David McDonald: OSI for over thirty years, since 1987

David McDonald has been with OSI for over thirty years, since 1987. He started his journey with the company as a Project Manager, and is now the President and Chief Operating Officer, or COO. OSI Industries is known as a premiere global provider for food. They are innovative in their handlings, and be sure to keep everything they do up to code. OSI Industries works with many different food companies, and they offer them the proper resources to be able to source, develop, deliver, and produce their product.

While attending the Iowa State University, David McDonald specialized in Animal Science. He then obtained his Bachelors Degree from Iowa State in that field. Since he has been employed with OSI, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience working in international business deals, and industry operations. Because of this experience and his degree, he is Chairman of the North American Meat Association.

As president of the company, David McDonald has been able to help improve the company’s sustainability. He has increased it’s relationship with China by spending a lot of time building it. He has made sure to have a presence around China for the past 20 years, building the rapport with the country.

In 2016, OSI Industries acquired a company called Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch company located in Europe. OSI is known for conducting business in Europe before the acquisition, but since acquiring Baho Foods OSI now has reach across 18 European countries. They purchased the controlling stake in Baho Foods for this reason, they wanted to be able to expand their horizons across Europe. David had said in an interview when the merge was happening that Baho Foods company portfolio has brands and products that compliment OSI Industries, and he thinks it will be a perfect fit. OSI does plan to keep the management teams for Baho Foods, and just merge the two companies together.

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