Meet Jason Hope: the Man Driving the Mobile Communication Industry

Jason Hope is an accomplished tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist from Arizona. He takes passion in technology and impacting the community. His career began with the establishment of a communication company. Today, Jason is spending most of his time and money in giving back to the community through investment and donations.

Education Background

Jason has a bachelor degree qualification in finance from the Arizona State University. In addition to this, he also graduated with an MBA from Carey School of Business.

Career Information

Jason Hope is a skilled futurist with a deep passion for technology. He is gifted to assess the communication industry and make effective predictions on the direction the industry is taking. Straight from college, Jason got into mobile technology business. He started by selling premium message services. This is how Jawa was conceived. The brand laid the foundation for successful career journey. The communication company has taken huge market milestones ever since.

Today, Jason is making money through various marketing programs such as SEO, Digital Media, Interactive Software, and Computer Systems. Mr. Hope always enjoys in investing in other individuals and organizations. For him, the best way to grow as an entrepreneur is via spreading the investment risks.

Personal Attributes

1. Jason the Futurist

Through his grant programs in most high schools and colleges, Mr. Hope focuses on encouraging the youths to take business investment serious. In order to grow the economy, they need to bring sustainable changes in the sector. He believes in the potential that the youths have and often suggest that many of them need a slight push coupled with an opportunity to effectively deliver.

2. Jason the Philanthropist

The driving force of SENS Foundation on medical aid made Jason take interest in the initiative as an active donor. The foundation is involved in the treatment of Heart Conditions, Cancer, Alzheimer, and Parkinson Disease among the vulnerable individuals. The opportunity to bring change and hope to ailing citizens motivates Jason hope.

3. Jason the entrepreneur

Mr. Hope employs social media marketing tools, for example, Twitter and Facebook as he takes his communication company to the next level. He looks at creating opportunities for others through investment and marketing. He is open to ideas that are market driven and communication-related. His powerful qualities make him a reflective entrepreneurial figure not just in Arizona, but globally too for more info about us: click here.


Jason Hope’s contribution in the mobile communication industry is enormous. His ability to assess the present market and make a successive market prediction makes him special and respected. His philanthropic quality, especially the donations toward the SENS Foundation is a characteristic worth commendation. Alongside his strong contributions, Mr. Hope is actively involved in Business Politics. All these make Jason Hope a celebrated individual in Arizona and the wider mobile industry.

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