Whitney Wolfe Wants To Include Men as Well

Even though Whitney Wolfe has described herself as a feminist, she is noticing some issues with today’s feminism inspired culture among women. Society seems to be taking it real far with their presentation of men. Whitney Wolfe herself finds the idea of women only supporting women to be a little uncomfortable. One thing that she has stated is that she is worried about alienating the good and genuine men. She has seen that a lot of the traits that men are heavily criticized for are also present in women. Therefore, she wants to encourage women to not alienate men.

Whitney is the founder of Bumble. This app has been such a success that it has grown and spawned some extensions. One of them is the BFF extension which allows women to make friends with one another. The latest one called Bumble Bizz. This is a career networking app that helps women find the right type of opportunity for jobs or starting their own business. Whitney Wolfe herself is a successful entrepreneur. She has taken everything that she has learned about business and marketing and applied it to her career. This is what made her so successful as an entrepreneur.

Whitney Wolfe is motivated by wanting to give to people. She is willing to look at all of the issues in the industry of her choice and take the time to find solutions to them. She has seen how broken the system of online dating is. She has seen the frustrations on both the women and the men’s side. This is one of the reasons why she has wanted to develop her own app. This app makes sure that dating is a lot easier for both men and women.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe aims to do is empower women to live very productive and positive lives. She is also willing to teach them to build and not alienate any group of people. In the end, Whitney Wolfe wants true equality and she is working really hard to achieve it. Every aspect of her business is working towards empowering both men and women.

About Whitney Wolfe: thebeehive.bumble.com/bumble-bff/

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