White Shark Media Turns A New Life

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company based in Miami Florida. It targets SME business all over the country and has transformed its fair share of enterprises. It has a big list of happy clients whose businesses have changed thanks to its strategy in PayPerClick advertising.


White Shark Media like all other companies has received its fair share of challenges. It has had instances where a few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company which is very normal. But being White Media Shark, it strives for perfection, and it is willing to mend its ways.


White Shark Media wishes to inform the general public that it has taken turned a new leaf this year. It plans to leverage itself and grow at a time when all seems lost. It understands things will be difficult, but it has a plan that will work for all its customers.


White Shark Media has decided to make communication a top priority. It has recognised information gaps in its flows and realised it can be frustrating to its clients. It now plans to provide each customer with a direct line extension of a customer care agent. The line will be on all working hours Monday through Thursday. Each client will also be given an experienced supervisor to handle the client agent. It means if a customer is not satisfied with the officer, they can always call the supervisor for more information.


White Shark Media plans to continue its communication strategy by arranging monthly conference calls. They will be conducted on GoToMeeting and are expected to help the team grow. Clients will also be kept posted on the progress of his/her campaign and will be allowed to call for more information. It was based on the complaint of one client who felt he was out of touch with the ad campaign. The isolated case spurred the company into action, and it is confident everyone can be confident in its strategies.


White Shark Media has also started a campaign that will see customers get to decide which ad campaign they will use. It is based on the reports that some new ads are less powerful and don’t have the same impact. It is the best interests of WMS to use the most effective ad campaign.


White Shark Media also has opened a new customer care office. It is available 24/7 and is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable agents. It is expected the new approach will solve the many complaints that have beset the company.


White Shark Media is a glowing example of how an entrepreneur can transform the lives of other entrepreneurs. It has achieved an enviable reputation.

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Fighting for Human Rights

Pop stars occasionally receive criticism for their decision to perform for leaders and countries who abuse human rights. Nicki Minaj joins a long list of high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West, who earn money performing for known human rights violators. Activists strongly objected to Nicki’s concert in Angola because the organizers are linked to the country’s dictator, and the two million dollars she earned are a result of his human rights violations and government corruption.

Thor Halvorssen a film producer and human rights advocate began fighting and supporting human rights as a teenager in 1989, through organizing opposition to the South African apartheid. He became intimately involved in individual rights when his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela. Halvorssen participated in many activist movements including the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, patron for Prague-based children’s peace movement and also served as CEO of the Individuals Rights in Education from 1999 until 2004. Thor produces films, which focus on human rights issues to create awareness of the problem. He is described in the New York Times as the champion of the underdog and the powerless because of his involvement in human rights issues.

Founded in the spring of 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, the New York-based non-profit group, The Human Rights Foundation operates globally to promote and protect human rights. The group believes all individuals are entitled to freedom of speech, expression, association, religion, freedom from slavery and torture, and the right to equal treatment. The foundation incorporates a broad mix of people who believe in human rights, many of whom have risked their lives and careers to speak out about the issues. The Foundation has been involved in exposing dictators and participating individuals including celebrities. The organization has been a part of ending the violence against women in countries such as Pakistan and working with third-world countries to educate on the importance of human rights.

On Twitter, @jonurbana1 Keeps His Followers Guessing

Jon Urbana’s Twitter account is not self-serving. Urbana runs the very successful Next Level Lacrosse Camp and he is involved in various business endeavors. What he does not do, however, is promote himself in every post. Instead, he chooses to publish a fun and informative website and Twitter feed that covers all manner of different topics. He shows the same sense of giving that drove him to canvas through CrowdRise for the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society.

Waking up in the morning with upbeat and cool music sets a very positive chart for the rest of the day. “DjKaro – Voices” is an original mix Jon Urbana tweeted and the sounds are definitely good for getting the blood flowing early in the morning. Listen to the tune at any point during the day is okay, too. Urbana says he does it on the way to work each day, where he acts as the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA.

According to his work history on Crunchbase, Urbana loves to shed light on good food, especially when it’s organic (yes, he cares about this planet. A lot). He is a fan of food-oriented photo art as well. “Italian Love” is not about a romance between humans. His photo reel is about the love between humans and exquisite Italian coffee beans. Now that is something also worth starting the day with, which is why he first shared this picture with his Facebook friends.

By the way, are you going to bed early? Urbana tweets a Buzzfeed article – a humorous one – about going to bed early. While the article is a bit lighthearted, don’t overlook the huge value and benefit of going to bed early and getting the proper rest.

Sports topics tweeted about are usually very unique ones that reveal more than just dull commentary, especially considering his upbringing as a Villanova Wildcat. A tweet about Steph Curry performing a fake out is going to be enjoyed by sports fans with a fondness for athletes who can perform exceptional moves.

And then there is sports news people rarely read about. Yes, good sportsmanship is so rare instances of such actions end up making the news. The incident of an “accidental goal” and how the scenario was resolved should restore faith in anyone who believed sportsmanship was on the way out in the culture.

People love to read about pop culture and entertainment.  gives readers a lot of news on these topics. Harry Potter fans should read up on a little known theory about the a few quirky characters from the series. Theories are fun to speculate about.

What’s Rock Got To Do With It?

Autism Rocks, a charity to fund research and support for autism, was founded by Sanjay Shah. A hedge fund manager who is semi-retired, Shah wanted to help the children and the families affected by autism. For Sanjay Shah, this topic hits very close to home. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

His idea, Autism Rocks, was born out of an accidental meeting with mega rapper Snoop Dog, who was traveling to Dubai for a concert. From here, Shah’s idea took flight. Dubai is an ideal place for jet setters to connect to other flights, so it was a perfect way to connect with music’s elite as they traveled to other parts. So far Autism Rocks has put on charity shows headlining with Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Elvis Costella with more in the works. All proceeds help fund the Autism Research Center (ARC) and the Autism Research Trust (ART). These organizations work to understand what causes autism and it’s effects.

Sanjay Shah worked for over twenty years in the banking industry at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Rabobank. He suddenly found himself, after all those years, unemployed. He then use his experience and knowledge of the world of finance, and began his won investment management company called Solo Capital. Since its beginning, Solo Capital has grown and expanded into over 100 offices in Dubai and London. It has also made Sanjay Shah a multimillionaire. This has allowed him to devote more time to other ventures such as Autism Rocks. It has also allowed him the opportunity to help financially as well.

With the funding from large investors, ART and ARC can conduct research and help families dealing with autism. Research shows that great strides have been made in the last couple of years. This gives children and their families hope for the future.

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Sergio Cortes Doctor Outlines the Differentiation of Dengue and Zika Virus

The reign of Doctor Sergio Cortes as the health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro brought with it tremendous change. In his era, Sergio Cortes led to the establishment of health centers and municipalities in Brazil. He currently serves as a senior medical practitioner in St. Louis health institution. Cortes is also a graduate of accounting and finance. Sir Cortes works in real relation with other countries medical practitioners to solve challenges in the health sector.
Doctor Cortes public relation with the general public impresses many. Sergio holds a Twitter and on LikedIn accounts  where he exchanges ideas and opinions with people at an international level. He also joins hands with other professionals to let his customers reach at him in a straightforward manner.
Recently, Dr. Cortes has been very busy working on the dengue virus as revealed by the R7.com release. Sergio made a statement on the various tips that will help differentiation of like and dengue virus symptoms. According to the doctor, Aedes aegypti has also been leading to zika and chikungunya virus transmissions. Cortes implied that general symptoms such as body ache, fever, and red spots on both the eyes and the skin revealed the presence of the virus in the body.
Cortes implied that these viruses were even caused by mosquito hence posing a great danger to people lives. Sergio added that the only differentiation of dengue virus from others was the pain behind the eyes. He added that nurse Bruno Guerra outlined some of the similarities between the symptoms, and resulted that some signs act to be predominant about specific diseases.
Doctor Sergio conducted a quick study and implied that red eyes and itching in the cup predominate in the zika virus specifically. In chikungunya virus, Cortes meant that the case is different as pain in the joints becomes severe and intense to bear. The level of occurrence of zika virus was mostly experienced in newborn babies. Nurse Bruno emphasized on the high importance of seeking medical attention to certified practitioners in the case of observing severity of the above-discussed conditions.
Cortes added that study was underway to outline whether there was a possibility of holding more than one virus by one person. He added an effective antidote was almost completed to help curb these viruses.



It is a bank whose management has been awarded honorable degrees and whose vice president has had a street, food court and a plate named after him. It is a bank whose CEO is a household name all over Brazil, and whose biggest achievement is growing 17 fold in a decade. It is a bank that continues to be a market leader in consigned credit and which has achieved all this thanks to its CEO and president Mr. Ricardo Guimares.This bank is Banco BMG, and it has staggering facts to back up its bragging rights.
Banco BMG under Guimares has become the Messi of Brazilians Banking. It has grown from $ 300 million in capitalization to $ 3.1 billion in a decade. It is a perfect example of growth and sustainability in a country whose economy has been on a downhill trend since 2011.
Its market share has grown from 20% to 80%. These numbers are only possible thanks to the genius brains in Guimares.This man is just unstoppable. He has broken every record the bank has and today has already joined the halls of fame of Brazilian banking. He is so good that the country’s president has had to name him one of the best.
Town hall university recently gave Guimares an honorary degree. It was an event attended by all the local leaders and in which his ego was thoroughly massaged. The deputy governor described him as the epitome of patriotism. He noted real patriots grow their homes, and he has significantly contributed to the growth of Bero Horizonte and his home state of Minas. He joins Marcio Alour has other BMG titans who have been honored.
Banco BMG is probably the biggest success story in Minas.It has led the bank to be a household name in all of Brazil. Its founding father, Ricardo’s grandfather, is a Sensei in the Brazilian banking hall of fame. Ricardo has continued this proud tradition with a bank that delivers the best using cutting edge technology. It has pioneered the use of USSD banking in Brazil. It is a form of mobile banking gaining traction in the country.
It recently announced a partnership with Banco Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL.The new bank will take advantage of BMG’s extensive distribution network and history. It with ITAU’s financial muscle going to create a giant.It will give both banks a competitive edge in a crowded field.
Ricardo Guimares has also started a sports hedge fund targeting successful sportsmen in Brazil and the diaspora. It already has $ 20 million in the capital and growing fast. He is a talented businessman and technocrat. We wish him all the best.
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