How George Soros Politics has Impacted the Society

George Soros is one of successful Hungarian-American investor, author, and a very active philanthropist. He was born in Hungary in 1930. Soros fled his country to London joining London School of Economics. He operated as a railway porter and a waiter during his studies before venturing into finance as a banker. Soros later moved to New York, and in 1969, he began his hedge fund which then changed to Quantum Fund. Soros in collaboration with Stan Druckenmiller was able to make an impressive on the Bank of England after shortening the British fund. Soros invests highly in the Soros Fund Management and 2017; he appointed Fitzpatrick as the new CIO due to her experience on Wall Street. In his education, Soros got the concept of the open society which has become his foundation on his career and philanthropic works. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros has politically supported those leaders who embrace his open society foundation concepts. He has shown great support for the Democratic Party to see Donald Trump defeated. According to him, Trump works have no difference to the actions of the ISIS group. Soros says Donald supports issues like the immigration reforms, religious tolerance and criminal justice reforms which are up to oppress the citizens. Soros highly supports Clinton because she embraces the open society concerns which include the advocate for social responsibility, democracy, the rule of law, social justice, and human rights. The Clintons also allow Soros to meet them and also hold policy meetings giving his views. He has also supported the election and reelection of Obama. Soros has flooded the party with millions of dollars.

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Soros has been in the forefront in educating and mobilizing the citizens on their voting rights. He has worked with organizations devoted to fighting any restrictions to citizens on their right to vote. The Voting Right Trust has received$5 million from Soros to help them mobilize and conduct civic education to the citizens. He also donated $2 million top the American Votes which helps in mobilizing voters. The group also participates in civic education to ensure the voters vote wisely. In his writing, George Soros warns the United States Citizen to resist electing Trump if they want to fight terrorism effectively.

George is a prominent philanthropist supporting and donating over $13 million to an international organization and non-profit organizations which defend the society on their human rights, education, human right and health care. He also supports the democratic alliance which supports individuals out of the Democratic party financially in development duties. The association helps in fighting big money politicians, combating climate change and fighting inequalities in income. Through his philanthropic works, the society has to be able to get the necessary amenities and also helping the immigrants get justice. Read more on

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