Sentient AI: Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy

The introduction of artificial intelligence technology drastically changed the world we are living in. The things that were thought to be a part of science fiction soon became a reality, and now, a new scientific revolution is unfolding right in front of us. The use of artificial intelligence is now becoming prevalent, and it is believed that this technological advancement would soon change society as we know it. Businesspeople of today are harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence for them to gain more profit. Using AI technology in websites and other similar platforms can increase the revenue of an individual. This is true for those who are into the e-commerce retail, which reports an increase in sales once they laid out their AI interface.

Entrepreneurs who are conducting their retail business online are using an AI technology that would create a suggestion of items that a potential customer should buy, depending on the individual’s preference. This kind of technology is already used by the e-commerce giants like Amazon, and they are proven to be successful. What happens when someone visits an e-commerce website is that a list of items is being flashed on the homepage of the site. These are the products that the AI is suggesting to the visitor, and the results are made based on an algorithm programmed to the AI which enables it to guess the preference of the visitor. This kind of approach to online retail works most of the time and the conversion rate optimization of online retailers shown a significant increase during the time that the AI system is used. Conversion rate optimization is a marketing term which describes an individual who bought something from an online shop after being presented with the available products. This is one of the critical determinants in finding out if the online business is thriving or not.

The technology is currently available to desktop computers, but developers and programmers are trying to recreate the same technology for mobile devices. Billions of people are connected to the internet by the use of mobile devices, and if the programmers and developers successfully integrate the same system to mobile devices, it will significantly increase the sales of online retailers, and the e-commerce industry would skyrocket. This is what the majority of online entrepreneurs are hoping for – they wanted billions of people to be included in the network so their conversion rate optimization would also go up.


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