Study The Code For Financial Independence With The Midas Legacy

Preparing for retirement and taking part in wealth management activities is something each and every person needs to consider, but the difficult times many of us have as we explore these financial issues have been made easy with the aid of The Midas Legacy program. Wealth management and retirement plans are among the programs offered by the Midas group as they look to make life a little simpler for their clients as they explore the many options available for improving the financial position of clients and providing peace of mind for the future.

A number of experts have come together under The Midas Legacy banner to create what is known as The Midas Code, a booklet and program that brings together different options for the individual investor to choose from to best suit their needs. There are a number of options made available to investors through the program, which include two major decisions to be made about how best to invest for the future; the first option is to use cash and avoid the issues with a falling market reducing available funds. Secondly, the Midas Legacy offers the chance to show investors how to protect their retirement savings by shortening the market with the aid of some of the best known experts on finances in the world.

The difference between this Winter Garden, Florida investment company and its rivals is the focus placed upon the need for peace of mind in every aspect of life; the Midas group have made sure their own company plays an active part in the local community by providing funding for a number of local groups, including the Give Hope Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Making sure the needs of every investor are met is the main role of The Midas Legacy as this wealth management company understands the need for an individual plan designed to meet the needs of the investor and how they wish to invest their funds. This approach to every aspect of life allows expert advice to be given on everything from handling the financial markets and real estate decisions, to living the best possible life with natural health advisers also available for members.

Cone Marshall- Excelling Beyond the Norm

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a legal firm dealing with international families and their advisers. The company helps by establishing partnerships and businesses in New Zealand and offering global wealth planning advice and services. Cone Marshall has a huge client base and has worked over the years to build trust and loyalty among its customers. It serves private banks, family advisers, trustees, attorneys, and other organizations located within and outside New Zealand. The objective is to help them succeed in planning well for their clients.

Cone Marshall offers comprehensive full New Zealand tax, succession, trust, structuring advice, and provides administrative services. All the inquiries customers make with the company are kept confidential and protected by legal professional privilege. Through Cone Marshall, companies now find it easier to get a tax advantage from New Zealand. The company boasts of an army of companies spread all over and continue to offer professional services to clients across the board in respectable and professional manner.

Cone Marshall and Karen Marshall

It works with a team of experienced professionals including Karen Marshall who is a director in the company. She has been working for Cone Marshall since November 2005 and a principle since 2006, April. Her experience and role at the company include working as the director of Trust Company as a Trustee.

Before she joined the firm, she had worked at another established law firm in the Commercial Litigation department. She was an acting adviser to two statutory trustee companies and has represented and advised Trustees of Charitable Touts on claims by beneficiaries. She has vast experience in managing Touts and responding to requests from settlers and their clients. At the helm of the company’s leadership, she has ensured that processes run smoothly and that the firm attains its goals and objectives seamlessly.

Other Notable Milestones

The firm, whose owners are Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone, is critical to the foreign trust sector in Auckland, New Zealand. They are the trendsetters in the NZ Trustee Companies Association, which is a combination of four trust companies. The firms successfully lobbied to end the review of the trust law. The two leaders have more than a thousand company directorship on the New Zealand register. Currently, not all these companies are actively involved. Some of their employees are taking up the role of Geoffrey himself who is now based in Uruguay. However, the number of companies they have registered is still growing some of which represent some larger trust firms internationally.

Sam Tabar Joins FullCycle Energy Fund


In December 2015, Sam Tabar was appointed as FullCycle Energy Fund’s chief operating officer. In his new role, Tabar will oversee the company management strategy. Upon receiving the good news, he could not hide his excitement. He is looking forward to cooperating with the company’s talented team of leaders in order to deliver FullCycle’s goal of producing environmentally friendly fuels. Sam Tabar has spent a considerable time in managing financial strategies for different institutions. He has a solid experience in developing strategies, a factor that qualifies him to serve as the COO.
Previously, Sam Tabar worked for various organizations in different capacities. At Merrill Lynch, he was in charge of capital strategy. He played a pivotal role in introducing fund managers to potential investors like pensions, foundations, endowments, family offices and fund of funds. In addition, Sam Tabar co-headed the marketing department for the Asian Pacific largest independent fund, Sparx Group. His boundless career saw him work as an attorney for Arps, Meagher, Skadden, Slate & Flom, and Roth & Zabel. Tabar is a successful venture capitalist. In the past, he has invested in Thinx and Tribute. Thinx has been giving back to women in Africa by donating sanitary towels.
As an attorney, Sam Tabar taught clients on how to structure hedge funds, investment management agreements and private placement memoranda. He also dealt with employment issues and regulatory management concerns. Sam is a proud alumnus of the renowned Columbia Law School and the esteemed Oxford University where he earned a Masters’ Degree in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts respectively. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as provide in this link:
About FullCycle
FullCycle Energy Fund commenced operations in 2013. Its objective was to turn waste materials into cheap fuels. The entity believes that the solution to environmental pollution lies in producing valuable fuel that can power communities around the world. The company is driven by the commitment to put resources into traditional plants that generate electricity to avoid high costs of power and pollution. To this end, FullCycle has partnered with Synova Inc, a leading energy production company. Synova helps FullCycle in selecting projects that meet the company’s objectives and criteria of implementing its core strategy of equity investment.


Keith Mann Excels in Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

Keith Mann is the founder and Managing Director of Dynamics Search Partners. Dynamics Search Partners is a hedge fund service that is committed to sourcing the finest of talents for the hedge fund industries. The company also provides alternative hedge fund services and is dedicated to finding individuals with excellent talent and skills that fit the requirements that the hedge fund world wants. Keith’s company is distinguished as one of the leading agencies in the hedge fund business. Dynamics Search Partners provides staffing requirements to outstanding equity firms and operates from New York, New York.

More about Dynamics Search Partners
Dynamics Search Partners has been in operation for 15 years. Keith Mann founded the company in 2001 when. The company has accommodated more than 2000 district client requests with Mann at the helm, and he has expanded their services considerably. The company is quite prominent and esteemed in the hedge fund services industry because of its good reputation as one of the largest and most dependable investment executive databases. Mann joined Dynamics Associates in 1995 and served in the capacity of alternative investments department manager. He is credited with finding alternative financing options for the company and moved up the ranks very fast and became the Senior Vice President of the enterprise.

Keith Mann the Philanthropist
Mann is a philanthropist and always finds the time and the resources to provide assistance to various organizations. Keith Mann is also responsible for setting up various charity events with the most significant being the mixer for the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund in 2008 that raised $8000. His company also entered into a partnership with Uncommon Schools with the objective of assisting low-income children to prepare for higher education. This partnership started in the fall of 2013 and saw Mann’s company provide assistance to the tune of $10,000 in the same year. Mann’s company has a track record of more than ten years in which they have successfully paired clients with the excellent industry talents. Mann is married and has children with his wife, Keely Mann.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. This company helps inmates keep up with current technology so it will not be hard to re-civilize. The company uses public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. Securus served as one of the many of companies which provided telephone service to inmates. They contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States serving 45 states and has invested more than $600 million in technologies. Securus also provide services in Canada and Mexico. This company has an A plus with the Better Business Bureau. This company also provides parolee tracking and government information management solutions. They believe this company will reduce stress and anxiety in jail.


Securus signed a Stock Purchase Agreement with JPay in 2015. JPay is the market leading technology company. They introduced electronic payments, email, and many more entertainment and educational related applications to the correctional facilities. They currently operate in more than 33 state prison systems.


Due to tragic flooding in Louisiana, Securus has agreed to allow free calls to inmates. This will occur until September 7, 2016 to reach loved ones in Louisiana. This is just one of the many reasons Securus is a great company.


Innovative Healthcare Company – InnovaCare Health

Most people experience the traditional Medicare healthcare insurance coverage while around one-third elect to obtain a Medicare Advantage Plan. While the beneficiary still has Medicare coverage through the traditional government plan, they use a different form of health care insurance coverage to cover their medical expenses. One may expect to receive different coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan, and that is simply why they choose to obtain that type of health care coverage. There are several different types of Medicare Advantage Plans that the beneficiary can choose from. They are called the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). Medicare Advantage Plans can cover other medical services that the traditional Medicare plan does not cover. The advantage to Medicare Advantage Plans are that they continue to provide Part A and Part B services but they can do so with different rules, regulations, costs and restrictions that can sum up how you receive overall care. Health care plans can become very confusing at times, and with all of the health care regulations and changes it’s important to understand your health care coverage plan so that you can ensure future medical expenses will be handled appropriately and be covered. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re sick is how you’re going to pay for the medical services rendered. That’s where InnovaCare comes into place.

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InnovaCare is a fact paced health care company that can help you make the right decision with your Medicare Advantage Plan of choice. By carefully constructing a plan with you for your health care coverage plan, they can help you understand the difficult measures in the fine detail. InnovaCare Health puts patient’s first and is dedicated to helping each patient find quality medical care. InnovaCare are committed and dedicated to refining the healthcare managements systems to meet the challenges of the complexity we face everyday with healthcare. By focusing on strong patient interaction and refining the plans detail to make sure the patient understands their plan, they can ensure that you understand your medical plan and medical services that are covered.

InnovaCare is backed by some of the best and educated professionals in the market like Penelope Kokkinides. They are proud to the executive management team that they have on board such as Rick Shinto, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer along with Douglas Malton acting as the Chief Financial Officer.

Eucatex Leads Sustainable Business Movement In Brazil

Sustainable business practices have become a major concern for industries worldwide, and rightly so, as we stand on the brink of extreme climate change and natural resource depletion.

Brazil’s leading furniture manufacturer, Eucatex, has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of eco-friendly manufacturing businesses. Helmed by President Flavio Maluf, Eucatex is leading the furniture industry’s move to focus on environmentally friendly products.

An Environmentally Conscious Business Model Since Inception

Eucatex began in 1951 with an idea that was decades ahead of its time. Their first products were acoustic ceilings and fibre plates manufactured from Eucalyptus wood. Despite getting into business with a low scale production, their unique and eco-friendly products gained popularity, prompting them to add another line of products for insulation. Soon after, they began exporting to Europe.

Currently, their line of natural paints and varnishes made from Eucalyptus is the most in-demand worldwide, being exported to over 40 countries.

Reaching New Landmarks In Sustainable Alternatives

Eucatex’s commitment to the research and development of environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions has been lauded worldwide. Their products too, have gained massive following from a population that is becoming more environmentally conscious in their consumption.

Most recently, Eucatex launched a line of wood block panels to huge success. These panels are developed from natural resources and waste management techniques under their alternative manufacturing plan, and are already in great demand worldwide.
In addition to development and research, Eucatex has worked tirelessly to replenish Brazil’s natural forest cover, dedicating 10,000 hectares of their land to developing nurseries and Eucalyptus plantations.

Sustainability Research Under The Leadership Of Flavio Maluf

The company’s current President, Flavio Maluf, is credited with the huge leaps and bounds it has made in the field of sustainability. Flavio belongs to one of Brazil’s famous political and business families, Malufs. He began working in his family-owned company Eucatex as a mechanical engineering graduate from FAAP, becoming the company’s President in 1997, rising through ranks by sheer dedication to the field of sustainability.

Under the leadership of Flavio, Eucatex has intensified its focus on sustainability research. Flavio combines his rural management and business degrees to develop eco friendly business techniques.

Bloomberg shows that Maluf is renowned globally for his presentations on sustainability and entrepreneurial management. In Brazil, he is an avid supporter of local charities and volunteer organizations. Besides Eucatex, he is also the president of GrandFood group, another sustainable business specialising in pet feed. Finally, Flavio is well known for commenting on issues of the day. Mr. Maluf has been talking Dupont, and what that chemical merger will mean for Brazil.