The Making of Anthony Petrello Success

Anthony Petrello remains one of America’s most influential leaders of our time. Despite being a renowned figure and the most paid CEO in 2014 earning an average of $68.2 million, Mr. Anthony has never lost his humble self. According to sources Mr. Petrello, his success comes from his good relationships with his employees and his intelligence.

Anthony Petrello humble beginnings

Despite being the successful professional Mr. Anthony Petrello is, his background has nothing to show for it. Growing up Mr. Anthony was raised in Newark in a working class family. Here the much that was earned was used to pay the bills but this hardship did not stop Petrello from achieving his goals. Despite being a hardship stricken area, Newark was a city that upheld the virtues of hard work and work ethics. This two values grew within Mr. Anthony thus helping him appreciate the fact that there was actually no shortcut and easy path to success.

Education life

Anthony Petrello was quite remarkable in his studies. As a young child he grew fond of mathematics and would burn the midnight oil to be the best. This he was able to accomplish and earn a scholarship from Yale University. While at Yale, Mr. Patrello did not relent in his studies. His passion in Mathematics saw him help Serge Lang solve a number of complex number theories a fact that not only astonished his peers but also lecturers. However, after some time Anthony dropped his passion for Mathematics and joined the Harvard Law School to study Law.

Career life

Contrary to many people’s beliefs and expectation, Anthony did not have an easy way to the top of his career. Before being contacted to work for Nabors Industries a company that operate the largest land drilling rigs in America, Mr. Anthony worked as a lawyer in a number of law firms. This is not all, it also too the dedicated employee 30 years working within the company and rising within the ranks to become the company’s CEO. His strong work ethics, intelligence and appreciation of the people around him worked to his advantage helping him achieve the great success he enjoys today.


Even with a career and success big as his, Mr. Anthony loves to give back to the community. One particular initiative he and his wife are passionate about is towards children living with neurological conditions. The two contributed $7 million towards the construction of Texas Children’s Hospital where Mr. Anthony has been a member of the board of trustees.

Anthony Petrello is a role model to many. His success story is truly an inspiration to anybody trying to challenge the odds in their life to become the best version of themselves.


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