Barbara Stokes is Prepared for any Disaster

Barbara Stokes’ Huntsville, Alabama based Green Structure Housing was recently awarded a FEMA contract worth $28.5 million USD. This contract is to assist with the damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey. This contract provides for high quality homes to be built with safety measures put in place to ensure that the people in Texas that were effected will not be in the same situation again. Each home will have a fire suppression system included. The homes being provided will have multiple bedrooms and will be able to withstand hurricane level winds and ware environmentally friendly. The homes can be customized to meet the preferences of the new residents as well as being resistant to pests, mold, and mildew. The project is predicted to be completed by March of this year. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Housing. Stokes and her team at GSH are considered leaders in the disaster relief industry. She received her Bachelors of Biomedical Engineering and Physics 2001 from Mercer University, but her other studies of structures, manufacturing, and materials are more relevant to her current career.


Barbara Stokes has previously worked for both Boeing and the Pisces Corporation where she began to hone her skills in government contracting. She is gifted when it comes to obtaining and managing fleets as well as logistics. She herself is very hands on with many aspects of GSH including electronic upkeep of fleet records, assessments, facilities management and dispatch services.

Disaster relief work aside, Barbara Stokes also serves her community of Huntsville by consistently volunteering. This contract will bring several jobs to the area as well as the other manufacturing and construction sites in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. She also raises three children in the community she takes so much pride in. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

LimeCrime’s Innovative China Expansion

LimeCrime, a digitally native cosmetics company that brands itself as “Makeup for Unicorns,” has proven to be just as innovative with business as they are with their products. Their expansion into the Chinese market was faced with several challenges, each of which they overcame with creativity.

Global General Manager Kim Walls spoke about the expansion strategy in Los Angeles, at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Conference. “Looking at China, one of the things I knew based on prior experience is that we couldn’t sell in any of the ways that I knew how to sell,” she revealed. Instead, the company had to be creative.

The first issue they ran up against was China’s mandate that cosmetics sold wholesale must be tested on animals first. However, they are a vegan and cruelty-free brand who opposes any animal testing.

In order to avoid this regulation, they would have had to ship from the United States. However, complicated logistics, duties and taxes, international returns, and customer concerns made this option unviable.

The second issue facing the expansion was counterfeits. The Chinese market was already saturated with them.

The solution was to partner with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform that carries over 500 brands. The two companies have a similar audience and perspective, and Revolve was looking to expand its beauty selection. The partnership was therefore mutually beneficial.

Through social media efforts and a burgeoning Chinese audience, the cosmetics brand has established Revolve as the only legitimate source of its cosmetics in China, reducing the power of the counterfeits.

Additionally, they focused on strengthening the fan base by allowing existing fans to access their e-commerce site two hours before the official launch. This helped word-of-mouth to spread, while also partnering with influencers to bring new fans in. To build a passionate fan base, they avoided well-known influencers, who often are focused on their own brand. Instead, the company chose less well-known individuals capable of creating unique content and enhancing the brand.

By using several innovative strategies, LimeCrime has seen a successful rollout in China and is focused on building a strong audience in the country.

The Conor Lamb Endorsement and The Political Impact Of End Citizens United

Recently, a liberal national PAC End Citizens United announced they would be endorsing Conor Lamb. It remains unclear how much the group intends on funding the Lamb’s candidacy, but they have previously raised $600000 in support of Doug Jones, the Alabama Democrat, in his election to Senate. It appears that the DNC and the DCCC will be waiting to see the amount the Lamb team will rise to support him in the expensive election race. The candidate relies on the working class for support, considering the raising performance of Democrats in the areas Trump lost. Either way, it seems like the group of voters that belong to white working class will have a significant impact on the election for both sides. It looks like deindustrialization impacted the working class and pointed the members towards the conservative party. Still, the Democrats have the support of the 3 out of 4 counties in the 18th District.

End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to limiting independent expenditure group spending. They focus their efforts on endorsing and financing candidates who stand for campaign-finance reform to be elected for Congress. Founded in 2015, the organization raised over $25 million in funds for endorsed candidates. So far, they have endorsed candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossof, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Russ Feingold and Zephyr Teachout.

The group is among the most significant outside organizations to have supported Senators Catherine Cortez and Maggie Hassan to get elected. They have spent $4.4 million combined on the 2016 election, announcing to have raised over $7.5 million by the middle of 2017. To complete their mission, the group plans on building $35 million to support endorsed candidates in the 2018 election cycle.

End Citizens United works towards reversing the decision made by the Supreme Court Citizens United (2010), which allowed unreputable money sources to enter the politics in financing political campaigns. They are raising funds for candidates who wish to pass the constitutional amendment in their mission, with over 325000 people signing their petition that demands the legislation pass from Congress. Upon partnering with “Ready for Hillary”, the group is expected to grow in numbers. To reach more liberal supporters, they will rent out their email list that counts close to 4 million people.

The group is endorsing Democratic candidates, and so far had raised significant amounts of money to support their candidacies. They aren’t the first PAC to serve this purpose, but they have managed to help a large number of candidates in getting elected. Right now, they’ve endorsed 11 candidates from the Democratic party.

Meet the 11th Largest Bank in Dallas, Texas

NexBank is a Dallas-based financial services firm. It ranks as the 161st largest bank in the world, and 11th largest bank in Texas. Since its inception in 1934, NexBank has experienced immense growth. It currently has three branches and 87 employees. NexBank has an A health rating and a 3X money market rating. Meanwhile, the Dallas-based bank has announced that it has successfully placed its fixed-to-floating rate to high-net-worth investors and institutions. NexBank will use the proceeds for corporate purposes. Since 2016, NexBank has raised $282 million worth of equity and debt.

Its notes will mature after five years on September 30, 2017, and are non-callable. For the first five years, the notes will bear a fixed interest rate, and after that, a floating rate based on the economic status will apply. Kroll Bond Rating Agency has assigned NexBank’s notes an average grade rating of BBB-. Under applicable capital regulations, these notes qualify as Tier 2 capital. The sole placement for these notes was Sandler O’Neil & Partner. NexBank closed the offering on September 19, 2017. These notes may not be offered in the U.S., as they are not registered under the Securities Act.

NexBank uses three core businesses to serve its clients. The firm provides customized mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. Its primary role is to finance corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and institutional clients. At every opportunity, NexBank works tirelessly to deliver exceptional value to its clients. Through its highly experienced financial advisors who have a proven track record of success, NexBank strives to provide its clients with unrivaled access to custom-tailored financial solutions.

NexBank serves institutions and individuals nationwide to help them expand their revenue potential, increase their productivity, and gain greater visibility into their finances. It strives to provide tailored financial solutions to help investors meet their needs as they grow. NexBank also provides customized depository services to help Public Fund depositors meet their financial requirements. NexBank works closely with its clients to understand their goals and develop strategies to help achieve their objectives. NexBank prioritizes value addition by increasing efficiency, improving customer experience, and minimizing the cost of operation.

The Quality Services Of Sussex Healthcare In The Field Of Healthcare

There are three main areas that Sussex Health Care Audiology has located their actions. The regions are Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. The company dedicates it matters on the issues relating to the hearing loss contributed by the age, the aid of hearing and how to handle the challenges that come with the hearing loss. The system of the firm have set all the requirement that enables the operations of the company to run smoothly. The move ensures all the patients receive excellent care during their visit.

The mission of the Sussex Healthcare Audiology that occupies the frontline is to ensure that the services delivered to patients meet the standard as per the statement of the organization. The move that management has made to ensure that all the goals of the firmed are achieved includes the employment of the qualified staff. All the workers in the organization are subjected to test in their various field before starting their operation particularly in the arena of audiology. The step has placed the group at a vantage position of meeting their targets within their set limits. Furthermore, there is a body of governance in their system that carries the regular audits on the clinical matters of infection.


The leadership of Sussex Healthcare Audiology has dedicated much of their time in providing their client with the services that fit their needs. There are all stated steps on how to control the risk pertaining the infection. All the employees in the organization must pass the set test before forming part of the team that delivers services. The central feature that has set the structure to be unique is the excellence of their service in the area of healthcare. All the operations taking place within the Sussex Healthcare Audiology are defined by the objectives and requirement of the law. The processes of the company fit under the provision of the Care Quality Commission. The channel of its operations marks the right services to the patients as per the healthcare programs.

There are several requirements that the Sussex Healthcare Audiology has met in the field of healthcare. These include the authorization by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to run their system according to the provision of the guidelines. All the workers within the firm commit their time to meet the obligation of the QIPS. The step has been lauded in various parts of the United Kingdom. The standardized services of the Sussex Healthcare Audiology have earned the institution recognition across the world.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology is framed to mark the quality services in the section of healthcare.

Having It All: Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr, Mark McKenna is a person who has always had a penchant for helping people. He is a doctor that is certified in the states of Florida and Georgia. He is the founder and CEO of a company called OVME. It is a company that focuses on elective health care for patients. He is a very busy man with an active life.

Dr. Mark McKenna was born in the city of New Orleans and it has a special place in his heart. When Hurricane Katrina struck the city in 2005, he offered his help to the people who needed low-income housing after the storm had passed. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School and tells readers about his life and he gives them practical advice for the future.

The daily life of Dr. Mark McKenna is a very busy one. He wakes up early to have breakfast with his daughter each morning. After breakfast he gets ready for work and heads into the office at 8 AM He then works for ten hours and leaves the office at 6 PM. He returns home to have dinner with his family. After dinner, he goes to training for a couple of hours in Jujitsu. Finally, he comes back home to unwind and then goes to sleep to get ready for the next busy day.

When it comes to new ideas, Dr. Mark McKenna makes sure to set short-term goals each day in order to achieve them. A second thing that his does is meditation in a quiet place so his mind can totally focus on the job at hand. He makes sure to do these things every day in order to succeed in business. He is taking his career and his life one step at a time.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man who proves that a person can have it all. He is a successful entrepreneur and family man and knows how to balance the two together. He is a person to emulate on how to get things done. Helping people is the main reason Dr. Mark McKenna does what he does.

Securus Technologies Acquires JPay Inc. To Operate More Efficient And Modern Jails

In a recent attempt to aid the efforts of prison authorities around the USA, Securus Technologies had created Wireless Containment Units that could bar calls made by inmates through contraband devices with the prison’s compounds. This project has costed Securus Technologies well over $40 million and 8 prisons nationwide had implemented the use of these containment units.



Once again, in an attempt to better jails around the country, Securus Technologies has acquired JPay Inc. One of the crucial reasons for this acquisition was to facilitate the process of giving correction facilities the latest high-tech software needed to operate a modern imprisonment facility. Better and more reliable security systems in correction facilities were one of the critical aims of this acquisition.



Right from the ease of payments by correction facilities to a myriad of education-related apps designed for the correction space, JPay can act as an innovative solution and required force in this segment. Modern prisons that run on the latest technologies is a task that can be achieved while combing products through various teams and institutions. Post the acquisition, JPay will continue its operations as usual as well while being run as a wholly owned subsidiary of the mother company, Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies had also recently received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau as they have worked hard to establish trust, earn a reputation, deliver their commitments honestly, advertise truthfully all while being transparent as well as responsible. One of the other achievements of this firm has been to establish an efficient call center that is responsible solely for over answering questions and addressing concerns of over 25 million people in the USA. The call center run by Securus Technologies addresses approximately 2.5 million concerns every month and has an astonishing first call resolution rate of 99% as well as a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of a total of 5.



Dr. Mark Holterman Is An Inspiration In Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman supports a number of health-related charities, one being the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or (IPSAC-VN). The charity helps to bring forth the latest technology and surgical advances to help sick children. Members of the organization work at hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam. During many of Holterman’s lectures, he talks about the dire need for volunteer support and medical staff training for the IPSAC-VN. To be approved as a volunteer, you must have a valid passport and medical license. The IPSAC-VN helps educate teachers, healthcare practitioners and surgeons. It also promotes healthcare activities, provides academic support and medical equipment. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

Charitable organizations such as the IPSAC-VN encourage donations of time, money and medical expertise to perform pediatric surgeries for children around the world. The most common surgeries facing children in need are:

* Organ transplants

* Brain surgery

* Tumor removal

* Spinal abnormality surgery

* Surgery for congenital heart disorders

* Corrective surgery

* Surgery associated with fetal development

Not only does Dr. Mark Holterman teach as a professor, he also performs surgeries, researches new therapies and is the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Mariam Global Health is an investment firm that collaborates with healthcare companies to develop and research new technologies. Since 2011, Dr. Mark Holterman has taught as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He then attended the prestigious Yale University graduating summa cum laude and majoring in Biology. He currently holds his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virginia and is the attending pediatric surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the St. Francis Medical Center. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

As CEO of Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman researches stem cell regeneration therapy, obesity management and advanced cancer treatments. He is also an established author and has developed medical texts and created presentations on bariatric surgery.


Oncotarget: Like it Says, Tageting Oncology

Oncotarget, the online news source for cancer researchers and doctors in the filed of oncology, has been instrumental in presenting the medical field with the latest positive news articles and research papers in this difficult field. Oncotarget presented articles endeavoring to explain new therapies for a particularly malignant form of thyroid cancer, with the result that a team of researchers and doctors were able to apply a new therapy and technique for this particular malignancy. By simply addressing the issues and the results of tests and procedures as described in this online journal, new pathways were discovered that rendered some of the other methods of information transmission entirely secondary. This was a momentous occasion for Oncotarget and for the World Wide Web as well. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

This information brings Oncotarget to the fore as one of the most effective forms of communication presentations among researchers today. No other online journal has ever replicated these types of results among subscribers. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

As an online journal of cancer research and news, Oncotarget is presented by Impact journals as a biweekly (twice per week) journal exploring the world of cancer research and medical techniques. From time to time, Oncotarget presents articles of interest in other medical fields as well. Led by two Russian doctors and researchers as editors-in-chief, Oncotarget has been successfully published since 2010, and is one of the most widely researched and read journals in ontological research today. Oncotarget is thus in the forefront of medical research today. Its place in the world of medical research and literature is assured.


Glen Wakeman – Inspiring Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Many aspiring entrepreneurs as well as large corporations wish they had that magic formula to kick-start their organization. Glen Wakeman, an executive and business leader for the past 30 years, is changing lives and sculpting businesses into gold. Glen is helping entrepreneurs worldwide organize the specific formula he deems to be success. Glen had found residence in six countries. Glen knows the world markets especially because he has worked in 32 different countries gaining that critical knowledge that will be filtered to his students.

Glen has worked with very large corporations with over 17,000 employees to implement the strategies for massive growth. Glen co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which is a software as a service company. This service allows new entrepreneurs the tools and guidance necessary for the success that they seek. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

Glen’s success spans back to his 21 years of experience with General Electric Capital. There he was promoted continuously due to his performance. While there, Glen spear-headed an operation that operated in nine countries. Glen believes that leadership is the cornerstone of a company’s rise or fall.

Glen Wakeman’s formula relies on the following.

  • Growth
  • Executions
  • Controls
  • Leadership

Through frequent blogging, Glen Wakeman is transforming the landscape of entrepreneurs and of companies of all sizes, one step at a time. Wakeman holds valid qualifications. He obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Scranton. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Glen’s company LaunchPad allows him to connect the money to the entrepreneur’s structured ideas. Glen believes in reviewing the company numbers daily. He believes that delegation is critical to the advancement of a company. Glen believes that we should trust the process of the plan and never ponder the past on a daily basis, no exceptions. Glen Wakeman believes in speaking your ideas out loud to others on your team to allow your brain to hear and process that information.

Glen understands the minds of every person in his chain of training as his lowest job was cleaning bathrooms at an automobile parts company. Glen Wakeman is a brilliant business man.