is conducted to come up with the in-depth analysis of the activities in the brain. QEEG is software that is used to monitor the brain frequencies and waves and to give immediate feedback. After establishing ones functional patterns, Neurocore helps in training the brain to work under desired conditions. It reduces unwanted results and assists in coming up with a better diagnosis of stress management. Through the training, the mind can create new neural pathways; as a result, it can heal itself. This method of natural healing eliminate the chances of falling into medication. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Neurocore center provides the right atmosphere right from the reception area. Once in, guests are allowed to go over a questionnaire. From there, one moves on for tests that target attentiveness, then scan and measure the brain waves. After conducting the tests, Neurocore put up a detailed report from the finding, and from there they recommend a suitable treatment strategy to be applied. From one of the methods, the patients proceed to a Brainroom and sensors are attached from your body to the is then allowed to select a movie of choice and watch it for a specified duration. If the brain loses focus, the strategy can train it to focus and at the end of the session, strengthen the mind. Neurocore has centers in Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Holland, and West Bloomfield.


Neurocore came up with finding indicating various types of depressions. Some are due to hormonal imbalance, and others are due to issue affecting someone. Neurocore has identified the different kinds of depression and concluded that it’s treatable. Depression has various treatment ways, and it’s, therefore, important to seek guidance from a doctor. Follow Neurocore on

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