Thor Halvorssen Is Supporting The Lesser Of Two Evils

The current election is very strange. It’s got equal parts fear and excitement to it, but no one seems to be all that interested in who wins. While there is a lot of support for Bernie and Trump, beyond the closest supporters of any candidate, general citizens feel they’ve stumbled into a bit of a political miasma. This extends up the ladder even to the highest echelons of the country. Consider a recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, a prominent philanthropist and film producer based in Hollywood.

Thor started by stating socialism often breeds terrible human rights violations, and that the two were intertwined. He said that the one results in the other. His caveat was that socialistic practices not pushed by a dictatorial government could be successful, but in general what tends to happen is human rights violations. Later in the interview it was brought to light that Thor has lost family in the advances of dictatorial socialist regimes, so he doesn’t just speak theoretically, but from experience.

After saying all he had to say about socialism being a human rights violator, he went on to say he is funding Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The contribution he made was the largest one within the legal limits of the law during an election campaign. This stunning news makes more sense when one considers why Halvorssen did what he did. According to Thor, Hillary Clinton, whom he referred to as the democratic front-runner, is regularly given contributions by dictatorial regimes. In Thor’s eyes, Hillary is being manipulated by such forces, and should she attain the White House, that manipulation will continue. He said this was the same reason he couldn’t support Ted Cruz, as that candidate is likewise beholden to dictatorial funding.

Conservatives can agree with a vote against Hillary; but the socialistic leanings of Bernie Sanders are disturbing. Even in the interview between Thor and the reporter, the concept was discussed that most people who support Bernie don’t actually know what socialism means in a true sense. That isn’t the case with Thor Halvorssen, though: he’s just backing who he sees to be the lesser of two evils.

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Why do people invest in gold?

Gold, despite being considered to be one of the classic investments, is also an unusual one. Unlike investments in stocks and bonds, there are no regular payments to an investor in gold, as dividends and interest payments are for equity and debt holders. Still gold has retained a long history as an attractive investment class for individuals. There must be a notable reason. This article will explain the role that gold has for investors.
Gold is mined and not printed. The cost of mining gold has been increasingly more costly as time goes on and there is therefore a limited supply that is available for those who are interested in holding gold.

This provides a real level of price stability behind the investment and it fares well in comparison to the various paper currencies that can be printed at the whim of central bankers. Gold is very inflation resistant and a great option for investors who have a long term outlook on the market or are looking to save money for retirement.

Many people think that by holding a variety of different stocks and bonds they are diversified. They believe that, until of course, a black swan event swoops in and all of their investments decline simultaneously. All of them but gold which is a truly diversified investment class that does not fluctuate in accordance with the others –

US Money Reserve has an inverse relationship with stocks (a fact gathered by and bonds and is considered to be a bastion of safety for investors. It often goes up in tough times as a tangible asset that has real value and demand. As such, many flock to it during recessionary times for the diversity that it provides to their portfolio.

While gold is an attractive investment for the reasons that were noted above. However it is also one of the more confusing investments out there as there are many different investment options for gold and each have their distinct pros and cons. It is important for an person to obtain assistance when investing in gold and reaching out to an investment advisers who is experienced with gold investments.

US Money Reserve has experience with all types of gold investments but are particularly astute with gold coins. Their professionals can provide explanations regarding gold markets and the options available to investors.

CBS19 says that US Money Reserve inc and visit their LinkedIn page for more information about the firm and their professionals.

Rock the Latest Look Now With Lime Crime

It’s no secret that the Kardashian sisters are setting beauty trends with their sultry good looks and innovative style taste. Kylie in particular has a flair for changing her hair on a whim, and in a Hollywood Life article, she shows off her new golden blonde hair matched with a bold lip color. This new shade, a chestnut burgundy tone called Kourt K is heating up Instagram, as part of a new lip kit introduced on March 17th.

According to Parent Herald, there are several alternatives to the Kardashian lip kit brand, for example, Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte Lipstick in Reddest Red is a ringer for Mary Jo K from the Kardashian brand, recommended also by

Pairing bold lips with sexy hair, whether color treated or natural, is nothing new at Lime Crime cosmetics, an indie makeup company founded by beauty maven Doe Deere. The Kourt K that Kylie is modeling looks very much like Lime Crime’s Jinx Velvetine shade, seen here on Instagram, that is available right now on Amazon. Speaking of changing hair colors, Lime Crime’s website has every shade of lip and eye colors to compliment the latest candy color hair shades as well as the golden blonde Kylie is currently rocking.

It’s clear that women know best when it comes to creating sensational beauty products. From Estee Lauder to Mary Kay, female beauty entrepreneurs have been making their mark in the cosmetic business. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, started out with a tube of green mascara and a big dream, and helped usher big, bold, dramatic colors back to the forefront of the beauty world.  Follow Lime Crime on Twitter for updates on what the brand releases next.

If you can’t wait to get your Kardashian lip kit, or want a superstar look without the designer price, check out Lime Crime lip colors, along with luxurious eye shadows and liners at.

Autism Rocks Foundation New Additions to the Board of Governors

The autism rocks charity foundation has acquired two minds in Will and Pete Best. The two brothers will join the organization as members of the board of trustees. Sanjay Shah the man behind the organization has known the brothers for a long time and is convinced that there experience will proof invaluable to the organization.

Autism rocks is a charity foundation that aims to create awareness and raise funds for autism research. The foundation is one of a kind as it invites musicians to perform in order to raise funds. The other distinction is that it is an invite only concert. Will and Pete will have various responsibilities at the organization such as managing the music concerts. Pete has vast experience in the financial sector spinning for over 20 years. Before joining the organization he was Chief Operating Officer at Icap a brokerage firm that is located in London. Will on the other hand is well versed with the entertainment sector and has a particular interest in music. Mr Shah stated the combined experience of the two brothers will propel the organization to greater heights. The original unrecaped article was run through PR Newswire.

What if you lost your job during the financial crisis and had no idea what to do? That’s what happened to Solo’s capital founder and CEO Sanjay Shah. A trained doctor and an accountant by profession went on to launch one of the biggest financial firms in Britain. The firm known as Solo Capital deals with hedge funds and brokerage. It is a trusted institution that values its client’s welfare and sky has rocketed over the years to become one of the most sought out after financial firm in Europe. The firm has acquired and merged with other firms over the years in order to expand its boundaries.

Most people are not aware about autism and its adverse effects on children. Autism Rocks foundation has devoted resources so as to root out the disease. Sanjay Shah is directly affected by the disease since one of his children was diagnosed with autism. The foundation has reached out to various players in the music industry to raise funds through music.

Why Entrepreneurs Love White Shark Media

The duties of an entrepreneur are much different than they were several years ago. Rather than spending their time traveling, they will spend it on the Internet, developing their website and using social media to market their brand. While they will still have more sixteen hour days than they would like, their tasks will be a little different.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are just not up for these tasks. They know about their industry. They are experts in their field (which is why they have developed their products and services). But they do not know how to engage with the digital marketplace.

That is why so many entrepreneurs love White Shark Media. It gives them the chance to focus on their company and hone their product. While you may not know how to invade the digital marketplace, White Shark Media does. They have a long and rich history of helping companies to expand their brand and develop their audience according to Clutch.

Many people who use White Shark Media report growth in every area, including revenue, traffic, and much more. This means that an investment in White Shark Media is an investment in your own business. It is an investment that you will get back and even profit from in the future ( They offer several necessary services.

SEO Optimization

Their blog supports the fact that everyone who owns a website needs to know how to interact with search engines. If somebody is searching for an answer to their difficult question, they need to be able to find your website. If they cannot find it, then there is really not a point in having a website. You will probably generate more traffic from search engines than you will from every other form of marketing. While White Shark Media does not technically offer search engine optimization, they do direct customers to the SEO company who offers the best prices and would fit their needs.

Listening To Customers

There are far too many companies who are just not willing to hear the concerns that their loyal customers have. Some of their customers have been doing business with them for years. They have a lot of insight. Even the customer who has only had one business transaction with a particular company has some insight to offer. White Shark Media has demonstrated that they really do want to hear what their customers have to say, and they amend their services accordingly.

Coffee Pairs With The King of Herbs

In recent years, there’s been some hype about a new kind of coffee that blows our normal cup of morning brew out of the water. What’s the difference? Organo Gold’s not just a caffeinated wake up call, it is actually beneficial to your health.

Dr. Bob Rakowski is a leading clinical nutritionist and he sung nothing but praises.

“It alkalizes the body, increases oxygen delivery, facilitates detoxification, controls inflammation and enhances immune function. If you consider those five major factors, there’s really no-one walking around who can’t benefit from it in some way,” he says.

Organo Gold’s not magic, of course. It’s not the coffee or tea leaves that are doing anything special, rather it’s what the grounds are infused with that makes this brand stand out. All of their products contain ganoderma lucidum, a 4200-year-old herb (made from specific mushrooms) that hails from East Asia.

These mushrooms grow on wood, grow out of large trees, both dead and alive, in forests in the more tropical regions of Asia. Some companies have taken to harvesting their ganoderma using plastic bags, which means the spores cannot effectively propagate, in turn it much less potent. This gives Organo Gold a rare quality, because they harvest only the best mushrooms grown high in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou region. It gives them a richness some competitors can’t hope to compare to.

This king among herbs has had extensive use in traditional Asian medicine. The herb itself has been, for thousands of years, recognized by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine as the highest ranked of all herbs. The herb is called Lingzhi, meaning “spiritual potency,” and the Japanese name, Reishi, is where it gets the “King of Herbs” title.

The company’s founder, Bernardo Chua, continues to fund research related to this wonder herb.

In addition to his ever building Facebook following, Chua is one of the first to successfully market ganoderma lucidum outside of the region it originates from, East Asia. In the last decade, he has spent his time marketing coffee, tea, and other domestic products in order to announce to the western market the arrival of the herb. As one of the top names in the direct sales industry and most notable businessmen in The Pacific Rim, it has gone well thus far. Both companies that he’s had a hand in, Gano Excel and this one, Organo Gold, have been successful in their pursuit to tell the world about this King of Herbs.

Though he grew up in the Philippines, Wikipedia shows Chua’s Chinese background let him in on the secret early on, and that’s where his efforts to introduce ganoderma gained its momentum. Coupled with his expertise in direct sales, it’s been enough to make the news of ganoderma global.  Check out Bernardo’s YouTube speech to his company, or recommended reading on GoLifePro that details Organo Gold’s strategy for conquering the global coffee market.