Eric Pulier and the Astonishing Growth of CSC

Computer Sciences Corporation was founded in 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones to offer information technology services for various federal government agencies. In the early 1960s, CSC was regarded as a dominant force in the IT sector and identified as the largest software corporation in the US. In 1963, CSC made history by becoming the first business of its kind to be added to the American Stock Exchange.

Since the 1960s, CSC has been on the forefront of technological services for the US government and for the commercial sector. The company has gained a reputation for hiring the best and brightest minds in the IT industry. In the modern era, CSC is a global leader for providing a wide range of IT services, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, application development, mobile computing, data analytics and the outsourcing of computer professionals.

As a multinational corporation, CSC services over 2,000 clients in 70 countries that span across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. The success of CSC is hinged on a sizable staff of over 90,000 people that are dispersed throughout the globe. Despite its wide array of services and locations, roughly 36 percent of CSC’s revenue is generated from federal contracts, like the Office of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

A major contributor to the success of CSC is CEO Eric Pulier who was considered a genius at an early age after he demonstrated an ability to write computer programs while he was in the fourth grade. While in high school, Pulier started his first computer business and excelled as a student, which landed him at Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude. Pulier has gained worldwide recognition for being a generous philanthropists and for funding charity organizations that benefit disadvantaged communities, physically impaired youth and a number of healthcare initiatives worldwide.

Mr. Pulier has been recognized for his charitable acts and for his advanced knowledge of the IT sector by world leaders. For example, he was appointed by former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore to organize and manage a multi-day showcase of technological progress and projections for the not-so-distant future. The exhibition was hosted on the National Mall in Washington, DC and it was attended by thousands of people, which included members of congress, the senate and the US Supreme Court. The event highlighted the relationship between technology and various industries, such as space exploration, education, government, the environment and more. The occasion included a live feed from the US Space Shuttle, which allowed event participants to interact with the space shuttle astronauts.

Since the inception of CSC nearly 60 years ago, the company has lead the IT industry into the 21st century with innovative concepts and smart, hard working employees. CSC has garnered an honorable reputation within the IT industry for its tradition of excellence. The company has demonstrated an ability to successfully evolve with technology for over five decades. For example, in the 1960s CSC focused on government contracts; in the 1970s, the company expanded its services into the commercial sector; in the 1980s, the company became a global competitor; in the 1990s, CSC was a global leader for outsourcing; and in the modern era, CSC is a Fortune 500 company that is advancing mobile technology and cloud computing.

The Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital LLC, Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler or brad as he is fondly known is a highly regarded financial expert as well as Founder and Chief Executive of Forefront Capital, known so well for that it’s his first credit on Wikipedia. He is also the founding partner and chairman of a financial services company called Pali Capital. Reifler entered the world of business in 1982 through the Reifler Trading Company (RTC) that he later sold to Refco Inc, in 2000. The company initially managed several derivative accounts holding millions of dollars. RTC soon evolved into a research and information dissemination entity before becoming a respectable independent futures operation. Reifler currently holds the position of director in several companies including Foresight Research Solutions, Sino Mercury Company, Root Markets Inc, European American Bank and Genesis Securities.

Reifler founded Pali Capital in 1995, as a brokerage outfit in the equity markets. During his tenure at the company as chairman and CEO, Reifler made good use of all the ideas advanced by his partners and combined them with the company’s research and credit analysis to teach sales traders how to package and execute well-informed strategies. During that time, the company employed over 300 employees in 4 continents and was able to attain commission incomes in excess of $1 billion. Reifler current focus is on Forefront Management Group LLC, where he holds the designation of founder and CEO. The company operates 4 subsidiaries, namely; Forefront Income Trust, Forefront Capital Markets, Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory LLC.

Forefront Income trust focuses on taking advantage of financial opportunities that require structuring of yields to mitigate risks associated with higher yielding investments. An accredited investor of Forefront in Forefront Income Trust according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must be a corporation or an individual with a joint net-worth with a spouse exceeding $1 million. Secondly, the person’s income must be more than $200,000 annually or $300,000 jointly with a spouse in the last two recent years. Non-investors only need an investment capital of $2500 to participate in the company’s ventures. Brad’s work as an adviser and CEO of Forefront Advisory often sees him proving expert advice to a number of forex and commodity traders.

Since it was founded in 2009, Forefront Management Group, LLC has brought in many businesses and respected personalities into its fast growing platform. Key personalities include board members of a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Outside the corporate circles, Reifler is a trustee and chairman of the finance committee of Millbrook School. He also continues to be an outspoken member of the community, even as he strives to find unique ways to help people plan their future. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics. He also gives back to the community through the articles he provides for Reuters. Many of them outlining investing tips, and other important financial tidbits.

Choosing North American Spine Experts For Health Needs

Spine issues are never something that should be taken lightly. Jumping into surgery before all other options have been tried can cause irreparable damage to tissues and may not solve the isues. That is why North American Spine does things differently.

Continuum Of Care

North American Spine has set forth a continuum of care for all of their patients. They do not just rush into a surgical procedure they try all options first, leaving surgery as a last resort. The specialists there will first do a thorough review of the medical conditions that are causing pain, lack of motion and a degeneration of the patient’s quality of life.

Once the issue has been identified, rest and over the counter drugs will be the first option. Then the patient will move on to seeking weight loss and core strengthening moves to help alleviate the pain. If there is still issues after this then chiropractice and physical therapy will be tried. The point is that surgery is never first.


Every procedure carries a risk. Getting sick from Ibuprofen is an associated risk with taking it. That is why North American Spine Experts do not reccomend surgery as the first choice. There are great risks with it. Even the minimally invasive procedures that the accurascope offers still carries a risk.

Not everyone heals the same. Tissue damage can happen even when the procedure has a very small incision site. All surgery is invasive to some level and being able to heal from it is a key to future success gained from it. Every caution is taken to pinpoint the exact place where corrective surgery will be performed. MRI’s, X-Rays’ and physical exams are all a part of the surgery work up.

Ongoing Issues

Patients do need to keep in mind that while North American Spine is among the best in the nation for spinal surgery, problems can recur and relapse can happen. As the body ages pain is simply a part of it. Back issues and mobility problems are also a big part of the aging process.

What is highly suggested is that the person gets involved with exercise classes, yoga, or anything that will keep them moving and flexible. Keeping core strength is also a large part of combating pain and highly recommended by North American Spine reviews, according to patients.

Spine issues are nothing to ignore or take lightly. Making sure that every precaution to prevent long term issues is an important facet to maintaining spinal health. North American Spine is there when those little issues become too much to deal with alone.

Dan Newlin’s Rise to Greatness

There are different lines that a trained lawyer can pursue and these areas are based on one’s preference and area of expertise. As such, lawyers have the opportunity to choose the type of cases that they feel comfortable with. Dan Newlin, a well-known lawyer is one of biggest lawyers in the area of injury. He has been into this field for several years under which he has been able to handle and win several lawsuits of this nature. His popularity has been fueled further by his propensity to win high profile lawsuits. This has brought him great pride and recognition in the legal industry and his name is not strange to many people in the practice.

As a young man and in his growing years, Dan was known as to be a very compassionate young man and he had this unquenchable desire to help people. His desire grew even stronger setting him up to join the armed forces in his early 20s. He had a great desire to help people especially helpless individuals who needed help. He knew by joining the police force he would be able to offer solutions to people problems by the authority he had as a state’s custodian of law and order. Newlin was a passionate officer and his success in the police department brought his way other opportunities that he had not thought of.

As the saying goes, hard work never goes unrewarded. Newlin worked in different police departments including the firefighting department and in the Indiana police department. It was not long before he joined the Orange County Sheriff’s department where he worked so hard and opportunities began to fall in his way. Ten years after serving in the Sheriff’s department, Newlin got a well-deserved promotion to become a Sherif’s detective. This promotion came as a reward for his exemplary performance as a Sherif’s officer. He was very active in dismantling the drug-dealing barons and halting their operations in the area.

After long years of service and dedication to his calling as a detective, he was rewarded with yet another opportunity to pursue law in the Florida State College of Law. Here he trained as for 3 years and he graduated as full-fledged lawyer in 2010. His license was recognized in both Chicago and Illinois and in both states he could practice his career. He has since developed a career that is very successful in both the states a she maintains offices in both. His success is also tied to the fact that he has very unique people’s skills which can only be attributed to his time as a police officer. Has a very strong customer base and his customers remain very loyal to him and his law firm.

Handy Is The Best Application Of Its Kind

Cleaning is never fun, or even remotely enjoyable. Nobody likes to live in filth, with the exception of hoarders, but some homeowners simply do not have the time to clean their home and deal with all of the obligations needed to be tended to. Many people in the United States take care of children, and everybody knows just how messy kids can be, even if they are teenagers.

There is a new app that provides an extensive listing of people around users that need their homes cleaned that is called Handy. Handy truly is a handy app — pun intended — because it is simple to use, secure, and easy to pay cleaners for their services. Not just everybody can list their home cleaning services on handy. It takes a certain type of person that is mature, reputable, and honest. Less than five percent of people who apply to Handy get accepted.

Handy was founded nearly four years ago by Mr. Oisin Hanrahan and Mr. Umang Dua. Mr. Hanrahan compares his app to Uber because people are able to list services that are only able to be viewed by nearby users. Just like Uber, Handy is very reputable as well.

Handy was not cheap to start, at all. Oisin and Umang had to obtain about $12,000,000 in funding from two large investment firms. Today, Handy has listings in more than twenty cities in the United States and a few international listings. There would be more listings in many other cities, but it takes a lot of upkeep on behalf of Handy to ensure quality of home cleaning services and reputability of contractors.

Handy is a very popular app. The founders have released information that there is more than one million dollars worth of services that are agreed upon by home cleaners and homeowners every week. This is a lot because the average amount of money that a home cleaner charges is eighteen dollars per hour. Twenty percent of this goes to Handy as a fee for listing services. One of the main reasons that people use this app so often is because of the close monitoring that is performed by representatives on behalf of the company. Having an overall sense of reputability is important for the reliability of Handy. This results in great word of mouth that is consistently being spread about Handy.

Handy is actually free for both cleaners and homeowners in need of cleaning services to be performed. The only money that is taken out of the deals is on behalf of the cleaners themselves, which makes it a very consumer-oriented company. Handy can be downloaded on any app store for free no matter if someone is in one of the cities it operates in or not.

Anthony Marsala; Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer appears in the list of 40 Under Forty Business executives


The skilled and versatile Anthony Marsala, who happens to be a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Madison Street Capital, made it to the list of 40 Under Forty acknowledgment programs for 2015. The program is run by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst (NACVA) and involves selection of top 40 of the many nominees who had made exemplary achievements in buyouts, business growth, financial forensics, real estate investments, professional consultation and other entrepreneurial skills.

The judges noted all of the nominees were highly competent individuals to the extent of complicating the decision-making process. NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) have management has an operation Excellency, and they are dedicated to creating a population of forward thinking leaders in the various financial sector despite their relationship with the two bodies.

According to Brien K. Jones, the NACVA and the CTI Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, the program aims to acknowledge efforts of individuals in their profession and community at large. There was stiff competition since the top 40 were picked out from 125 nominees with vast experience and expertise. The honorees will have the advantage of featuring in top press releases, in blogs such as the QuickReadBuzzBlog, NACVA Association trending new and profile appearances in top magazines and journals.

The brain behind the Madison Street Capital, LLC, and Anthony Marsala has been an asset in overseeing the global influence of the company in Asia, Africa, and Europe. He manages a highly qualified team of professionals, who specializes in the valuation of business for the firm’s broad client base made of Corporate Financial institution and Government.

He is an expert in corporate finance, business valuation, and M&A. He has an excellent track of record running for 13 years giving reviews and evaluating of various businesses. Some of them specializing in; energy, medical devices, pharmaceutical, food and so forth. Marsala graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago with Finance and Information Systems degree major. He joined Said Business School at the University of Oxford and graduated with a Master’s Diploma in Strategy.

Madison Street Capital, LLC specializes in the provision of consultancy services, financial advice, business valuation, merger, and buyouts skill. The firm enjoys a world-class reputation, provides personalized, and result- oriented services to its clients. It has channeled resources into market research, and produces a detailed report on the emerging trends; hence, its clients are always one-step ahead. Their Website is well designed and informative. It provides a platform to interact with professionals.

A Young Man That Has Shown Much Promise

matt landis lacrosse
Matt Landis is a Notre Dame lacrosse player that has shown promise and determination throughout his entire college career. As a freshman, during the 2013 year Matt Landis was able to play 15 games and he was able to pick up over 22 ground balls earning him his first monogram. During his sophomore year he played in every one of the past 18 games, and he was able to pick up 14 ground balls. His performance earned his second monogram. In total during his sophomore and freshman years he has been able to appear in more than 32 games. Landis has received 17 starts and has picked up 37 ground balls which has earned him to monograms.

matt landis blue
When it comes to the power 100 freshman, Landis was ranked number 66. He was also ranked as the 18th best defenseman in the class of 2012 while he was still in varsity lacrosse high school. Apart from being a lover of lacrosse, Landis also played football as a high school student. He was named Athlete of the Year in 2012.Landis also played four seasons of hockey at his high school in Pellham Memorial.

matt landis yellow tee
Apart from sports, Landis also has a fantastic academic history. He is an honor roll student, and has been ever since his high school years. Currently Landis is known as a very multi faceted defender. He is a very consistent and steady player, and that is the reason why he was able to win the conferences Defensive Player of the Year. Matt Landis recently was named Epoch/LM Player of the Week, first-team All-American. Going into the senior year, Matt Landis is a young man that shows much promise and determination for the Notre Dame lacrosse team.

Investing in Art – Adam Sender Style

When searching for alternate income, or ways of investing surplus funds, many individuals often turn to options such as stocks, bonds, and CDs. There do exist some people who possess a certain knack for investing in fields that are considered by many as risky. One of these fields is that of art collecting.

Collecting art can be a lucrative venture if one knows what to look for, and what qualities to consider. This is a skill Adam Sender has honed to a sharp instinct. Most collectors hope to find a few pieces that will appreciate in value, but what if the collection contained over 140 paintings? Impressive isn’t it?

Adam Sender has spent the last two decades selecting choice pieces from contemporary artists that met his criteria. During this time he carefully selected paintings done by artisans that had long, proven careers, and held an eye for detail. Beginning in the 1990’s his collection has grown so large that the time has finally arrived to sell a portion of it. Appraisers estimate the net worth of all 140 pieces to be roughly somewhere in the ball park of seventy million dollars.

When considering a piece, Sender never made a decision based on the person’s popularity or mainstream opinion. Instead he would approach each work in an objective fashion, then ask himself a simple question – did it engage and impress? Only the most exceptional works were selected. His collection contains contemporary art created by artists such as Dan Flavin and Keith Haring.

The collection has been viewed in London and New York where audiences have commented on the sheer diversity presented. It portrays a wide array of styles and techniques within the field of contemporary art while revealing the care and skill Sender placed when selecting each piece.

For someone who started out as a greenhorn, Sender has grown into a reputable collector with an eye for quality. One key component that has led to his success is the way he let his collection grow naturally. Now two decades later he has amassed an investment through contemporary art that was, until now, virtually unheard of.

Yeonmi Park Proves Gender Wrong When It Comes To Human Rights Activism

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean human who was born in the countryside of Pyongyang. Her life came down crushing when the dictatorial government arrested her father and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Her father was a civil servant but who involved himself in the illegal business of selling metal to China. Some of the minerals he was involved in a trade with were gold, silver, nickel and many others that rubbed shoulders of his government the wrong way. In North Korea, a prison sentence to a member of a family spells doom to the rest of the family as they get subjected to humiliation, torture and other inhuman acts up to the third generation. That means that a sentence to a parent makes the life he the nest three generation including the grandchildren. Yeonmi Park was not different which makes her case even sadder.

Yeonmi Park life changed for the worst when her mother was taken away for three years for questioning and interrogation. She was only nine then and together with her sister aged nine years old had to sort the refuge of the mountains where they survived by eating from the gutter. She learned to fend for herself at this tender age as she had no one to look after her but her eleven-year-old sister.

Fortunately for her, her mother was released from prison, and her father miraculously bribed his way out of prison to seek treatment for an aggravated colon cancer. As a family, they decided to look for ways to get out of North Korea but little did they know that her sister had already secretly made up her mind to escape Korea together with a friend. Their escape journey to China is an admirable one. They had to cross several mountains and a frozen river to get to China in a society that was full of backstabbers and fear of getting arrested. She will forever remember an event that forever changed her life. A man found out that they wanted to escape and reported the act to the police. The police responded by threatening to rape her. Her mother being a mother offered herself to protect her young daughter. Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates witnessed her mother being raped in front of her eyes. This horror experience is would forever embed itself in her memory.

As fate would have it, her father passed away while in exile in China leaving her a destitute. Yeonmi Park is an inspiration to modern-day activists. She found herself in South Korea where her mother works in restaurants, and she has since become activists. She developed a liking for English and with the help of watching TV programs like friends. Yeonmi Park leads a low-profile life as she is still fearful of her old life catching up with her. It’s not uncommon for defectors getting assassinated even in other countries. Despite her tender age, she has been very vocal on letting the world know happening is happening in the world.


As one of the largest and most trusted distributors of United States government gold, silver, and platinum coins, U.S Money Reserve has persistently delivered in providing the best precious metals. The company combines top-notch customer service; adapt market knowledge and maintaining authenticity in beating the market for the purchase of precious metals. The company, which was founded by gold market veterans, has taken advantage of the clientele that has found the many benefits of owning these precious metals.
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Among the advantages of purchasing coins, one becomes the proud owner of a tangible asset that is delivered to your bank, office or even your doorstep. The company capitalizes on this factor when dealing with their clients. Rather than being paper stock certificates, these coins are legal tender gold, silver and platinum that is tangible. Instead of depositing all your money in the bank, buying the coins can offer an opportunity of acquiring the asset that is bound to increase in value. These, of course, are highly graded coins.
The company also has an arrangement that ensures money back guarantee. Purchase of certified coin is allowed return by the company within thirty days of purchase with a complete money refund. There is a chargeable fee, of course, of restocking for the return of certified coins that have passed the first thirty days of purchase. Certified coins that are returned after sixty days are liable to a lower pricing than the original one or the current market value.
The key to the U.S Money Reserve maintaining quality customer service is establishing a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with their clients. This they do by issuing gold, silver and platinum coins that are backed by the United States government and produced by the U.S Mint. The coins are bullion, high quality and certified. For first time customers, there is professionalized staff that takes you through by offering resources and support that is required. The company guarantees a spectacular experience for first-time clients that choose to make business with U.S Money Reserve.