EOS Emerges in the Lip Balm Market

EOS lip balm brought their brand to the forefront of the lip balm market the right way, by concentrating on their customer base by designing a unique and innovative product in an industry long known for its complacency. The lip balm market was so complacent that the product offerings of today much resembled those sold a century before. Until EOS emerged, of course.

EOS saw that the complacent lip balm market provided them an in with consumers who were not enthralled with the lip balms on the market. They custom designed products that fit modern tastes and won a loyal fan base despite the premium price that they charged customers for their products, at $3 a unit.

EOS lip balms (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) more than justified that higher co given the higher quality base of their balms, typically shea butter. These higher quality ingredients that are all-natural and organic also worked better than those that the competition were still using which provided for a longer lasting and deeper level of protection from the elements.

EOS also did a great job in marketing their lip balms with clever flavors and in unique applicator orbs that appealed to customers. The uniqueness of these orbs allowed the brand to differentiate themselves on the shelves of retail stores such as Target and Walmart. This helped to provide them with initial sales and their higher quality products kept customers loyal to them. EOS designed custom equipment which made it harder for their competition to copy them.

For EOS, this strategy was a winning combination which allowed them to emerge as a major player in the lip balm market, despite the century long head start that their competition had. The success of EOS in the lip balm market has also allowed them to branch out into other segments of the personal care market and the brand is looking to grow and expand, as well as innovate further.


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