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Looking for a fun way to support Autism Awareness Month? The Autism Rocks Festival might be just what you’re looking for. Rich in activity, the fun-filled festival is something the whole family can enjoy. Famous musicians perform live to help raise awareness about autism. All the proceeds go towards autism research. The musicians also do their part, donating generously for research into the special needs condition. Autism Rocks is a creation of Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark, out to change the way those with autism are perceived and dealt with in society. The Dubai based couple were inspired to create Autism Rocks when their son was diagnosed with the condition 2011. By 2014 their dream had been realized fully.


Facts about Autism


Autism is a serious developmental disorder that affects a person’s communication skills and how they experience the world around them. Autism occurs due to unknown causes and can not be cured. Autism may present in people in a host of many different ways. People may present inappropriate social interaction, poor eye contact, self harm, very short attention span, lack of empathy or sympathy, learning disability or speech delay in children, etc. Recognizing the condition early on may reduce symptoms and support development and learning. Today Autism affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. Boys are nearly 5 times more likely than girls to have autism. No one knows why this is exactly. Autism has become a very prevalent developmental disorder. One of the fastest growing in the U.S.


Sanjay Shah


Sanjay Shah is a retired trader and British Millionaire, who’s devoted a lot of his time toward raising funds for autism research, since his son was diagnosed with the condition in 2011. Before his son’s diagnosis Shah had little to do with any form of charities or non-profit organizations.


As a matter of fact, Shah worked as a trader at several different investment banks years before he became active in the philanthropic business. Shah’s first job was for investment bank Merrill Lynch, followed by stints at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank, where he worked as head of trading before retiring in 2009. That same year Shah started his own brokerage compant called Solo Capital. Once he amassed enough money and felt comfortable with where Solo Capital was heading Shah retired so he could focus more on his projects in philanthropy.

Innovative Healthcare With InnovaCare

In this day and age it is vital to have adequate and affordable healthcare. There are many ways to obtain healthcare insurance. Many individuals are able to obtain this necessity through an employer. However, retired or disable individuals are often dependent on the healthcare coverage that is available through the government. This is the case for millions of American citizens, including the ones in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico residents who use Medicaid as their primary source of insurance have several options to choose from. Many individuals choose to use the original medicare plans. However, a large population have enrolled in an alternative plan that is available. This plan is the Medicare Advantage Plan.

The Medicare Advantage Plans provides participants with the same medical coverage as the other insurance plans available under Medicaid. These plans, however, operate under different rules and regulations. Therefore out of pocket costs, such as co-pays and coinsurance amounts, tend to be different. There are several different types of plans available under this type of medicare plan. The most common types of insurance plans include; health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, and private fee for service plans. Special needs plans and provider sponsored organizations are among the other options also available for plan participants to choose from.

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Choosing the right plan for you can often be a confusing task. This is why many participants of the Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico use InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health has over 200,000 participants in Puerto Rico. They also have over 7,000 healthcare providers within their network. The participants are grouped within two plans available with InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health plans are the MMM Healthcare plan and the PMC Medcare Choice plan.

InnovaCare has an amazing team of physicians and other business gurus heading up the organization. The Board of Directors has prominent players such as; Daniel E. Straus, Joseph Mark, Stephen Baker, and Jonathan Kolatch. The board is headed by President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto, MD. Dr. Shinto leads the team with over twenty years of experience. He has held several chief officer titles at various medical institutions and insurance companies throughout his career.

Another prominent, and top player, at InnovaCare is the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides also has over twenty years of experience in the medical and insurance industries. Her expertise lies in developing clinical programs and managing healthcare operations. Ms. Kokkinides and Dr. Shinto are vital players in the success of InnovaCare.

Antique Weapons Collector, Writer and Filmmaker Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is one of the leading historians of antique arms. He has studied a number of weapons such as guns and swords. For approximately four decades, Michael has gathered a number of weapons from the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. Over the past four decades he has studied them and learned more about their history as well as their effectiveness in combat. As a result of this knowledge Michael has spoken on television about these weapons and has therefore enlightened the masses about them. Therefore Michael Zomber has clearly established himself as among the most credible individuals when it comes to knowledge of antique arms. With this credibility Michael is one of the most trusted individuals when it comes to learning more about weapons from the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai era.

One of the most notable accomplishments of Michael Zomber is his works as an author. During his career, Michael has written numerous screenplays and novels about the Japanese samurai era. With these novels and screenplays, Michael has been able to make a number of stories that tell about the various armed conflicts during this historical time period. They also highlight the use of the samurai swords and just how effective they were. As a result, readers who are interested in getting an in depth perspective of the samurai era and the armed conflicts that took place will very much enjoy these works.

Zomber has participated in some other activities during his career that have made him one of the more distinguished individuals you will know of. Michael made a documentary film about the samurai era. He attended college and attained both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of California Los Angeles. While Zomber is a weapons historian and enthusiast he is also a peace activist. He is very much aware of how devastating armed conflict can be so he has been involved in a number of peace activism organizations. In these organizations he has supported diplomacy along with providing better quality education and healthcare. Therefore Michael has helped make a very positive contribution to his community. Michael lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

Makari de Suisse – Your Leader in Multicultural Skincare

Makari de Suisse is a skincare company that offers superb products for skin repair, skin lightening, and skin whitening. Their top-of-the-line products work to reduce dark spots, fade acne scars, and fight signs of aging. Formulated and manufactured in Switzerland, Makari products contain the right premium ingredients for every ethnic skin type. It’s no wonder that Makari has thousands of satisfied customers; their products are clinically proven to work!
Formulated with Argan oil, carrot oil, and caviar, Makari products are sure to impress. One popular product, the Makari Purifying Cleansing Toner, is specially made for damaged skin. It will not only improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin, it will also deeply cleanse the skin while remaining gentle enough to lighten and brighten. This cleansing toner boasts a simple, yet powerful ingredient list – the trademark of a great product.
Makari products are sure to impress. Their unparalleled ability to lighten and brighten skin is what has pulled Makari to the top of the multicultural beauty game – using Makari products, women and men of color all over the world have regained their youthful sense of confidence. Makari products are available in local beauty stores, as well as in private locations in Brussels, New York City, and Paris. All of their products are also available through their online store. These high quality products have incredibly affordable prices, as well, making them accessible to anyone who wishes to have clearer, lighter, brighter, more even skin.
“Makari” means “beautiful” in Swahili, and it’s no surprise – Makari specializes in emphasizing and bringing forth the beauty that all women and men of color possess through lightening and brightening ethnic skin tones. Makari doesn’t only make skincare products; they also have an impressive line of haircare products and cosmetics. Check them out today!

Laidlaw & Company Helps Everyone Invest

The most impressive thing about Laidlaw & Company is their incredible capacity to aid everyone who chooses to invest their funds. Money may be invested in thousands of locations from the stock market to a local business, and this article shows how many options are offered under the Laidlaw banner. Everyone with designs on making extra money in a passive manner must contact Laidlaw immediately for further assistance.

#1: Laidlaw Offers Several Options For Investment

Laidlaw has two principals in Matthew Eitner and James Ahern who consult every client before a broker is assigned to the case, and the consultation ensures the client has a clear understanding of what must be done to reach their goals. The options are quite vast, and Laidlaw is willing to try anything to find high returns.

#2: Why Is Laidlaw Effective?

Laidlaw is quite effective due to its willingness to change tactics when necessary. A client who wants to see a certain return on an investment may make a request of the Laidlaw office to change their investments. A change in an investment will offer data that proves the success of the new investment. Laidlaw will continually-adjust investments for every client until the proper results are seen in the reports.

#3: Who May Use Laidlaw’s Services?

Laidlaw is open to anyone in need of an investment partner. The Laidlaw staff is quite knowledgeable in several facets of the financial industry, and they will help everyone including small families, executives, young singles and business. The investor who has chosen Laidlaw over other investment banks will instantly see a difference in their earnings.

The Laidlaw & Company staff are prepared to assist investors in a number of investment ventures until the proper amount of money is earned. Earnings and savings are kept under lock and key at Laidlaw until the client is ready to cash in.

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Dr. Walden Returns Triumphantly To Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden made the difficult choice to move her family back to Austin, Texas near her birthplace, and she had her large plastic surgery practice in-tow. This article explains how Jennifer Walden is serving the women of the area in finding their inner diva. She coined the term herself to help describe what a woman seeks when she has plastic surgery done, and her success rate speaks for itself in publications worldwide.

#1: Jennifer Is One Of The More Famous Surgeons In The World

Jennifer has become one of the more famous plastic surgeons in the world due to a high profile in magazines and newspapers. She has been featured on TV shows consistently, and her theories on plastic surgery have helped women across America come to terms with their appearance. There are several solutions for every woman, and Jennifer sets up every appointment to ensure a proper decision is made.

#2: Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical Options

Non-surgical options include fillers, Botox and collagen implants that may be administered in a few seconds during an appointment. Women often visit for touch-ups that are quite simple to complete, and a non-surgical procedure is beneficial when the patient is concerned about going under the knife. Jennifer prefers to offer non-surgical procedures to ensure the comfort of every patient.

#3: Jennifer Is Surgical Expert

Jennifer is a surgical expert who has trained to offer several different surgeries that range from the generic to the specific. Women may enter the office with a request in mind that helps them come to terms with their appearance, and Jennifer will mock up a surgical plan that helps every woman receive the care she requires. A plastic surgery is a personal choice that women must make in-tandem with Jennifer and her surgical team.

Jennifer Walden’s triumphant return to Texas has brought quite a lot of beauty with it. Her offices are a location where women and their friends may visit for the finest plastic surgery experience, and Jennifer is prepared to provide quite a few options to every patient. Surgery and other basic procedures become the change women want to see.


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Making White Shark Better for You by Solving Customer Concerns

At White Shark Media we have built a company from the ground up. While we have enjoyed a good amount of success over the history of our company, we have experienced our share of bumps and bruises. We have worked hard in the past few years to assess the concerns of clients and make improvements to serve existing and potential clients better.

A lot of our client’s concerns stemmed around communication issues. Monthly conference calls have helped tremendously to streamline communication between clients and SEM specialists. We have made it a point to make certain that each client understands their campaign thoroughly as well as how to use different trackers to assess the productivity and performance of their keywords or ads.

In addition, we make sure you have the direct phone contact information for both your SEM specialist and your specialist’s supervisor. Questions and problems always arise, and being able to talk to someone right away is one of our top priorities for our clients. We also make sure that every SEM specialist we have has an experienced SEM supervisor.

These supervisors oversee campaign performance and ensure clients are getting the best AdWords campaigns possible. They also assist in any communication difficulties between clients and SEM specialists that may arise, offering guidance and knowledge to make sure clients feel that their vision and needs are being heard and incorporated.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

We found some clients felt that the campaigns they had in the past were working better than the ones we gave them. This we didn’t like at all. In order to fix this oversight, we make sure that we use everything we can from an existing campaign, keep it going in the new campaign, and then go from there to increase the productivity and performance with our own innovative ideas. We can also offer the option of keeping these campaigns on your own account.

At White Shark Media Complaints team, we are committed to improving our company every step of the way in order to help our clients have a product they can feel confident in.

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White Shark Media Promises Continual Improvement In Response To Complaints

Susan McGalla is an inspirational figure to her fellow women

Many women all over the world are on the rise when it comes to taking up leadership roles in various sectors. The different challenges that women used to face back in the past such as unequal pay, inequality and lack of women in the boardrooms are now becoming gradually a thing of the past. Powerful women on across the world have proved to be competent leaders in various sectors including businesses, government offices, and in non-government organizations. Women are known to have a great personality that makes them too easily fit in any leadership role. The character nature of women has made them dominate in the corporate world as well as gig companies or even managing their ventures.

Some of the leading business institutions in the world have women at the top management. The number of women leading the corporate world continues to rise every day. The stereotype that has been existing for long stating that the business management role is not meant for women is now becoming a past thing. Famous business women such as Susan MacGalla continue to perform wonders in the business world, hence disapproving the myth. Women who have made it to the top positions in the management role also act a role model to the young women who have not yet decided on the path to follow. Women are good at networking and team building, which are crucial steps in building a business company.

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Susan McGalla is a popular figure in the business field having achieved successes that anyone would aspire to make. She understands the task it entails to earn a top position in the business field and what it takes to maintain the position. Susan McGalla has some of the best leadership traits such as confidence, versatility, passion, and hard work. Susan understands that for one to achieve great things in life, they have to work extra hard. She understands that the road to success is not a smooth one. To move from being ordinary to an extraordinary individual in the society, one has to work hard and realize the potential and powerful traits they possess. Susan knew in her mind the capabilities she had, and she understood how far she could go when she unleashes her potential.

Susan has had a lot of achievements in her business career. Susan MCGalla is known to have founded the P3 Executive Consulting Limited Company that is located in Petersburg. She is also the Director and Strategic Planning and Growth at the Petersburg Steelers company. She has held top management positions in large enterprises such as Joseph Horne Company and the American Eagle Fitters. See:

Lauren Conrad Shows New Yorkers How To Throw A Party

Party planner Lauren Conrad has all the rules to make your party a stress-free and awesome event. The former highly-successful fashion model has written 8 New York Times best-sellers on lifestyles and event planning. Having already established millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Lauren wants to give fans something a bit more personal.

In a few weeks, Lauren plans to launch her online venture “The Little Market” and Celebrate, her latest book.

She is already being compared to Martha Stewart in some circles. The comparison comes with some very big shoes to fill. Lauren says her only goal is to offer tips to make hosts and hostesses happy.

“People need to quit trying to attain perfection. That is their first mistake,” according to Lauren.

People should be at ease. She extends that advise to her husband, William, who also helps her throw parties. “He can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes,” said Lauren. “I try to let him know that its all about compromise and doing what makes you feel comfortable.”

Party fans interested in learning more about throwing a stress-free party or putting together a repertoire of killer recipes can check her out in the next issue of Redbook.

People in the New York area in need of a fabulous event planning company should check out 23 Layers. The full service firm is staffed with a number of creative professionals who will make your birthday party, office party or corporate event stylish, unique and full of pizazz.

23 Layers deals with some of the most sought after vendors in the city. The delicious foods, entertainment, one-of-a-kind decor and creative inspiration will ensure an unmatched experience every time. If you’re ready for an experience to die for, call the NYC event planners at 23 Layers

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Helane L. Morrison career achievements

The responsibilities of chief risk officers are growing longer and complicated as financial organizations take the extended view of risk. Their responsibilities now require them to bring thinking and exceptional leadership in financial firms. Traditionally, the role of CROs was basically based in insurance companies only but after the financial crisis in 2008 which forced the regulators to request transparency and accountability in risk management, their role became pervasive and developed in other financial firms.

The CROs are now expected to have the ability to foresee potential disruptions and positively influence decision making in financial firms. John Olert, the group chief risk officer at Fitch Group, says that CROs have a lot of independence which is useful since they get many functional roles.

CROs now work hand in hand with compliance officers so as to control compliance and conduct, monitor and mitigate risk. The current timeline of CROS shows their importance of their role. Most of the financial organizations, the CROs reports directly to the executive officers and the board. That is according to the survey conducted by Deloitte’s Global Risk Management.

CROs are supposed to report the ‘ups and downs’ of risk managements to help gain the trust of mid-level management, says a senior partner and managing director, Duncan Martin at Boston consulting group. Therefore the CROs require leadership skills to help them manage relationships.

However, CROs are rare in non-financial organizations, but David Cookson says that due to the role and the importance of CROs in financial institutions, non-financial firms have already shown interest in the role of CROs. Organizations in regulated industries including telecommunications are considering having the role of CROs in their executive’s officer’s structure.

Some of the experts see the role of CROs developing to generators of innovation. Principal in PwC’s Banking and Capital Markets practice, Dietmar Serbee says that CROs has a unique perspective and strategy while mitigating risks in any firm. He further explains that CROs should be consulted before deploying new products and be engaged in innovations.

Helane L. Morrison is the General Counsel, Principal, Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director, and Member of Executive Committee, Hall Capital Partners LLC, and she joined the firm in 2007. Previously she was head the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, where she served from 1999 to 2007.

In her capacity, she was responsible for security enforcement and regulatory matters. She also represented SEC in legal business and financial institutions from 1996-1999 including government agencies.