Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin: The Writers Helping Hispanic People All Over The Country

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are two individuals who are on a mission to help people coming from minority communities in the country. Even to America is an incredibly diverse nation with people from all over the world coming to the country where dreams are made. Even with this diversity, that has been prevalent for so long; there are still certain people who believe that they are the only ones who have the right to live in this free country.

People who belong to minority groups are regularly attacked for their differences, sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically. The problem is extremely prevalent in the country, but the action taken against those committing these crimes is far less. A lot of times, it is seen that the people who inflict this racial discrimination on people are within the governing and justice departments themselves. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin had to experience this injustice on a first-hand basis. The two of them were residing in the state of Arizona at the time and were both from the Hispanic community. They were writers at a media publication, who reported the various happenings in the state some of which included reports on criminal proceedings. The sheriff at the time was Joe Arpaio, who was known as America’s Toughest Sheriff. He was the man responsible for putting away one of the largest numbers of illegal immigrants in the entire country. However, reports started surfacing about the people who he was putting away.

A good number of them were innocent and were legally living in the country. Upon investigating this further, people began noticing that most of the people who were being convicted or deported were from Hispanic backgrounds. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to cover this, which led to something even worse for them in store.

Both Larkin and Lacey were picked up from their homes soon after the report, and were taken to a location by force, and were not told where they were. Both of them were kept in two separate prisons managed by Joe Arpaio and were not told what they were being kept in for.

They were released after forty-eight hours and were then told that they were in for their writing. This fueled the fire between the people of the Hispanic community and Joe Arpaio, demanding his immediate removal and for him to be punished for his actions. Lacey and Larkin decided that they would sue Joe Arpaio, which they eventually won. They were given a generous compensation for what they had to go through.

Lacey and Larkin both realized that there are countless people in the country who have to go through what they did, but don’t have any power to fight back. With individuals in the judicial system being the core culprits of this discrimination, there are very few sides that people can turn to.

Lacey and Larkin decided to thus establish the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, to help people from the Hispanic community fight against the injustices caused to them.

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