How to Survive an Online Attack

When you work hard to keep your reputation looking good and someone comes along and messes with it, you don’t want to sit by and allow it to happen. There are several ways you can choose to react, but the way you choose to is the way the world will see you.

Don’t Freak Out Too

The easiest thing you can do when someone is bringing your name down is to join in and attack the person doing it. This is really not the best idea because then you are getting just as dirty as they are. This makes you look worse than when you started.

Instead you should consider taking the high road and think about what happened. If you can, you should get in front of it, but it’s not always going to happen this way.

Keep Things Going

If you have a business, let them know everything will be going on as normal. This way you will still be able to keep your business going and not worry about anything happening to it. You don’t want your customers to not want to work with you because of something that has been says. Websites like can help clean up your online reputation and allow your business to thrive.

Stay Focused

If you want your business to survive you will need to stay focused on what you are doing and why. This way when something like this happens, you won’t just want to give up. This can be a huge help when you think you may lose your business because of something that you didn’t do or that you wanted to keep yourself safe from. There are a ton of reasons you may have made a mistake or done something wrong, but you can turn it around if you keep believing in your business.

You shouldn’t let one mistake ruin your business. You can get a lot of things done and can change the way people think of your business with a few different things. The biggest thing you can do is keep going. If you wait, then you have lost.

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George Soros Invests In Gold Owing To The Changing Global Markets

George Soros’s bearish investments have registered mixed success. However, recently he has been engrossed in trading. People close to him assert that he has been spending much time in his office because he anticipates changes in the economic prospects. This year, Soros funds have registered an upward growth. In a previous filing, the investments made by Soros Fund Management have increased in line with the many macro hedge funds.

The last time that Soros paid close attention to his firms trading activities was in 2007. During this period, Soros was worried about the housing bubble. To this end, he placed bearish wagers that resulted in $ 1 billion worth of profit. In an email, Soros confided that fall outs from unwinding investments in China would have global implications. With other Asian countries accumulating foreign currencies, China is suffering from capital flight. This situation is depleting the country’s foreign currency reserves.

George Soros argued that China is facing internal aggression within its political quotas. Soros asserted that in the future political wrangles would have adverse effects on China’s ability to handle financial matters. Soros is anticipating benefiting from such political and economic conflicts in China.

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Cramer: Investing like George Soros will never make you rich

After staying out of trading for a while, George Soros has returned to his forte of trading. The inherent opportunities in the global economy have inspired his willingness to profit from the economic troubles. Concerned about the large market shifts, Soros has decided to direct a series of large bearish investments. People close to Soros posits that he is confident of his gains, as he has correctly made predictions against the global economy. Soros made huge gains from a bet he made back in 1992 against the British Pound. In the recent, years, Soros has been more concerned with philanthropic activities as well as matters on public policy. Soros has greatly contributed to the Super PAC backing Hillary Clinton.

About George Soros
George Soros is the founder of the Soros Fund Management. He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations. Soros’s past in Budapest was not what one would want for his or her children. During World War II, Soros managed to survive the Nazi occupation. Soros fled to England in 1947. After attending the London School of Economics, Soros graduated and soon after, moved to the United States. Soros made a huge fortune and was able to establish the Open Society Foundation with the objective to fighting dictatorship and bad governance in the society.

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Wengie’s Intuitive Design Makes Small Living Idyllic

Her style could be categorized as sophisticated, elegant, and somewhat minimalistic. Her space is small but she is a maximizer. Join Youtube sensation Wengie on an intimate tour of her elegant apartment.

From first glance, one can see that Wengie has worked hard to create visual appeal on every level. She capitalizes on the architectural brilliance of the space in order to create appeal at every turn.

Before offering viewers a detailed look she said, “I think I’ve finally got it to a place where I am proud to show you guys.” A moment into the tour, viewers can see that this is a huge understatement. Wengie’s apartment is exquisite!

On the tour, she offers commentary about her cute 58 square foot apartment. The entryway simple guides viewers into an open design kitchen and living room space. The focal point of this area then is an eye-catching white double ladder shelf which she uses to store succulents, flower arrangements, a pair of high heels, and candles.

Moving from here, the viewer is brought into her jaw-dropping sun room area. The windows are grasp worthy as they reach all the way to the ceiling and offer a stunning view of the city. This area also features a study area and sun bar table with metal stools.

From here Wengie offers a look into her bathroom and bedroom. Both of which feature a simple layout and design elements. The highlight again is definitely the floor to ceiling windows which extend into her bedroom.

The apartment is spacious with vibrant colors, plants, playful cushions, and natural lighting. She uses metallic accent pillows, vases, and containers. Theses small elements add depth and visual appeal at the micro-level. Throughout the tour, she talks about highlight certain design elements and pieces which bring her happiness and really bring tie the spaces together. Though small each space seems distinct due to careful design elements and visual cues.


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Why Is FreedomPop The Best Cell Phone In The World For Pricing?

FreedomPop has been trying to corner the market on the affordable cell phone, and they want to make sure that they are going to attract as many people as possible with their options. There are so many options for customers at FreedomPop that anyone can get the phone and plan they need at the price they need. The price that someone needs might be nothing at all, and there are free plans that people can get when they come to FreedomPop.

Basically, everyone starts out at FreedomPop with a free plan, and then they wills tart paying based on what they use. They will pay more if they use more, or they will pay nothing if they use less. Everyone on the plans at FreedomPop will be able to get the results they want when they are using their phones, and they will also notice that they can get the help they need when they want to keep their costs low. They can use their phones on wifi to save data, and they will be able to use apps that help them save data.

The person that goes for the free plan on FreedomPop will instantly notice that they can get a phone in their hand even if they have no money in their pocket. This helps disenfranchised people, and it helps people who really do need to have a phone so that they can be safe. Safety is a very big part of why people need to have cell phones, and they need to be assured that they will be able to use their phones when they need them the most. FreedomPop has a very large network, and they are expanding every day. They are trying to reach all countries, all regions and still have the lowest prices possible.

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George Soros Petitions for More Help for Ukraine

George Soros insists that the situation in Ukraine is one that concerns the entirety of Europe. He has made no qualms about his opinion that the European Union needs to step up and do more to make sure that Ukraine is able to remain stable and independent of Russian interference. His decades of experience in writing and speaking about global crises and personal investments in businesses in Ukraine make George Soros Ukraine a particularly relevant voice in advising the world powers about the need for peace in Ukraine. In a series of articles and essays for major publications, Soros sets forth his perspective on what it would take to maintain a long term peace between Ukraine and Russia.

Soros explains that Russian aggression in Europe and around the world simply cannot be tolerated any longer. Even though many European leaders do not express the concern and outrage befitting of a crisis situation that could explode at any moment, Soros says the threat from Russia is very real, as long as Vladimir Putin remains in power. Short of a complete political revolution in Russia, George Soros reminds us that Europe must remain vigilant of keeping Russian aggression at bay. Soros describes the kind of nationalist expansion agenda adopted by Putin as one of the biggest threats to democracy in the Western world today. The situation in Ukraine offers a timely opportunity for Europe to keep a handle on Russia, according to Soros, so European leaders should see to it that Ukraine remains in a stable enough financial position to front a military opposition against Russian troops for the foreseeable future.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

In very practical terms, Soros also explains that a more generous financial assistance plan for Ukraine could ultimately result in Ukraine being able to repay its many creditors. Because Ukraine is right at the crux of its reform movement, the country remains in an unstable position to be able to forecast long term economic prosperity. If European creditors allow Ukraine enough latitude to fight off its enemies and recover from the financial shock of having to mount a military opposition against Russia, then its odds of being able to regain its balance of trade drastically improve. Thus far, the International Monetary Union has been the major source of financial aid to Ukraine. More support from the EU to Ukraine could significantly boost Ukraine’s chances of getting on solid financial footing in the coming years.

The way that Soros sees the EU being able to step up its assistance to Ukraine is to rely on its huge, unused borrowing capacity. Soros suggests that the EU could also look into European Investment Bank projects, which could be worth more than 10 billion pounds. With these resources, the EU could play an important role in allowing Ukraine to continue its political reforms for a more open and democratic society and fend off Russian aggression at the same time. The way that Soros explains the dilemma, the choice should be simple for European leaders hoping to bring democracy and stability to the entire region.

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SEC Whistleblowers Given Help By Leading Law Firm

The 2008 economic slowdown caused major problems around the world as people from all areas sought the best ways of dealing with a global economy that had stalled to such an extent the effects are still felt in 2016. In response to the problems of 2008 the Securities and Exchange Commission took stops to avoid any similar problems occurring in the future by working alongside legislators to introduce the Dodd-Frank Act, which introduced wide ranging measures to regulate the financial industry; among the changes made was the introduction of an SEC Whistleblower program introduced by Jordan A. Thomas to assist those who felt issues should be raised with the SEC regarding companies or individuals being dealt with in the industry.

Jordan A. Thomas has now brought his skills to the law firm of Labaton Sucharow as they have established one of the first dedicated SEC whistleblower departments. Under the leadership of Thomas the company has been making a mark aiding those who are looking to raise awareness of irregularities in the financial industry whether in the form of a company they work for or any other area of the financial world.

The group is looking to make sure those who join the SEC Whistleblower program have the chance to enjoy all the protections and benefits the program allows, which include a guarantee over future employment when their activities have been revealed. Further issues the law firm are looking to assist whistleblowers in are the monetary rewards that can be found in some areas of the SEC Whistleblower program, which include the awarding of funds to the individual when fines and penalties are taken out against a company or individual by the SEC.

Working with a specialist group when an individual believes serious problems can be found in any financial company can have its benefits as Labaton Sucharow employ an entire team of specialists with skills developed to ensure the claims of any person are investigated to make sure they are wroth taking to the SEC; avoiding bringing unnecessary claims to the SEC will avoid embarrassment and reduce the chances of future problems for the individual involved in bringing their concerns forward.

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