George Soros Is Massively Giving Back Through Open Society Foundations

News just in is that the billionaire investor George Soros has transferred most of his fortune to his major charity organization, the Open Society Foundations. Soros , who has been swimming in luxurious business deals ,has donated $ 18 billion to the not-for-profit organization, a gesture that has left everyone wondering what his next move is.

A look at Soros’ latest project

In terms of charity, he has managed to elevate his profile through championing democratic issues, a feature that has ranked Open Society Foundations top of the charity foundations across the world. For Soros, it all boils down to giving back to the society after years of struggling to fight for democracy, justice and human rights. Soros has been giving back to the society since his he relocated to America. He has transacted millions with the latest donation being one of its kind.

The foundation

Established in 1979, his organization, the Open Society Foundations, has categorically managed to elevate the standard living of most people who are not lucky enough to have basic needs. From financing public hospitals to facilitating helpful societal projects, under the guidance of George Soros, Open Society has transformed the society in a big way. This organization combats injustice and other critical issues that contribute to unfair treatment. The foundation branches to over 200 networks of charity organizations across the world. Read his profile at Forbes.

Duties entrusted to Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations has centralized focus on fighting for human rights. Soros has spent billions in educating helpless children, thanks to this organization. Being that it has multiple branches across the world; the ripples of helpful energy can be felt in different locations. The impact of Soros’ contribution has extensively transformed the society. Soros, being a scholar who majored in economics, understands the vitality of elevating one family in a society that has selfish leaders who pocket tax payer’s cash illegally.


Soros has been championing reforms since he moved to America. Politically, he has been involved in the battle for over ten years. The recent battle he was caught up in involved Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in the presidential elections. George Soros was the major donor with most of his associates chipping in to support Hillary. He parted with over $ 15 million, a gesture that reflected his belief for reforms and proper governance. Read more on about George Soros.

The root of open society

Well, where did it all root from? Soros was raised in Hungary. He was born in the era of Nazi Regime. He literally experienced first-hand mental and physical torture as a child. To survive the intolerance, his father forged identification documents. For some time, he worked under the Nazi Regime. The thought of continuing to serve as a slave contributed to his decision to flee the land. Soros left his past behind to start-anew. This is perhaps the most important decision he made in life. Joining the London School of Economics, he majored in Karl Popper’s works. That is where he derived the idea of open societies from. Until now, he has spread the same energy of humanity to nations. Soros continues to expand his businesses through philanthropy and investment.


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