The Inspiring Career Of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal has extensive knowledge in marketing and advertising and is a pioneer in the development of advertising techniques. She is the CEO of CP&B and was formerly the Global Executive Chairman for KBS. She expanded the global vision of the company and was a major factor in their growth. Lori attended McGill University where she earned her degree. Shen then assisted companies like Xbox and Coca-Cola. Her style is unique and she is known for her creativity.

Her career began in high school when she was unable to compete in gymnastics due to height restrictions and she decided to coach instead. She learned how to be consistent and set goals. This helped her successfully move into the world of business. Once she learned what being a leader meant she made the connection with advertising. Her performance and perseverance have led to her success. She learned how to acquire clients and profitably construct an advertising campaign.

Lori Senecal has become an expert at developing business relationships. She takes advantage of opportunities and challenges and knows her strengths. The details are important to her and she makes tough decisions. Lori attributes her success to her parents, her focus and her mentors. Technology excites her and she believes the internet is the key to the future.

In 2016, Lori was named as one of the executives to watch and was also recognized as one of the creativity innovators of the year. She has been the CEO of the MDC Partner Network where her visions resulted in the growth of the network. More details can be found on Adage.

In an article on Salary, when Lori was the Global Chairman of KBS the company saw astronomic growth. They expanded from a domestic agency with 250 employees to an agency with 900 employees throughout the world. The Advertising Age has ranked her three consecutive years on their list for Standout Agencies. In 2013 Lori received honors at the Game Changer Awards when she was the recipient of the Quantum Leap award for her innovation and leadership. She is a current member of the Board of Directors for Ad Council.

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