Securus Technologies Outsmarting Inmates and Keeping the Peace

Over the last few years in our state prison, the inmates have become quite good and exploiting loopholes and taking advantages in certain situations. Many of the times these inmates are looking for ways to either get drugs in the jail or hurt others inside this facility. Once the violence began to spill over towards officers, we knew we needed to change our approach and get back control before this very dangerous situation became a deadly one. This is why we reached out to Securus Technologies in an effort to get our facility back from the hands of the inmates.


One of the big issues me and my fellow officers have when trying to monitor inmate calls is that we need to designate a certain amount of my team to that call center, so our staff on the ground is that much smaller. Securus Technologies was about to change all that and actually make our job even easier. The Securus Technologies company developed a state-of-the-art jailhouse telephone monitoring system that is run by the LBS software, no longer requiring officers to have to manually listen to when the inmates are sitting on the phones.


Securus Technologies already has this same telephone monitor up and running on well over 2,499 jails around the country, and it has given officers a chance to fight crime on two fronts. The staff stays in tact as they deal with issues each day, and while they are on those front lines, the LBS software is scanning calls and alerting officers when crimes my be committed. To that point, if an inmate tells his family how to smuggle prescription drugs to the call center, we make sure that transfer never happens. The ability to get in front of crimes has helped us lessen violence throughout this facility.


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