All Natural EOS Lip Balm Has Reshaped the Lip Care Industry

Many lip balms have traditionally followed the same pattern year after year, decade after decade. However, EOS lip balm, a new product, has shaken up the lip balm market with their successful introduction of a new kind of lip balm that engages all five senses and connects more with the user.

One thing the founders of EOS noticed was that most lip balm manufacturers were focused on cutting costs and competing on prices, not driving a new or more innovative product. Through in-depth consumer research, they found that most users were women, who liked the idea of potted lip balm that would be harder to lose in a purse, but didn’t like the idea of putting it on with their fingers.

Those innovations drove the major changes to the lip balm market, and EOS lip balm has taken off, beating out longtime brands Chapstick and Blistex, and second only to Burt’s Bee’s, another natural product. It currently sells over 1 million units per week, and is still growing along with the fast growing lip care industry, estimated to be a two billion dollar industry by 2020.  Head over to this useful site.

The small spheres are made out of organic and natural ingredients, and have literally reshaped how women think about and use their lip balm on a daily basis. It took some time to get into drugstores, but once it hit store shelves it proved its popularity very quickly. After seven years, it has proved it can stay the course of home beauty treatments and several big brand names have copied the distinctive spherical shape with their own products.  Check on

EOS lip balm is especially targeted for style-conscious millennial women in their late twenties or early thirties, and advertised through traditional magazines and also through celebrity endorsements, social media, and targeted online advertising. Visit EOS on their pag.

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