Highland capital management wins an award

Highland Capital Management is an SEC certified hedge fund based in Dallas Texas. It has $ 20 billion of assets in management. It was founded in 1993 by Mike Okada and current president James Dondero. The firm was recently awarded for its performance based on both quantitative and qualitative reasons. The co-founder and President Jim Dondero praised the health team for its contribution during the awards.

The firm is currently on a roll. It has grown from startup 20 years ago to having more than $ 20 billion in assets and offices all over the world. It is also restructuring. James Dondero recently announced the hiring of Terry Jones as the head of institutional products. He takes over the risk management arm of the firm at a time when it’s experiencing rapid growth. He brings with him more than 25 years’ experience in the industry with a varied background. He is a graduate of Columbia business school where he studied for an MBA and an economics degree. He also has experience running his hedge fund.

Jim Dondero is himself an established a respected CEO. He has over 30 years’ experience in the capital market and is a renowned entrepreneur. Apart from Highlands, he is also the co-founder and president of NeXpoint and its affiliates. He started his career with American Express in 1985 straight from the Morgan training institute for stock analysts. At American Express, he was at 1st the corporate bond analyst then portfolio manager. He managed $ 1 billion in wealth for the company. He was then to work as the CEO of protective life from 1989 to 1993. Protective life is a subsidiary of GIC.

From here he founded Highlands’s capital management in 1993 with Mike Okada. It offers advisory services, sells financial products and trades in high yields bonds. It has cultivated an image of a forward thinking company that is on par with the best. It has seen it pioneer investment vehicles like Collateralized debt obligations.

Jim is tasked with executing the strategic plans of the firm. He has cultivated an image of an efficient and secretive trader who will deliver stunning results even in down market. Mr. Dondero lives in Dallas with his family. He has three kids and is a well-known family man. He is also active in philanthropy with interests in veteran’s affairs and public policy.

The article is summary from prnewswire.com through the link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-longshort-healthcare-fund-wins-2015-hfm-us-hedge-fund-performance-award-300176870.html

Why Adam Sender is a Legend in the Field of Investing

Adam Sender has always had a reputation for being an innovator and a taste maker in the world of art collecting. His art collection, with over 400 pieces of art is famous around the world and has received attention from some of the world’s greatest investors, some of which have spent over $20 million for just a few pieces of his art, a collection of virtually unknown artists who would be completely obscure without the guidance and direction of Adam Sender’s blessing.

Having such a profound ability to excite the art world’s imagination, he began to obtain a reputation for being a tastemaker and an innovator who directs the flow of trends in the art world.

Is a very daunting thought to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a business that is virtually unknown and does not have the endorsements of a solid and well-known investor backing the business. The same is true in the art world, where artists who do not meet investors as passionate as Adam Sender will often remain unknown for the rest of their lives.

His desire to shift the thinking of millions of people from all around the world has allowed for a powerful resurgence of art as a tool, not only make money, but to soothe ones soul as well.

It is very exciting to watch someone like Adam Sender work his magic. He is passionate as well as meticulous on how he navigates through the art world to find pieces that he allows into his collection. As someone who has been investing in artwork for close to 20 years, he made a name for himself by purchasing a painting for over $100,000 that would usually only gather 1000 or two. His extreme conviction in certain pieces of artwork has proven to be an inspiration for all those around him as he is looked up to as a groundbreaking innovator with a knack for proving that he can make any artist at all worth multimillions of dollars.

As an investor, he has proven to be quite shrewd and only invests in companies that are extremely volatile in nature. Once he gives each company its thorough due diligence, he will then proceed to give them the money that they need to make millions of dollars in capital, enabling him to reap a healthy return on his investment as he has done expertly for over 30 years.

Ultimately, it is up to every investor to make the correct assessments in order to gain the maximum return on investment. It is often those who are not afraid of losing everything that actually have a chance to receive a lot of money in the world of investing.

A Good Product For Cloud Protection

The cloud is one of the best places to be able to store information. Many savvy business owners have realized that there is ease and convenience that comes to putting their information on the cloud. When it comes to saving and filing information, saving things to a computer can take up a lot of memory space and also it can be subject to the volatility of the computer. If a computer is attacked by spyware or a virus, then all of the information that is saved on the computer can be completely lost. It can be devastating to lose important information. The worst thing about losing that information is that once a system has crashed; there is no way to recover that information. Many business have lost important client information, and it has cause serious problems with their business and with their client relationships.

To avoid such issues many of the worlds largest companies have chosen to use the cloud to store and save their important data. The cloud, however, is not perfect. There are some subtle ways that invaders can hack into that information as well. In order to protect information that is stored on the cloud, cloud security was created. CipherCloud is one of the most well know companies that deals with cloud security. They have been able to protect the private information for financial companies, telecommunication companies, and healthcare companies in the USA and around the world. In fact, CipherCloud is active and protecting companies in more than 25 countries.

At it inception CipherCloud was able to earn millions of dollars in funding. The founders of the company knew that their cloud protection was going to be one of the best in the world, and the companies history since 2010 has proven that they really are leaders when it comes to cloud security. CipherCloud was also named SC Magazine’s Best Product of the Year, and it was an award that was very deserved, because CipherCloud has been able to surpass expectation when it comes to reliability and dependability. It is a product that has been improved throughout the years, and now CipherCloud is able to give its users a stable product that can protect their most cherished files.


The Highland capital management company has hired Mr. Jones Terry as the new president of the institutional products. Mr. Jones joins an elite team of experienced professionals to grow the company’s agenda. Mr. Jones has more than 25 years work experience in the financial industry. The new president primary role is to spearhead the company’s business-oriented development through discussions with the strategic institutional allocator. Besides, Mr. Jones is expected to optimize the firm’s risk management infrastructure by identifying and assessment of relevant risks. Jones will report directly to the company’s co-founder Mr. James “Jim” Dondero.

Before the appointment at Highland capital management Mr. Terry Jones was the lead director at Highland funds. He has an extensive experience in financial management spanning over two decades. Terry’s experience includes the critical role as president and founder of Battles-By Capital Management Company. He also served as a board member of the Genworth life insurance company in New York. Jones is a graduate of Columbia College. He also has masters in business from the Columbia business school.

Jim’s appointment will greatly position the company competitively in the financial market. The company is SEC registered investment advisor. It has over 20 billion dollars. The company was formed in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mike Okada. It has grown to one of the credit managers globally. The firm mainly specializes in credit strategies like hedge funds and private equity.

Jim is the company’s chairperson to the board. He also has other investment in NEXBANK capital, has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He is among the pioneers of the collateralized loan obligation. He launched one in 1996. By his broad experience, Jim has managed the $21 billion asset Highland capital management to the top in the country and worldwide.

Jim has worked in other senior positions in other companies too. He was the board member to MGM studios and American Banknote Corporation. Apart from the financial industry Jim is also the chairperson of the board of Cornerstone health care and CSS medical. Jim also served as a manager in Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on Highland Capital.

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The Success for New York City Real Estate

It seems as if New York City is always booming in real estate. This, however, is not always the case before 2015. In recent news, according to an article by Real Deal, New York City has experienced real estate success for those looking to lease. The article in the Real Deal, New York City real estate news, explains how, because of the economic boom in leasing, the value of real estate is steadily increasing, making it difficult for investors to find any value in buying low.

This specific economic boom is often attributed to specific brands of real estate that offer luxurious marketing developments. In an example is Town Real Estate. It is a real estate business in New York City, demonstrates the quality of their living estates that make it so attractive for those looking to lease. Town Residential’s website shows, in luxurious fashion, what is for sale, for rent, or for lease. Furthermore, this article also shows the town representatives to help anyone looking to rent or buy in New York City.

Some background of Town Residential shows that they were formed in 2010, created by CEO Andrew Heiberger. Part of what makes Town Residential so popular and distinguished from other real estate firms, is their luxury residential sales, as well as their marketing and leasing of property developments, according to their website. Their site also offers a detailed description of various neighborhoods, providing a better picture if residents desire to live in that area. Town Residential also offers town guides, relocation services, and marketing reports. Overall, Town Residential is part of the growing real estate market in New York City, with their professionalism and distinguished style in the real estate business.

Beyond Town Residential’s contribution in the real estate business, The Real Deal article about the economic increase in real estate in New York City focuses on investors loss, by not buying into the low real estate market. The recent concern for investors is the rise of interest rates by the Federal Reserve because of the recent economic success of real estate in New York City. The article mentions various investors, such as David Schechtman, who believes that regardless of some the loss opportunities of buying in, there is always money to be made in New York City.

Helping Maintian With Handy

Over the years many home cleaning services have had more then there fare issues of conducting business. That is why this year Handy has raised over 50 million dollars to keep the wheel going on their business without question. With thousands of consumers with experts to help them along the way the need to maintain this process is a must for the drive of this market to stay fully functioning. Don’t worry my friends, these guys are not alone with major partners helping them out hoping to reach half a billion dollar goal in the long run to keep everything going.

Now that we know why Handy is saving up the cash lets look at what they bring to the table with customer service. It was not too long ago that finding someone of expert status to fix or clean your home was a nightmare. For years the market allowed this form of service to be the standard with nearly all of its levels. This is where Handy would make its mark by helping regular consumers like you or me getting a pro to help on the spot without spending our lives savings.

With easy to contact methods such as your cell phone you can find an expert for any home tasks that may be a major issue if not fixed. For example lets say you have to work around the clock outside of the house and have no time to get it cleaned to the fullest. Well no problem my friend because Handy will have a certified expert at your house with a more then reasonable fee to keep your place in check. The same will be said for any major tech problems that may occur if your home is damaged with things like the ac unit even the electric system. In short both minor and major problems will be fixed by experts that have had their records comb through with a fine pick. Download Handy here!

Visual Search Comes To Social Media

The news that Pinterest has added its own version of visual search to the popular social media Site came with a burst of enthusiasm from those involved with this innovative product search software. For many years the visual search has been classed as akin to the holy grail of the Online shopping industry, which has seen a number of versions of software designed for identifying products using only images created with differing levels of success. Retail experts have been pushing for technology based companies like Toronto based Slyce to develop software that allows customers to simply take a photo of a product before searching for it Online.

Slyce has been one of the leaders of this form of retail technology for a number of years and has been looking to perfect its visual search software into a custom created app for each retailer the company works with. Slyce was established in 2012 in Toronto and was followed by a large number of acquisitions of app and software developers to aid in the creation of the most complete visual search technology available. Two app developers were acquired by Slyce in a bid to make sure the company had a large amount of app development technology on hand, which has been used to integrate the Slyce software directly into the app’s of customers.

One of the great drawbacks seen in some of the earliest attempts top create visual search app’s was the fact most required a specific app to be developed and run alongside that of the retailer. Slyce developed an innovative way of using images to allows for instant products searches based on materials, style, and many other features; this means the search function can be integrated into an existing app to allow for interaction with the product range of the retailer.

The inclusion of the visual search feature on Pinterest has led to a larger interest in visual search by people who hope to use the ever present buy now buttons on most Websites. Despite the visual search now becoming a mainstream option for many retailers and customers the development of the software has not stalled. Instead, the movement to increase the level of development to include video and the ability to search directly for advertised products means visual search will become a major aspect of the Online shopping experience in the coming years.

Highland Capital’s New President of Institutional Products

James Dondero recently announced the appointment of Terry Jones as the president of Institutional management firm. He brings with him an experience of over 25 years in diverse areas of the financial industry. Announcing the appointment, Jim said Jones will take over risk management of the firm.

Before Highlands, Mr Jones was the lead director of the Highlands funds, a board member at GLIC and SEI AIC III.He also served as portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs where he managed $ 8 billion in funds. He also founded and was the Chief Information Officer of Battersby capital management. He is a graduate of Columbia business school where he received his MBA and degree in Economics. He is joining Highlands’s capital at a crucial time in its history when the company is on a growth path. His expertise and experience will be essential at present.

Highlands’s capital in an SEC certified global investment firm that specializes in structured financial products, high yields bonds and equity. It was established in 1993 by James Jim Dondero and Mr. Mike Okada.It has attained its reputation for revolutionary financial products like Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) which it has pioneered. It is today headquartered in Dallas Texas and has offices all over the world and recently won the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award.

Mr Dondero has been with the firm since its inception. Before that, he was with a startup, Protective life, a subsidiary of GIC, which he grew from birth to having over $ 2 billion in assets under management. Before that, he was the head of capital at American Express. Here he managed $ 1 billion in assets.

Jim started his career immediately after his graduation from the University of Virginia. He graduated top of his class where he majored in Accounting and Finance. He is also a CFA, CMA and CFA.He has founded numerous enterprises including NeXpoint bank and its affiliates, Highlands Capital and its affiliates among others. He sits on the board for NeXpoint, CSS Medical and Cornerstone clinic.

Jim has been instrumental in guiding the bank through its most tumultuous period. His steel determination and management style is what saved the bank from Collapse after the 2008/2009 crisis. He banned the withdrawal of money and has by today returned the giant to profitability. The Hedge Fund manages around$ 21 billion in assets and has offices in Singapore, New York, London and Dallas.

This article was sourced from http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-appoints-new-president-of-institutional-products-for-highland-capital-management-300165627.html

The Man Behind the Vision: George Soros

The world is a much better place with people like George Soros in it. Soros is known for his generous nature and is a major philanthropist to many of the less fortunate. He fights for human rights and defends a democracy for all.

Soros was born in Budapest in the year 1930 and as a small child was able to survive Hitler’s occupancy of Hungary. At 17 years of age, he escaped to England and attended the London School of Economics. Upon graduating, Soros left England for the United States where he held investment and management positions with several different firms.

In 1973, Soros decided to start his own business and established Soros Fund Manangement on investopedia.com which did turn into the Quantum Fund. George Soros’ intelligence and forethought led him to become one of the richest men in the world.

1979, George Soros on wsj started issuing scholarships to black South Africans who were being discriminated against. This was the beginning of his Open Society Foundations and he stands behind what he believes in. The Foundations mission is to build block by block a democracy where the government is held accountable for their people.

Soros left the day-to-day running of the Quantum Fund in the late 80’s to become a full time philanthropist. He also became very prominent on the political front. He has become an author and also a lecturer with a focus on the United States’ involvement in worldwide situations where the United States’ fights for peoples liberties, rights to an education, and freedom to make their own political views.

Soros is also known as the “man who broke the Bank of England,” when he put up $10 billion on a single currency theory and shorted the British pound. His risk was proved and he profited immensely in one day of trading.

Soros retired in 2000, but he will always be remembered as one of the most successful men in history not only for his wealth, but his kindness and his fight for human rights. He continues to write books and lecture. He is a very prominent writer of articles and essays on the society and political stance in which we live in today for several major newspapers and magazines. He believes that his personal wealth and fortitude has been given to him so that he can help others that cannot fight for themselves.

George Soros is the man behind the vision.



Sergio Cortes Impresses Everyone With His Impersonation Of MJ

Impersonating someone else and taking on all of the things that they did and making it look flawless as one does the impersonation is not an easy thing. It’s not easy to try to put on the look of someone else and act like one is them, but the fact that it is complicated makes it all the more rewarding to those who gets things done right. Sergio Cortes worked hard to become a Michael Jackson impersonator, and the look that he has put on is very impression. He appears just like the man, and the look combined with the moves that he makes have everyone in awe.

People have come to see Sergio Cortes as the best Michael Jackson impersonator, and they love him for how much work he has put into things. They can see that he is fully dedicated to all that he is doing, and they appreciate that. Anyone who wants to get far in their career of any kind is going to have to be fully dedicated to it, but especially so when it comes to something as complicated as being an impersonator. Sergio Cortes did well in taking on the life and look of Michael Jackson, and he can feel proud of himself for not giving up no matter how complicated things had to be at times.
There are many jobs that are not easy to do, and there are many jobs that require a special talent to do them, and being an impersonator is one of those jobs. Sergio Cortes had to work hard to make things come to be. He had to put his all into getting Michael Jackson’s moves down in the best way, but now that he has been called the best impersonator, he can feel great. He can know that all of the hard work is paying off.
Sergio Cortes wanted to become a great Michael Jackson impersonator, and that is just what has happened for him. And he will continue his work as an impersonator, and he will continue to impress everyone with the things that he can do, as time goes on.