Status Labs President Offers Advice for Retaining Employees

Part of running a successful company is understanding that it’s the employees that make the company run smoothly. Unhappy employees equals a company in turmoil. Darius Fisher, founder and president of Status Labs, has some great advice for keeping employees happy and motivated in his post on Forbes. Status Labs is a premier reputation management firm that has grown greatly since its inception in 2012. The firm recently grew its staff by 12 percent. Fisher understands that having a happy staff is essential to business growth.
According to the post, Fisher states using incentives is one of the best ways to keep employees motivated. Offering simple things such as an extra day’s paid vacation can go a long way to keeping employees happy. The bigger the business, the bigger the incentive can be, but even small things will make an employee’s day. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep staff happy is a simple thank you for a job well done. It is amazing what gratitude and recognition can do for morale. Another easy step is keeping employees in the loop. When staff members don’t know what’s going on within the company, it can make them feel like they are not an important part of the business.
Replacing employees can be expensive. According to Fisher, replacing upper management positions can cost as much as the previous employees salary. Giving regular raises will keep employees from looking elsewhere to make more money. The amount in raises is a better investment in current employees than the expense of hiring someone else.
As president of Status Labs, Fisher has used all of these techniques to harbor positive morale in his staff. Fisher has worked in marketing for most of his life as a copy-writer for marketing firms as well as on political campaigns. Understanding people is an important part of marketing and management and aids Fisher in understanding and retaining employees. Although it may be impossible to completely eliminate turnover, reducing it can help a business grow.

IFunding Investment Deals Attract More Investors in the Competitive Real Estate Sector

Crowdfunding has gained a lot of popularity among investors, and it has been received well in the real estate industry. Despite being at an infant stage, crowdfunding is reshaped how individuals are investing in properties. This development is advantageous for investors, real estate firms, as well as the real estate market. iFunding is an established real estate company headquartered in New York. The company has managed to cement a remarkable position in the industry since inception.

The firm utilizes modern technology to connect real estate investors to sponsors such as property developers and owners and provide investment solutions that can benefit them mutually. They are provided with a platform for raising money that can be used in property development. Investors are offered investment opportunities that revolve around equity and debt deals with $5000 being the minimum value.

Twitter makes it clear the company has a team of professionals that conduct intensive research on the property, real estate market, and developers. Investors are advised on how to make quality investment decisions. The platform provides an opportunity for investors and sponsors to negotiate the terms of investment. iFunding generates funds to finance multi-projects and help both investors and sponsor accrue maximum profits. The company has an amazing social media activity with many followers for both Facebook and Twitter accounts. The customer care responds to calls from clients in a fast and a friendly manner.

On February 03, 2016, iFunding announced it had appointed Daniel Drew as its Vice President and Real Estate Head. Mr. Drew has an extensive experience in underwriting securities, debt, and financial transactions amounting to more than $2B. His responsibilities will include developing business opportunities for the company and providing a broad platform for both private investors and institutions.

About William Skelley

William Skelley is the iFunding Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He has worked for corporations such as Bain Capital, General Electric, Rose Park, as well as Olympus. He has used his extensive experience in the real estate industry to help new startups succeed in the competitive industry. His responsibilities at iFunding entail advising customers on transactions valued at $2B in the field of the capital structure. He focuses on fundraising from registered investors and family offices. He speaks at industry events and handles topics such as crowdfunding and finance.

Skelley operates from both Boston and New York. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He also pursued a business related course at Hobart College. Skelley has developed iFunding since inception to a reliable platform with an incredible presence in the United States and Asia.

Fore Front Capital Advisors CEO Conjuncts Business With Philanthropy

Brad Reifler, the chief executive officer of Fore Front Capital Advisors, has embarked on philanthropy; the factor he says will also help in boosting business. Reifler donated $3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center and has also established a partnership to participate in creating life changing opportunities for retired veterans and militants. Reifler thinks that partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Centre creates sense financially and business wise. The charitable organization has been working selflessly to connect organizations and individuals who need the assistance of experienced militants and veterans. In return, they give the veterans an opportunity to change their life through giving them financial stability. The veterans and militants are also able to participate in community activities and to provide for their families.

Most of the retired militants and veterans end up in absolute poverty after retirement despite committing themselves fully to serving the United States. With the $3 million Reifler has changed the financial future of Easter Seals Dixon Center. The organization will also have the ability to continue with its regular [programs like caregiver training services, health, education and advocacy and also job training. From his Twitter Reifler thinks this is a great opportunity for his firm employees and his clients to participate in the noble cause. Easter Seals Dixon Center, on the other hand, thinks it’s a great privilege to have the support and partnership of Brad Reifler and his Fore Front Capital Advisors firm. In this way, militants and veterans will have more chances of becoming financially stable and obtaining great opportunities.

Reifler has over time been determined to help people in the community plan their future financially; he also finds unique strategies through his firm to help them get true financial freedom. He is currently the chief executive officer of Fore Front capital advisors and has been in the field of business in more than 30 years. His major focus on the firm is to give advises to companies about commodity and forex exchange market. Reifler’s career started with his corporation in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, which majored on global derivatives and niche products. He later founded Pali Capital after selling Reifler Trading to Refco.

Pali Capital was his company for 13 years which he earned great success and huge profits amounting to $200 million. He expanded the company to United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College as Wikipedia would show, and some of his financial solution were targeting the university students through loans but did not go very well. Over time, his great products are in support of middle-income earners who are limited to investment by sanctions written to protect the wealthy who are 1% of the whole economy contributors. Reifler continues to conduct classes to help middle-income investors invest in their future despite how little they start. has further information about Brad Reifler.

Brazilian Medical Advisor Sergio Cortes Thinks The Brazilian Press Believes The Country Is Not Winning The War Against The Andes Aegypti Mosquito And The Zika Virus

Dr. Sergio Cortes is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Cortes was the State Health Minister of Rio de Janeiro from 2006 to 2013. Dr. Cortes played an active role in preventing a major outbreak of the dengue virus in 2013 when a flood immersed the Xerém, Duque de Caxias area in muddy water, according to an online post by

But Brazil was immersed in another virus outbreak in May 2015. The Zika virus outbreak caught Brazil by surprise, and before anyone in other parts of the world noticed the Northeastern region of Brazil was inundated with Zika virus cases. Dr. Cortes posted facts about the Zika virus on his official website. The typical symptoms of the virus are not life-threatening, according to Dr. Cortes. In fact, Zika virus symptoms are similar to the high fever, rash, itchy red eyes, and muscle aches that the dengue and chikungunya virus create. People with those viruses endure the symptoms for about seven days.

In August 2015, Dr. Cortes realized that the Zika virus was the main suspect in the number of microcephaly cases that were reported in the region where the Zika virus was spreading at an alarming rate. Microcephaly is the term used when a fetus brain and skull stops developing. Dr. Cortes said the Ministry of Health has received 4,100 potential cases of microcephaly, and 745 of those cases were confirmed. Brazil usually has less than 200 cases a year, according to a Dr. Cortes tweet.

Dr. Cortes thinks Brazil is struggling to keep up with the Zika virus epidemic. More than 220,000 troops have been deployed to eradicate and spread awareness, but that hasn’t stopped the rapid spread of the virus. The complications that has surfaced from the Zika outbreak have made this virus more dangerous than any other outbreak since the 19th-century malaria outbreak, according to Dr. Cortes. quoted Dr. Cortes when he said the government is distributing mosquito repellant to more than 400,000 pregnant that receive cash-transfer benefits. The Brazilian newspapers say the Andes aegypti mosquito is winning the war in Brazil and the government must take extra steps to eradicate the growing population of that species in Brazil. Dr. Cotes said the Andes aegypti mosquito has been in Brazil for the last 30 years, and the spray eradication process isn’t working anymore.
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QNET Empowers Women To Succeed

Today’s woman wants more in her life than just caring for her husband and children. She wants to work and provide income to the household and continue to love and raise her family. One option for women to realize their potential is to become an entrepreneur, being their own boss and controlling their own destiny.

In association with the observance of International Women’s Day, Asian direct-selling organization QNET is providing an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to be successful. Becoming an entrepreneur allows women to enhance their personal and family lifestyle, and be an influential force in their community and social circle of family and friends.

USAID, a government agency in the United States stated in a published report that if women are to make an impact in the 21st century, society must invest in them. Women must have access to first-rate health and medical care. They must be able to advance through the education system and be exposed to contemporary technology. Women must take a proactive role in business, politics and their communities and nations.

QNET is the worldwide leader in direct selling e-commerce platforms. It empowers individuals to be successful entrepreneurs promoting a broad line of products suited to enhance an individual’s lifestyle. Created in 1998, Hong Kong-based QNET uses a proprietary direct selling framework. QNET offers consumers name brand merchandise and luxury items, through its independent distributor network. They are active members of the Direct Selling Association’s of the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

They take an active role in humanitarian causes through Lions Club International. Their generous donations and collaborative efforts help build medical facilities, those in need, and fosters goodwill in local communities.

Follow QNET’s Twitter profile to learn more about the company.

Big Downloads Show New Market for Securus

The greater public may have endless options when it comes to satisfying their technological needs. But when it comes to governing bodies, including those in law enforcement and corrections, they have to limit their options to specialized companies who can meet their needs, and the leading company in this market is Securus Technologies. Their service to correctional facilities and police doesn’t inhibit Securus from dealing with the general public, and it’s with the average consumer that they’ve seen a big increase in downloads which could shape the company’s business going forward.

Though relatively new to correctional facilities, Video Visit has been available to the general public for download for about the past six months. Though Apple’s App Store, the Video Visit app has been downloaded more than 5,000 times. App marketplaces for Android devices have surpassed those impressive numbers with more than 60,000 downloads since its release.

Russel Roberts, Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Video Visitation was designed with the adaptability of communication through the Internet in mind. With this app, civilian users are allowed to conference with inmates serving a sentence with ease, both bringing the company to the forefront of a larger consumer base and providing a service to their clients in the world of corrections. 

Through Video Visit, users can maintain regular inmate communication through several iOS powered devices or any number of platform running on Android’s operating system. Relying on mobile devices was a prudent decision that places convenience on the side of the user while doing away with the conventions of visitation with inmates, taking the conversation away from traditional computers and opening the possibility to communicate virtually anywhere. This app also allows users to determine just how and when they’ll communicate by syncing with other apps, choosing connection preferences between traditional connections or Wi-Fi.

By providing choice to the user, Securus has effectively removed the constraints of traditional visits while opening up their company to a more diverse marketplace than in the past.

Securus operates out of Dallas, Texas, where they provide technological solutions to more then 3,400 correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies in North America, making them a crucial factor in the housing and policing of 1.2 million inmates.

Partnering with Securus has allowed these facilities to engages in seamless communication with one another, bettering their emergency responses, conduct investigations using biometric solutions, and reach out to the public with safety information that ensures a secure environment near these correctional facilities.

Securus Techonologies is not affiliated with the Securus America site nor is it affiliated with the Securus health product.

Trusting Kyle Bass May Be A Poor Choice

People invest in differing organizations for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a financier will invest in a group known to be fraudulent in order to reap some benefit on the back-end. All that being said, one should be exceedingly careful when dealing with Kyle Bass. His interests are definitely of the underhanded variety, and his ties to socialist president/despot of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner are nothing but suspect. Bass is from Argentina himself, but that’s no excuse for vetting de Kirchner’s financial stupidity. The woman has defaulted Argentina two times over the course of thirteen years. How could any responsible financier extol her virtues as a leader? Shouldn’t there be at least some criticism, even if such a leader were liked by the financier? It’s really suspicious when no criticism is seen at all.

Kyle Bass is based out of Texas, where he runs a hedge fund that, frankly, doesn’t do well. This seems strange in light of his initial international foray into finance. Bass predicted that 2008 would see a financial collapse for America based on their poor financial practices. How could Bass predict this in such a way as to garner himself international acclaim, and that in regard to a country not his own, yet entirely miss the economic idiocy of his own native land? It defies reason! But then, if Bass were in some way a lackey to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, it would all make sense. Such a relationship wouldn’t be one that could be publicly vetted, however; a body would have to read between the lines to be sure. Should Bass be involved with a socialistic enterprise centered in Argentina, then his efforts should be aimed at toppling some big financial juggernaut in America.

In fact, this turns out to be the case as pointed out by UsefulStooges’ Kyle Bass: The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler indicates. Bass runs CAD. CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD forces big-ticket pharmaceutical organizations to drop the cost of their medicine such that they substantially lose on profits. Bass then short-sells the stock he had in these organizations, and makes millions. Not only does the pharmaceutical in question lose an investor, they lose millions in profit and so have to cut funding to things like Research and Development, suspending cures for the infirm.

So Kyle Bass doesn’t do well with his hedge fund, he’s got public ties to socialist despot de Kirchner, and he defrauds the sick of make millions. Indeed, trusting this man seems as though it would be the poorest of choices.