Securus Technologies Keeping Clients More than Just Safe; Happy Too

Securus Technologies is a company that is on the frontline in using technology in a way that impacts the community positively. Through the use of innovative technology, the company helps to enhance civil and criminal justice, increase public safety, improve investigations, as well boost monitoring. Securus Technologies is a company that is committed to top class customer experience; this is clearly evident in the way their certified users review their services and products.

According to chairman and the CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, the company ensure that they come up with a product to help law enforcement and corrections every week. Their dedication is what makes their clients so grateful to them and send their regards via emails.

In a recent post on PR Newswire, Securus released some of the emails that they received from clients expressing their gratitude. The Securus’ list of clients is made up of inmates, law officials, inmates’ family and also the general public. Most of the emails were descriptive explaining how efficient the products from Securus had helped, in some cases, some corrupt individuals ended up arrested due to this products. Their services also help officers of the law to garner evidence that would be essential in the solving cases.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas and is confident in their services; they have invited their competitors and other facilities to their headquarters for a representation of their services. This outstanding company is reputed to have served over 1.2 million inmates in the United States, maintain a stunningly impressive track record.



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