Adam Goldenberg Saves Starts Chain of Successful e-Commerce Businesses

At the age of 20 Adam Goldenberg became one of the youngest chief operating officers when he came into this position for Intermix. Even at the age of 20 it was clear that Adam Goldenberg was different. He was a former programmer that had managed to become very important in the social media world thanks to his time at MySpace. He worked with business partner Don Ressler to establish himself further in the e-commerce business.

It became interesting to see what these two would do as they climbed the corporate ladder with skin care products that were sold to women online. It was during this time of the creation of a company called intelligent Beauty where they would really shake up the health and beauty industry and market products that were created through their company. According to, Adam Goldenberg would prove that he could handle the e-commerce business with the sale of beauty products, but he had other things in mind. It was during this time that he was aware of the changes that were happening and retail fashion, and he noticed that this was a booming business. It would be an innovative step out on faith, but Adam Goldenberg would work towards developing a subscription-based clothing company.

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This company is now called TechStyle, but it was once known as JustFab. This would be a groundbreaking company that would eventually be valued at a billion dollars. It would be the type of company that would allow women to take a style profile and get clothes shipped to them each month. This would totally eliminate the wasted time that so many women would use for trying to find clothes on a website that were in line with what they wanted to wear. Adam Goldenberg allowed women shoppers to save time by implementing this subscription-based service.

There is a large amount interest in what Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have been able to do. They have changed the way that women approach shopping on JustFab was only the beginning for this e-commerce duo. They would also branch out and connect with a partner in the celebrity realm to create Fabletics. This is a company that Adam Goldenberg is also passionate about because it brings Kate Hudson into the fold. With this Adam Goldenberg has been able to take this same business model that was used for JustFab and apply it to athletic clothing for women.

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