Wengie Gives Her Viewers Some Great Decor Hacks

Wengie is an Australian Youtube vlogger that has become well known for not only her beauty tutorials but also for her hack videos. In one of her more recent videos, she shows her viewers ten great decor and organizing hacks for your room. The first she shows us is her DIY sunglasses display. She uses a basic picture frame and some strings of lights that have been secured by pushpins to create a great lit display for all of her sunglasses. Next, she shows us how to use toilet paper rolls to store and organize wires and chargers. She also has a great idea for an art supply caddy. She uses and old apple cider caddy which she covers with wrapping paper and tape to create a very cute finished product

Next, she shows you how to maximize your closet space by linking a chain to the hook part of the coat hanger to enable you to hook multiple clothing items to the first item. You can stack vertically rather than horizontally. She shows her viewers how to make a decorative orgainzer from alternately stacked organizers. She spray paints the bottoms on some and then puts wrapping paper on the bottoms of others to create a fun and polished look.


Wengie always has great tips, tricks, and DIY projects to share with her audience. She has millions of subscribers on both her Youtube channel as well as her Instagram channel. She releases her videos twice weekly so there is always fresh material on her channels.

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